Abundance Alchemy – Create Your Beautiful, Bountiful Life!

​Are you ready to call in OODLES OF ABUNDANCE?

If you’re reading this, you may be feeling a little flat… like maybe you’ve lost your mojo because most (if not all) of the juicy desires you’ve been trying to call in fizzled out before they materialized. Well, I’m here to assure you that the magic and mojo is still inside of you, it’s just laying a little low because you’ve gotten yourself into a habit of focusing on the wrong shit.

Perhaps you’ve read (or watched) The Secret, created vision boards and took the time to do some similar exercises… but you just didn’t get the result you were aiming for.

I totally understand your frustration and I have your solution!

Abundance Alchemy is a simple and succinct program that will teach you how to properly work with the Elemental Forces Of Creation (Air, Fire, Water, Earth plus your co-creation partner Spirit) to call in all the juicy stuff you desire. You’ll discover how to be a prosperity and abundance magnet while at the same time learning practical techniques that will laser focus your attention on your dreams and desires.

The BEST PART – you’ll be able to use the knowledge and techniques that you learn in this program over and over again to totally turn your habits, beliefs and abundance energy around for the better!

This Program Is For You If You Want To

  • ​Learn how to feel happier and more positive on a daily basis?​
  • ​Discover how to live free of fear, lack and worry?
  • ​Learn how to activate your personal power and ​live your best life?
  • ​Get out of a rut and unearth newfound passion for what’s possible?
  • Experience a rush of divine inspired downloads and creative ideas?
  • ​Learn how to raise your energetic frequency and attract high vibrational experiences?
  • Find yourself living a work/life balance like never before?
  • And so much more!

This Program Is NOT For You If You

  • Are looking for a get rich quick solution.
  • You’re not willing to take a look at your limiting beliefs.
  • You’re not willing to put in the time and effort to integrate the knowledge I pass on to you.

What Abundance Alchemy will teach you is how to fully understand and work with the archetypal energy of each of the five elements, develop a POWERFUL manifesting-mindset and create new empowered habits and beliefs that will last a lifetime!

This is the EXACT methodology I have personally used and taught my students. This methodology has been used to turn everything around in our lives and now I’d love the opportunity to share them with you!

What Does Manifesting Abundance Really Mean?

Most people equate the word “abundance” with money and prosperity. Now it’s true, money is a part of living an abundant life, however, it’s not the whole enchilada…

Abundance is a state of mind; a way of looking at the world around you without lack. When you begin to look through the lens of abundance on a daily basis, you recognize the richness of life that you’re already living – therefore attracting more abundance via Universal Law​. In this program, I walk you through the process of creating a powerful Abundance Alchemy mindset plus the physical and energetic container needed for you to create a plentiful life.

Discover Lisa’s signature process on how to call in abundance in all its forms working with the elements of AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH and SPIRIT – ​which together create an Abundance Alchemy Matrix.

“I absolutely loved the Abundance Alchemy program! I’m a Libra and I have way too much Air energy. I really struggle with getting out of my head and taking action to manifest. I liked the examples that Lisa gave and it really resonated with me on how to strive to balance the elemental energy to really nourish my desires so that I can manifest them. Thank you!”

~ Lori Snow

Your Program Includes:​

Module 1: T​he Inception Blueprint

  • Learn the real meaning of abundance and ​one simple shift that can ​help you know with 100% certainty what you truly desire.
  • “The Strategy of Significance” … Learn a sure-fire process utilizing the 4 Elements to move your desires into the physical realm. (Super juicy!)
  • The TRUTH about unconscious desires. How to stop focusing on the insignificant desires, rather than going for gold.
  • The one BIG mistake about visualizing you want to be aware of. If you’re doing this, no wonder you can’t manifest a darn thing!
  • ​3 SUPER POWERFUL journaling prompts and a BONUS Manifestation Activation Exercise that takes less than 3 minutes!

Module 2: Putting The Past Behind You (FOR GOOD!)

  • The TRUTH about negative attraction. Revealing the science behind the tons of crap and struggle you’re bringing into your life.
  • The trick to positive programming! A proven short cut to unplug your defeatist mindset, and magnetize an upbeat frame of mind.
  • Discover exactly what your subconscious is trying to protect you from and how to quickly override your self sabotage before it stops you from moving forward.
  • WHY women stay stuck? Spot these MISSTEPS in yourself and the truth will set you free!
  • BONUS Abundance Alchemy Affirmations for every area of your life.
  • An effortless Abundance Alchemy Practice that is guaranteed to raise your personal vibration!

Module 3: O​pening The Abundance Vortex

  • ​​How to reconcile internal conflicts. Techniques to tap into your subconscious and identify your resistance.
  • How to go from small, hidden and fearful to an unstoppable GODDESS powerhouse.
  • The KEY to self-empowerment. How to put yourself on a brand new ​bountiful and abundant path.
  • The one ESSENTIAL thing you must do to open the floodgates and allow the magic to pour through.
  • 5 SUPER POWERFUL journaling prompts and another BONUS Manifestation Activation Exercise that takes less than 3 minutes!

Module 4: ​P​ulling It All Together

  • ​Creating a magical environment! Why setting the right environment is a major part of getting what you want. Here’s exactly how to get your setting just right!
  • The secrets of a “sacred surrounding”. You get a foolproof blueprint, so you know exactly how to create a sacred vessel and open the manifestation channel.
  • The Manifesting Blueprint! Get my proven step-by-step manifestation system, and conjure up everything your heart desires.
  • Learn the essential practices, behaviors and thought patterns for boundless success in every area of your life.
  • A Boundaries Setting Exercise and Challenge plus another BONUS Manifestation Activation Exercise​ – Lisa’s favorite “secret” about The Secret.​

PLUS The Following Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Abundance Alchemy 4-Week Element Themed Photo Challenge. What you focus on – grows,​ so join your Abundance Alchemy sisters in celebrating abundance in all it’s forms. It’s super simple to participate, all you need is your phone, a little imagination, and the desire to call in your abundant life!

Bonus #2: Akashic Records Masterclass with Jami Hearn​. This Master Class with Lisa and Jami introduces you to what the Akashic Records are, what information you can access through the records, and how to start clearing energy that is no longer serving your highest good. Jami gives you doable practices to begin using IMMEDIATELY!

​Bonus #3: Abundance Spells, Rituals & Ceremonies. ​Lisa shares her favorite abundance spells, rituals and ceremonies with you!​

“I was fascinated to learn about the elements and how they play a role in manifesting. I could see where I tend to get stuck: air – always overthinking everything. I now know how to move through this block when it occurs and to send my attention to other realms. I now also know what other blocks I need to look out for and move through like burn out from working too much or getting too emotionally attached to an idea. I just love Lisa’s energy and authenticity. I would work with her again anytime.”

~ Jana Steyn

“Lisa’s Abundance Alchemy program is AMAZING! I’m working through the journaling prompts and learning so much about myself and my limiting beliefs. I already know it’s a game changer and I’m only on Module #1!” ~ Tammy Berg

~ Tammy Berg

Discover Lisa’s signature process on how to call in abundance in all its forms working with the elements of AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH and SPIRIT – ​which together create an Abundance Alchemy Matrix.

Frequently asked questions

No. You do not need any prior knowledge to purchase the program, I teach everything you need to know about the process of successful manifestation in the program.

Absolutely not. We at The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® believe that all paths lead to ONE and stay in the energies of love and light only – period.

As with all of the programs offered through The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® website, NO refunds are given. Once you purchase the program, it is yours. We ask that you take that into consideration before purchasing this or any program on the website.

YES! Absolutely. This is a digital program, so you can purchase and access the classroom and materials with an internet connection.

You will need an internet/wi/fi or mobile connection to access the Abundance Alchemy classroom and materials.

No and yes! Because one of our company values is authenticity, we prefer you to work your way through the program before sharing it. You’ll be able to speak into the program more authentically once you complete it, plus you’ll have personal results that you can share too. So please purchase the program and work through it before signing up as a Goddess Lifestyle Plan® Affiliate and sharing the program.

Of course! Send an email to [email protected]  and someone from my team will respond to you within 24 hours.