9 Ways To Find The Money To Invest In Yourself And Your Dreams

The first thing I want to make clear is that I believe YOU are resourceful by nature and you can find the money to be, do or have anything you desire. You might not be tapped into the innately divine part of yourself that is UNSTOPPABLE yet, but I want to make sure that you know that I know a present day goddess lives within you. My job is to help you unleash her.

Over the years I have conducted hundreds of complementary calls with women who were stuck, struggling and overwhelmed in their business and life… and despite their excitement and spoken desire to work with me, they did not.

It truly pains me mainly because my divine assignment is to empower women to step into the most confident version of herself and grow an fabulous online business so that she can fulfill her divine assignment in this life – and the “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have the time” belief keeps her stuck, dis-empowered and on the entrepreneurs carousel from hell… *sigh*

Truth Bomb – Without investing in yourself,  NOTHING will change in your business or life… you’ll just get more of the same experience!

Investing Time And Money In Yourself And Your Dreams Is Essential To Your Growth And Ultimate Success!

Investing in yourself boils down to these two things- time and money. If I want to find out what’s important to a person – any person… I take a look at what’s in their calendar and checkbook (not literally of course). What I know for sure is that what a person spends their time and money on shows me a lot about their priorities and what they value.

I will tell you this, over the years many times I wanted to invest in private coaching with a mentor or join a high end group coaching program, I didn’t have money sitting around to use.


Money wasn’t just sitting there in my bank account waiting or under my mattress for me to spend. I had to get resourceful and find ways to create the money.

Below are nine viable ways to find the money to invest in yourself and your dreams. Not all of the suggestions will be the best option for you, and you should do the appropriate due diligence as I am not a financial consultant, lawyer or banker. My hope is that my ideas will get some inspiration going for you think outside the box, and speak to the appropriate experts to advise you!

Bank Loan:

Small lending institutions (such as locally owned banks) are still lending money to people, as long as they do not have high debt to income ratio. The worst they can say to your application is no.

Loan From Family or Friends:

This is one of the best sources to get started on your transformation.  Ask yourself:

  • “Who would be able to support you in your dream?”
  • If you were no longer concerned about what somebody else thinks, who would you reach out to?”

Work Extra Hours:

Get a part-time (second) job, side hustle or work some extra hours at your current job. Are you willing to do what it takes to afford a life changing transformation? Don’t look at it as a job or “selling-out on your dream” – in reality, you’re funding your personal transformation. I always say that “life is business” and this is the business of YOU! All businesses need money, including yours to grow and transform to its next level of success. A handful of my students have started doing services like Uber. There are numerous ways to make extra money these days – both remote and at an brick and mortar business.

401ks And Investments:

Yup, I’ve touched my investment accounts in the past… only you can decide if this is the best choice for you. However, one viewpoint of holding on to a 401K is lack-based thinking. Taking money out of your 401k is an investment in YOU. Do some research, check in with Spirit for guidance and definitely have a talk with your accountant or financial adviser.

Low Interest Or Interest Free Credit Cards:

I look at debt as a business tool, and remember … this is the business of YOU! Sometimes you need to incur debt to invest in a transformation or an up leveling of your life. It’s CRITICAL to release any shame you may have about debt so that you can make empowered decisions regarding re-investing in yourself for personal and business purposes.

Caveat: If you choose to fund your coaching sessions with credit, have in place a STRATEGIC action plan to turn the investment in yourself and your dreams into a success (hold yourself accountable for implementing) and pay back the loan as quickly as possible. I have done this many times over to invest in my business and personal transformations. I have put both Business Coaching and Marketing Mentoring investments on credit cards… I’ve also paid all the debt back in full and on time.

Monetize Your Junk:

I’ve had clients finance their dreams by selling old cars, expensive gifts from past partners, and other stuff on eBay, Craig’s List, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace or at a tag/garage sale. Do you have items of value that you can monetize? I know for a fact that everyone has “junk” that people will pay for. I opened a seller’s account on Amazon and sell all of my unwanted books, media and electronics on Amazon. The items sell like hot cakes and I get found money electronically deposited into my bank account!

Lines Of Credit – Home Or Business:

This is not the ideal option for everyone, but more than one client of mine has used it to fund their transformation very successfully. Talk to a professional so you understand the risk and all of the details.

Make A Budget:

We all have areas in our current spending which can be shifted around and redirected to higher priorities. Spending money on coffee and lunch everyday are big no-no’s if you’re tight on money. Think about it:

Starbucks cost on average is $4. Lunch cost on average is $10. That adds up to $14 per day x 5 days a week = $70 per work week

$70 per week x 52 weeks a year = $3,640 per year WASTED on food and beverages you can make at home!

Make A Powerful Decision

You’ve likely heard that the WAY will not show up until your decision is made. This is a BIG reason why you can’t see the money in front of you right now. A decision means to cut of all other options and excuses.

  • I’ll do this when I pay down some of my other bills.
  • I’ll do this when my life slows down a little more.
  • I’ll do this when I get a raise at work.

When you make a true decision, nothing can stop you. Hold yourself as powerful and go for it!

In Closing…

I’d love to leave you with some inspiration of what is possible when you say YES to you and your dreams! Click here to read success stories from a few of my private coaching clients that found the money to work with me and they are reaping the rewards of breakthroughs, transformations, income and impact – I so want that for you too!

Wishing you all the best on your journey towards actualizing your version of a Goddess Lifestyle. The journey is rarely easy, however it is SO worth it in the end. Know that your have more choices than you probably think and I am cheering you on from the sidelines. If you’d like my personal attention and help, I’d love to connect and explore the possibilities. And if private coaching feels like too much for you right now, I do have a fun and affordable way to gain the confidence and know how to grow an online business in a super doable way- see below 👇🏼

Cheers to your success,

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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