“The Aquarius Archetype teaches the importance of innovation. It has a cosmic perspective on life and often brings radical new ideas to humanity. It is the detached free-spirited visionary exploring unconventional territory. It’s invested in helping the world to become a better place through humanitarian ideas of love and truth. It’s unique, inventive, progressive and original.” ~ Lisa Michaels (lisa-michaels.com)
The Sun is in Aquarius generally from January 20th – February 18th.
Glyph (Symbol): The Water Bearer
Element: Fixed Air
Planet: Uranus
Keywords: Inventive, Progressive, Unique, And Original


  • Visionary, could be ahead of his or her time. Think Nicholas Tesla who had brilliant ideas for humanity that were ahead his time.
  • Freaks of the Zodiac – original, have a quirky view of the world. Usually very into space travel, alien invasions, Star Wars, intergalactic adventures, life on other planets, etc…
  • Love experiments, science, innovative technology, discovery and revolutionary ideas.
  • Enjoys and understands the quirkiness in others.
  • The most expansive thinkers of the air signs. Aquarians will reach deep into the cosmos and bring back radical ideas.
  • Can hold on to thought patterns FOREVER! They are stubborn, thinking that their ideas are the best, they can obsess on thoughts and tend to be the grudge keepers of the Zodiac. Earth Signs (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus) can help to ground Aquarians.

Gemstones For Aquarians:

Amethyst: Stone of Peace. Amethyst helps to still the mind and purify the aura helping an Aquarian stay centered while opening to new ideas.
Amazonite: Throat Chakra Stone. Amazonite absorbs negative energies that can overwhelm Aquarians. It helps them to speak clearly and communicate their emotions effectively while calming anxiety.
Lepidolite: Stone of Relaxation. Lepidolite is a natural form of lithium; it helps with anxiety and serves as a mood stabilizer. It encourages relaxation and allows Aquarians to go with the flow. Lepidolite is a sparkly, lavender colored stone – it’s really pretty in my opinion. I keep a piece of Lepidolite in our bed to help encourage relaxation and a good night’s sleep.
In addition I recommend Aquarians to work with any grounding stone to help pull them back down to the physical realm – they tend to be in the mental realm and in their heads all the time… which can be crazy making. Try working with: Black Obsidian, Hematite Almandine Garnet (a black cherry color – activates the root chakra/security)

What To Focus On For Life And Business:

When the Sun or Moon is in Aquarius focus on new ideas, experiment with ideas, work with technology, think about radical new ways of doing things, think outside the box, take some risks.
Call on the Archetype of Aquarius to assist you with taking risks, gaining insight from a cosmic perspective and innovation.

Fascinating Right?

I hope this article served you in understanding more about Aquarius, gave you insight on the people in your life who are Aquarians and how to utilize the Aquarius Archetype to magically create an abundant life you love.
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