Toast For New Years Eve
Here’s a sacred practice for New Year’s Eve (12/31) that’s super simple  to do and super powerful…

A Welcome Toast For A Sweet New Year!

You will need: champagne or sparkling cider, clear quartz pieces, apples and honey.

Here’s what you do… before anyone goes to bed, set out champagne glasses and fill them with a celebratory beverage; champagne is my personal choice and sparkling cider for my boys.

Slice an apple or two length wise, in sections and place on a tray along with a small bowl of honey. I use Tupelo Honey, have you ever tasted it? Oh my, it’s the nectar of the GODS – you must try some!!!

Take a small piece of clear quartz and place it in your non dominant hand, then cover it with your dominant hand. Think about the “feeling” you want to embody in 2022, once you are experiencing the feeling in your body temple, send that feeling into the quartz stone. When you feel complete with the transfer process, place your quartz stone in your glass to raise the vibration and magnify the activity.

Then, lead a toast to the new year. Go around your group in a clock-wise direction and have each person say one word for what they intend to bring into the new year. It can be a feeling, a desire or a wish… Once everyone has said their word, ask them to raise their glasses for a toast and say:

“Great Spirit (God, Goddess, Holy Spirit), please help usher in our intentions for sweet 2022.
May each of us find our way to our dreams and see them manifest in the physical world…
For the highest good of all and harm to none. And so it is.”

Take a sip of your beverage, dip a slice of apple in honey and eat it – savoring it’s sweetness … it symbolizes your wish for a sweet new year!

Magical Bonus: everyone should keep their charged quartz as a touchstone and reminder of their wish.

May your days be blessed… Thank you for your love, your continued support, your endless encouragement, and most of all… your presence this year. It has been my honor to serve you…

Here’s to all the magic we will work together in 2015, together. And so it is.


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