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THE Goddess Lifestyle PLAN®

Dive deep with Lisa Marie Grantham, a best selling author, visionary, intuitive entrepreneur, and a leading voice in holistic health, mindset, business and women’s empowerment.

Welcome to The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, Your Pathway to Divine Destiny in Business and Life!

Hello friend, I’m Lisa Marie Grantham and I’m delighted that you’re here.

​Let me get straight to the point, I believe that you can design an extraordinary​ life experience that resonates with your soul​ AND delights you to the very core​.

I’ve developed a renowned expertise that blends strategic business mentorship with mystical wisdom – a powerful combination. Here, nature​ and the Cosmos ​are not just an inspiration, but a wise teacher guiding ​us towards body, mind, and spirit wellness, prosperity and entrepreneurial success.

Together, we’ll explore core ​principals that will help you unleash your Inner Goddess and infuse your daily life with confidence, success and magic.Dive into ​hundreds of free articles on how to experience a divinely connected, high-vibe, healthy life, or explore opportunities to grow a thriving online business. With classes, courses, workbooks and masterminds, I’ve created a fantastic collection of resources designed to deepen your knowledge, cultivate your confidence, and unleash your magic in an ​potent way.

So… are you ready to get started designing your version of a goddess lifestyle with me?

Below Are 3 Ways To Get Started Working With Me TODAY!

If you’re craving more fun and wonder in your life, this is the community you MUST become a member of! There is so much magic to explore, so join me, Lisa Marie for weekly live, interactive web chats where we will talk about “all the things” and get you started designing your version of a goddess lifestyle!

Whether you’re in the dreaming stage or building/growing stage of business, this program walks you though every stage of business with a step-by-step plan so you can build your dream with confidence and a sprinkle of magic along with a high vibe community of women who are up to things!

Accelerate your journey to success! Partner with me for tailored 1:1 business coaching and grow your magical business in a way that feels aligned. Let’s craft a one of a kind brand that showcases your unique magic and prosper online without squandering time or money!

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Praise For Lisa Marie & The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®

Working with Lisa Marie is like having a short-cut to LIFE! She possesses that rare and exquisite combination of WISDOM, NURTURE, FUN, and MAGIC!

“Lisa Marie has empowered me with tools, strategies, guidance and instruction on every area of life from my health, to my business, my family, my spirituality, my ability to savor the moment and live full out. With Lisa Marie, I can easily and joyfully create the life I truly love!”

Stacey Martino
Founder of Relationship Development

If you’re looking to open the doorway to a richer life,  jump into the goddess pool of transformation with Lisa Marie Grantham!

“The first thing that draws you in when you work with Lisa Marie is the goddess-like energy she exudes. It’s better than any expensive perfume, because she fills your soul with the awareness that you DESERVE to live a life of beauty and pleasure.”

Linda Bard
Executive Muse at Find Your Creative Voice

“Aside from Lisa Marie being extremely talented, knowledgeable, and savvy, she is a loving goddess devoted to supporting her clients in creating an abundant life and business.

“Lisa Marie is someone you can always count on to follow through on what she says she will do. She is a woman of her word and will go above and beyond what you might expect. She is also hilarious and real as F. Anyone who comes into her circle is blessed indeed!”

-Wendy Collier
Marketing, Mindset & Business Coach & Founder of SoulFUEL®

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