Avoid Burnout – My Personal Workday Ritual And Invocation

As a deeply spiritual and magical woman, my life is filled with ritual. Rituals keep me grounded and connected to divinity. In this article, I’m sharing my personal workday ritual and invocation. If you’re a women entrepreneur that struggles with burnout or poor work/life balance, I invite you to give it a try!

I have a tremendous amount of ambition and I am super passionate about my work. So if I’m not being mindful, I will work to the point of burnout.

How about you my friend, do you struggle with work/life balance?

A few years after birthing The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, I noticed that I fell into the habit of working every minute that I wasn’t busy tending to my family or home, so I spoke to my mentor about it. She suggested I begin a daily practice that honored the beginning and ending of my work day. The muggle term for this practice is called, “book-ending your day”. 😉

What Is Book-ending Your Day?

Bookending your day means that you have defined transitions from:

1. Your morning ritual to the productive/busy part of your day.

2. The productive/busy part of your day to your leisure/family time.

Book-ending your day is a step toward building mindfulness into your daily habits. The practice feels great energetically, mentally, and physically.

I know book-ending my day has contributed to the success I’m enjoying in my business. It keeps me aware that there is a time for work and there is a time for personal time.

These boundaries help me to avoid spiraling into burnout, an all too common malady these days for women entrepreneurs who run online businesses. I made a video about it and I hope you enjoy it.

I Love Working From Home

You might have an office space outside your home, especially if your business requires you to carry stock and/or supplies. I have found that working in a space outside the home makes the boundaries around work and personal time a bit easier to delineate. However, I am a homebody and introvert and at the moment, I don’t need to store any supplies for my work, so I work from home.

I have a dedicated home office where my desktop computer is set up, so most days I work from that interior space. Sometimes, if it’s not too hot outside, I take my laptop outside on the lanai or set up a make shift office under our tiki hut for a change of scenery and some fresh air.

I also intentionally decorated my home office to inspire me, which I feel is super important. My office is filled with business related items and items that speak to my soul; crystals, incense, candles, inspirational quotes, and plants.

Opening My Work Day

Every morning (after I get out of bed and visit the bathroom), I walk into the living room and switch on the Himalayan Salt Lamp. Next, I say good morning to all of our beloved animal companions and prepare my morning cup of coffee. Then I go into my office to begin my workday. I put my cup of coffee on the computer desk, stand in front of my altar barefoot and take some deep rounds of breath to ground and center. Once I feel relaxed and grounded, I recite the following invocation. If you don’t resonate with Holy Spirit, feel free to put your Higher Power in it’s place (God, Goddess, Jesus, Universe, etc.):

“Holy Spirit use me today.

Use my gifts and talents to be of service to those who need my assistance.

Guide me and use me to be a force for good in this world…

This is my prayer.  And so it is.”

Then I light a candle.

Closing My Work Day

Whatever time I’m done working for the day, the time can vary a bit depending on my mood, my coaching schedule, or my editorial deadlines, I close the ritual by grounding and centering and reciting the following:

“Holy Spirit thank you for using me today. 

Than you for utilizing my gifts and talents to be of service to those who needed my assistance today.

Please continue to guide me and use me to be a force for good in this world tomorrow and every day thereafter…

This is my prayer. And so it is.”

Then I blow out the candle.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on how you can add some magic, meaning, and healthy boundaries to your workday!

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