Altar – Why Every Goddess NEEDS One!

A woman’s need for altar is so deep that many times we create them subconsciously and without even realizing it!
A grouping of trinkets, mementos and tokens given to you by your children, loved one or partner… or a gathering of sentimental photos carefully arranged on a table are examples of how we outwardly express our inner need for sacred or holy spaces within our environment.
Each item you lovingly display in your home makes a profound statement about which values and traditions are most important in your life. Some people may minimize it and call it decorating, but I like to think of each grouping I create as a personal shrine to everything and everyone I hold dear and cherish.
I have many groupings in my home that represent the things in my life that are most meaningful to me. I consider those places where I have placed my ‘treasures” – sacred and holy. They’re a daily reminder to me of how blessed and abundant my life has been, and by divine grace – will continue to be.
Creating an altar is so powerful that it has been shown to fill an inexplicable and nagging void in many women’s lives by helping them to connect with the mysterious and wondrous Divine Feminine. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, creating an altar is a tradition any woman can join in and I highly recommend you doing so.
A deep and authentic connection to the divine feminine is your divine right as a woman and activates your feminine power which I refer to as your “Inner Goddess”.

Why Have An Altar?

An altar is a small temple or sacred space (if you will) within your home, place of work, or outside in nature. It can assist you with the journey towards inner healing, self-awareness and self-integration.
An altar can also help you find the courage and inner strength to face life’s challenges and will give you a place to honor celebrations and holidays. An altar can be used as a place to connect to the Divine during times of life transitions and rites of passage.
There are so many key moments in life such as births, deaths, baptisms, graduations, marriages, divorces, career changes, holidays, the changing of the seasons, etc. that a home altar can be utilized and enjoyed.

Types Of Altars

Altars help you stay connected to the universal and sacred whole. In addition, one of my favorite ways to use my altar is for manifestation and celebration.
I adorn my altar with gifts such as fresh flowers, fresh fruits, beautiful smelling candles, and my coveted “treasures” which create a metaphor for joy and happiness. There are many different types of altars. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Altars to honor the Divine Feminine
  • Altars for manifestation of desires
  • Altars for healing
  • Altars for personal integration
  • Altars for gratitude
  • Altars for abundance
  • Altars for creativity
  • Altars for relationships
  • Altars that honor the seasons
  • Altars that honor your ancestors and your heritage
  • Altars for protection

And the list goes on and on… what type of altar would you like to create?

How To Maintain Your Altar

I wrote an article which gives you suggestions about taking care of your altar, so be sure to give that a read too. I believe it’s super important to show reverence by maintaining and refreshing your altars.

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