A Natural Sleep Remedy - Hops Dream Pillow

A Natural Sleep Remedy – Hops Dream Pillow

Getting restful sleep is essential for living your best and most vibrant life. I mean think about it, do you have much ambition or “get up and go” if you slept like crap and you feel exhausted?

The answer is no.

I have been a great sleeper for most of my life. On occasion, I have experienced bouts of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, but for the most part, once I fall asleep I am in a deep sleep until around 4:30am. Then I’m in a light sleep until I get up out of bed around 5:30 0r 6 am.

Besides working with herbs, I believe in having a solid evening ritual that will help ensure deep and restful sleep. You can get my suggestions on creating a goddess lifestyle evening ritual here.

What Is A Dream Pillow?

A dream pillow is a small pillow, usually no larger than 8×8 inch, filled with herbs that naturally promote dreams and sleep. Dream pillows date back to 16th century Europe when fragrant herbs were used to stop nightmares, ease restlessness or help evoke pleasant dreams.

Dream pillows are a type of aromatherapy. Being an Herbalist, I’ve made and used dream pillows for years!

As a matter of fact, I’ve made Dream Pillows for both of my sons when they were younger and had a hard time falling asleep. I always recommend trying natural alternatives to help promote sleep rather than going straight to pharmaceutical or drug store choices.

Dream pillows are safe for use with older children. However, I don’t recommend using them with younger children, as they might decide to open the dream pillow and spill the herbs everywhere. For little ones I recommend an herbal balm or spray that promotes restful sleep.

How To Use A Dream Pillow

The dream pillow gets tucked inside the pillow case of the pillow that you are sleeping on. The aroma of the relaxing and sleep promoting herbs will begin to gently lull you to sleep.

You might be wondering where to purchase the dried herbs, etc. to make a Dream Pillow… Well if I’m making a dream pillow, I purchase my herbs from the online retailer Mountain Rose Herbs or a reputable seller on Amazon. You can also purchase an already made Dream Pillow too!

How To Make A Hops Dream Pillow


You will need equal amounts of the following dried herbs:

Tip: For vivid dreams add an equal amount of dried Mugwort to your blend – click here to purchase


  1. Stuff an 9×5 inch pillow cover with the fragrant herbal mix – click here to purchase
  2. Sleep with it tucked close to your head.

Want To Buy A Pre-Made Dream Pillow?

If crafting or sewing is not your thing, no problem goddess. Click here to purchase an herbal dream pillow that’s already made.

Want To Make A Dream Pillow?

If you’d like to try and make a Dream Pillow, I highly recommend adding the book “Making Herbal Dream Pillows  by Jim Long.

As we journey through the art of crafting a Hops Dream Pillow, we embrace the synergy of nature and mysticism to unlock our deepest potentials. This pillow, more than a simple craft, is a talisman for success, weaving the essence of empowerment into each stitch. Let’s dream, create, and prosper together.

To the magic of plants,

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