Inner Love and Happiness

A Simple Spell For Inner Love And Happiness

Do you think that love spells are strictly used for matters of the heart and fanning the flames of passion?
Absolutely NOT!
There are oodles of reasons to cast a love spell. It has been proven that the power of love is so strong that it can be a catalyst for positive change in your physiology, your emotional well being, your community and the world – YUP! When you embody and emanate love, your personal vibration raises way high and you begin attracting all the “good stuff” via the Law of Attraction!
Love is proven to be one of the highest energetic vibrations. Embodying and emanating love immediately makes YOU an antidote for collective sadness in the Universe and a beacon of light for others. And… I can assure you from first hand experience that when your vibration is high and your heart light is shining… you are INCREDIBLY HAPPY – downright BLISSFUL!
Intention and focused energy is very magical and powerful.
I’d like to share a quick and simple spell for inner love and happiness that will help you send ripples of love out into the world. I truly believe that there can never be too much love and since you’re here reading my article, I bet you think the same – great minds think alike!

Magical Tools Needed

  • A quiet and space to perform your spell
  • Rose essential oil
  • A piece of rose quartz, preferably heart shaped which is symbolic of love
  • Smudge

First, find a quiet place to sit (your chosen sacred space) and smudge the space, your body temple and your magical tools to clear the energy.

Lisa’s 4-Step Grounding & Centering Process

  1. Take a slow, deep inhalation breath that goes all the way down to your belly and fills your lungs to capacity followed by an exhale that empties your lungs completely. Do it three times in total.
  2. Next visualize yourself as a tree. Any kind of tree, it doesn’t matter. Visualize roots coming out of the soles of your feet and growing slowly downward into the core of Earth Mother. Visualize them getting larger and stronger as they go deeper. Take however long you need to do this.
  3. Now visualize branches shooting up from your body temple and spreading up toward the sky. If it helps, you can lift your arms up in the air. Feel the energy of the Sun coming down to meet the energy of the Earth as they move towards each other, and then visualize the Sun and Earth meeting at your center (core) as a ball of glowing light.
  4. Once you have that visualization, take another few deep breaths and then channel that light and power into your sacred work.

Next place the rose quartz in your hands. Anoint your stone with rose essential oil and as you anoint your stone, send your intention of love and happiness into the stone. (You will have built up very powerful energy during the grounding and centering process – use it now to empower the rose quartz!)
Anoint your third eye (the space between your eyebrows), your right and left wrist and the insides of each ankle with the rose essential oil. Take another round of three deep inhalations and exhalations with your eyes gently closed.
Feel the energy the rose quartz exudes and say out loud:

Love and happiness fills my body temple.

Visualize love and happiness filling your body (I visualize this energy as light pink – you can use white or another color if it feels better to you). Let the love and happiness energy ripple out of your body temple and fill your home. Say out loud:

Love and happiness fills my home.

 Once you’ve visualized your home full of love and happiness energy, allow it to ripple out of your house, filling your neighborhood. Say out loud:

Love and happiness fills my neighborhood.  

Continue with this method, visualizing love and happiness filling your town or city, your state, nation, continent and then the whole earth, adding an affirmation as you go:

Love and happiness fills my ____________.

When you’re finished with your love and happiness spell, sit quietly and enjoy the feeling of sharing love, light and happiness with the entire world. You can take a moment to ground and center again by using my signature 4-step process above.
May your days be filled with life magic and your heart filled with love and happiness today and always… and so it is.

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