5 Common Ways Women Give Away Their Power and How to Reclaim It

I deeply want you to RECLAIM YOUR POWER my friend!

In order to explain things fully, I need to start from the beginning…

From a young age, girls are often taught to be polite and accommodating, to avoid confrontation, and to brush off hurtful comments. It’s a cultural thing.

For example, we are taught to be polite, say “please” and “thank you” and to never be rude. Little girls are told to let things slide and that if we get our feelings hurt – it’s no big deal. We’re told to recite the following little ditty, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” when others are cruel.

That mantra works okay when you a child dealing with other children on the playground, but it was completely useless when the people of authority in your life (parents, guardians, coaches or teachers) said things that hurt or diminished you.

NO magic mantra exists for that kind of mind fucking at such a young age.

Self-Esteem Develops As We Grow Up

Self-esteem development begins in early childhood and continues to evolve throughout life. The foundation of self-esteem is laid during childhood and adolescence, and it can be influenced by various factors such as family dynamics, social interactions, school experiences, and individual temperament.

Things said to you as a child in anger and frustration from those in a position of authority inevitably whittled away at your delicate, evolving self-worth.

If you weren’t told enough complementary, empowering and loving things (which most of us were not) to counterbalance the negative, limiting and dis-empowering comments, your self-esteem leans more on the low side.

Sadly, low self-esteem and low self-worth is an all too common reality for most women today.

Low Self Esteem Disconnects Us From Our Inner Power

When we’re disconnected from your inner power, we lose sense of how amazing and limitless we truly are. Negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs begin to consume our thoughts and before we know it, we are giving our power away.

This behavior is not something we grow out of as we age, unless we actively work to heal those wounds. If we don’t heal those wounds, we unconsciously continue the negative pattern.


Because it’s a habit and something we unconsciously do.

Inner power (aka YOUR Inner Goddess) is what guides you to create the most pleasure filled, fulfilling and purposeful life experience imaginable… a life that’s filled with taking chances, going after your heartfelt desires, and not taking any shit.

Sadly, most women live their whole lives without reclaiming their power or discovering their Inner Goddess.

So, identifying how you give away your power on a daily basis is the first step to keeping it, building it and using it.

In this blog post, we will explore five common mistakes women make that cause them to give away their power, and more importantly, how they can reclaim it to live a fulfilling and empowered life!

Giving Away Your Body:

One common way women give away their power is by engaging in intimate relationships before they are entirely ready or before their partner has shown genuine emotional attachment. The pressure to conform to societal norms or the fear of being rejected can lead to impulsive decisions that may ultimately damage self-esteem and self-worth. Reclaiming your inner power begins with respecting your boundaries and making decisions based on what feels right for you, regardless of external expectations.

Failure To Establish and Enforce Personal Boundaries:

Without clearly defined personal boundaries, women risk sacrificing their happiness and passions in favor of pleasing others. Recognizing what is acceptable and unacceptable in relationships, work, and personal life is crucial to maintaining a sense of self-worth. Once these boundaries are established, it is essential to enforce them consistently to avoid compromising on what truly matters to you.

Failure To Recognize Your Unique Gifts:

Comparison is a common trap that strips women of their power. Each individual possesses unique qualities, talents, and beauty that should be celebrated and appreciated. Letting go of society’s unrealistic beauty standards and acknowledging your inherent value are vital steps towards embracing your Inner Goddess. Embracing your authentic self and celebrating your uniqueness helps you to reclaim your power and live life on your terms.

Failing To Recognize The Most Important Relationship In Your Life:

The relationship with oneself is the foundation for all other connections. When women lack a healthy and loving relationship with themselves, they may seek validation and acceptance from external sources, such as romantic partners or friends. However, true fulfillment and empowerment come from being completely in love with oneself. Prioritizing self-care, self-compassion, and self-discovery can lead to a stronger connection with your Inner Power and your Inner Goddess.

Not Being Your Authentic Self:

The pressure to conform to societal expectations can lead women to suppress their true desires and needs to please others. This habit of sacrificing personal authenticity erodes inner power over time. It is essential to embrace the power of saying “no” when necessary and to engage wholeheartedly in the activities that align with your passions and values. Being true to oneself is a significant step toward reclaiming your power.

Final Thoughts

Recognizing the ways women often give away their power is the first step toward empowering oneself and living a more fulfilling life. Embracing your inner goddess and reclaiming your power requires self-awareness, self-compassion, and a commitment to setting healthy boundaries. Remember that you are unique and deserving of a life filled with joy, purpose, and authenticity.

Take the first step toward empowering yourself and reclaiming your power by valuing yourself, setting boundaries, and living life on your terms. Viva la BITCH – in other words, embrace your true self unapologetically and celebrate the power within you.

Your Next Right Step…

If you find yourself struggling to reclaim your power and want guidance on this journey, consider scheduling a complementary chat with a coach or mentor who can support you in this transformative process. Click here to schedule a Complementary Discovery Session with me and start your empowering journey today.

Believing in you,

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