Aquarius Full Moon

Element: Air and Fire (Moon in Aquarius, Air • Sun in Leo, Fire)

In this blog post you will find helpful information on how to work with Aquarius Full Moon from Lisa Michaels, founder of Natural Rhythms and author of the book, LunaSol. Click here to take a look at LunaSol.

“Full moon in Aquarius with the Sun in Leo creates a unique opportunity to connect to the essence of free-spirited innovation and radiant self-love leadership.” ~ Lisa Michaels

When you think about this combination of energies, what opens in you? Does the combination stimulate new ways of showing up as an innovative leader in your field?

This duo brings unusual ways to get your message out and be seen, a mighty Air and Fire combination. The trick with Air and Fire is that they require fast action on the innovative ideas they bring. Because fresh Air innovation blows in quickly, you have to move to set in motion the ideas they deliver. If you sit around and ponder the ideas too long, you miss the window of opportunity, and the Air gets stale and the Fire grows weak.

This dynamic duo loves movement and getting it done so it can go on to the next idea. Leo/Aquarius show up only twice a year in a powerful sun/moon combination, so pay attention to the radical and inventive ways they may bring messages to you about your creations.

Aquarius Full Moon is Expansive & Untamed

A great way to energize these two is to put on some wild music and shake them out in a free- spirited release dance. Leo and Aquarius love this kind of movement of energy, and in addition to helping you let go of what you no longer need, it will get you fired up for action. Nothing you could do during this full moon in this Air and Fire window would help you move the energy better than an intense dance session. After you dance, ask Aquarius and Leo what messages they bring you, and write down their suggestions. Take action on the ideas as long as they are safe, no matter how far out they may be to your current way of thinking.

If you need help working with technology or learning any new more expanded mental model, call on Aquarius during this window, and open to receive the help given. This energy can open your perspective in all sorts of unique, inventive, progressive, and original ways to help you take a quantum leap in your life.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Aquarius Full Moon:

  • Brainstorm on any creation goal where you feel you need fresh original ideas.
  • Allow yourself to think outside the box on any creation for which you’ve needed more energy to move.
  • Fine-tune your inner listening skills by really tuning in to all the ideas coming through. Take notes, and be prepared to act quickly.
  • Expand your possibilities in all areas of life and open to quantum leaps.
  • Allow some time for Air to bring a renewed vision for your life during this three-day window. Dance. Move. Breathe.
  • Go out in the moonlight and listen to your inner guidance. Write down any images or impressions you receive.
  • Open for innovative ideas to change or freshen things that are visible in your life, such as your clothes, home, or hair. Anything is a possibility.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Aquarius Full Moon:

  • Learn new technologies and upgrade your skills in ways that help you to be more visible in your marketplace.
  • Enlarge your perspective on your business and expand your thinking.
  • Tune into your business financial goals and open to the innovative ideas that will help them happen. Allow for quantum business leaps.
  • Work on expanding your ability to communicate, write, and work with Air modalities in ways that help you show up as a leader in your field.
  • Listen to your thoughts, and adjust your thinking to more fully support your vision and ability to show up center stage in your profession.
  • Align vibrationally with those already successful in the area you are learning.
  • Spend some time in ceremony around your business or professional life, asking internally for assistance from Aquarius and Leo on inventive ideas to take your career to the next level.

Rhythmically Create A Year Of Magical Manifestations With Nature As Your Guide

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By aligning with these energetic windows, you’ll receive potent additional life and business support and guidance.

Understanding the rhythmic power points of the year will assist you in aligning your manifestations with the natural world to increase your results.

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