In this article you will discover more about Beltane. An excerpt from  Create A Dynamic Year – A Sacred Timings Handbook.

“Beltane is the cross-quarter Wheel of the Year point following Spring Equinox. Also known as May Day, it marks the starting point of the turn toward summer. The flowers are in full bloom, and the days are definitely longer. Beltane, halfway around the Wheel from Samhain, celebrates the light life-giving portion of the cycle, while Samhain represents the dark time of year, and the dying away portion of the cycle. At both of these windows, the veil between the worlds is thin, so stay open for magical messages from the spirit realm.” ~ Lisa Michaels

Beltane is the starting point for the growing summer season. The young “sun” or “son” who was born at Winter Solstice has grown into a God and now becomes the partner of the Goddess in order to fertilize the fields for the abundant harvest. The Solar Fire God and the Earth Goddess unite now and bring forth life to feed the multitudes. This union of Earth and Fire is essential for the growth of crops, so it is honored with feasting and ceremony to ensure the fertility of the land. Here, we celebrate the union of the Goddess and God, the great sacred marriage. Symbols and dances of sacred union and fertility abound. The dance of the May Pole, for instance, represents and celebrates the powerful union of the masculine and feminine principles.

Each of us carries internally the two basic principles of masculine and feminine within our consciousness, and at this time of year you can find value in noticing how they are working together. Those two principles must join within you for any creation to come to fruition. Honor how they both work, and notice what they want to fertilize with their combined energy.

In terms of your creations, Beltane marks the time when the energy swells to ripeness. Check on your intentions from Winter Solstice. How is their growth progressing? Is there anything they need in order to be more fertile? Infuse your creations with the necessary energy, using ceremony, if possible.

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