3 Self Care Pillars For Living A Goddess Lifestyle

When was the last time YOU felt rejuvenated, renewed, energized and fully alive?

When was the last time you took time out to nurture you, experience pleasure or have fun without a niggle guilt involved?

How many times are you going to tell yourself, “I’ll do  ___________ when I have more time?”

I Know You Because I Am You!

You might not think I know you because we haven’t met yet, but I assure you – I KNOW YOU. If you’re reading this article I KNOW you’re a woman who is kind and feels great joy when you’re helping others – you’re heart-centered nurturer just like me.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, being a heart-centered nurturer is lovely (and I mean that sincerely), however when you help and give to others to the point of body, mind and spirit exhaustion, it’s not okay.

I read a #truthbomb by Danielle LaPorte a while back that said, “Self Care Is A Divine Responsibility” and I couldn’t agree more. I work with thousands of heart-centered women and awakened entrepreneurs and the one thing they all have in common is difficulty creating time for their own self and personal care.

And the solution to that imbalance is right there in the sentence – you must CREATE THE TIME.

A Goddess Lifestyle Is Created By Design

First a little about me, I’m not a soft and flowery spiritual guru, I’m a Transformational Catalyst and carry more of a Dark Goddess vibe.

I’m all about transformation. So, instead of giving you all the fluffy tips in my self-care tool belt, I’ve decided to share three foundational self-care practices that my entire day-to-day life is built upon. Without each of these self-care pillars, my Goddess Lifestyle would be as strong as a flimsy house of cards instead the indestructible temple it is today.

3 Self Care Pillars For Living A Goddess Lifestyle:

  1. Nighttime Rituals. Being exhausted carries a low vibration, so generally speaking, nothing good happens when you’re exhausted. You make decisions based on how you feel. For example; when you’re tired, you make tired decisions. You’re also a “crabby pants” and will have way less patience than usual… and that’s just going to get you into unnecessary scuffles with others that will further annoy and deplete you (trust me on this, it turns into a spiral down the proverbial rabbit hole).It’s totally Goddess to make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Statistics show that 8 hours of sleep is the magic number of hours needed for most women to feel rested and rejuvenated. Power down your electronics at least three hours before you want to (eyelids closed) sleep. That means shut down your computer, tablet and phone. For me that time is 8pm unless I’m teaching or leading Moon Circle for my Sisterhood group. Lights go out at 11pm in our home– no matter what. I’ve created a Nighttime Ritual that assists me in getting ready for sleep; I take an Epsom Salt bath with intuitively chosen essential oils and crystals, sip a cup of relaxing herbal tea and diffuse essential oils that support restful and deep sleep on my nightstand. Truth told with that magical combination, I’m usually asleep by 9:30-10pm every night (including weekends)! You can read more about my nighttime ritual here.
  2. Daily Rituals. This can be a journaling, listening to music, sitting in silence, taking a walk or meditating. Make it something you enjoy so you look forward to it. Years ago, when my children were young and life felt hectic and overwhelming, I created a ritual for “me time” – I would get up 30 minutes before the rest of the family (6:00 am) to enjoy my morning cup of coffee in solitude with my fur babies. To this day it’s my time to read, set intentions for my day, or just bask in the sounds of nature. The birds chirping in my yard puts a smile on my face, which begins my day in a high vibration. NOTE: If you plan to action on this suggestion, please adjust your lights out time so that you get ample hours of sleep.
  3. Connect To Your Desires. Your heartfelt desires are whispers from the Goddess within. SHE will guide you to take better care of yourself and point you in the in direction of your bliss and soul level fulfillment. Most women have a very weak relationship to the Goddess within; the ego tends to be loud and persistent, so therefore the ego wins most of the time. Take time each day to activate the right side of your brain (see my free gift below) to explore and discover the authentic YOU. I have changed and evolved many, many times over the last decade. If I hadn’t made a practice of checking in and connecting to my desires, you would not be reading this article because I wouldn’t have pursued my current career with the same gusto and determination as I did! My Inner Goddess led me here to you!

My hope is that these three self-care pillars will give you a starting point and support you in designing a robust, pleasure-filled and successful Goddess Lifestyle for many years to come!

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