​90-Minute Business Breakthrough Intensive With Lisa Marie Grantham

Are you…

  • In need of a business breakthrough or boost, but not ready or interested in an ongoing coaching package?
  • Excited about the idea of building a business that gives you the laptop lifestyle you desire… freedom, flexibility, and a fabulously consistent income?
  • Passionate about doing YOUR soul’s work in the world, but feeling blocked or plateaued at one specific point, and wish you could pick the brain of a successful entrepreneur?
  • In need of the strategy and tools, as well as a clear, customized, step-by-step action plan to get things moving in the direction you want to go?
  • Desiring a woo-infused injection of strategy that helps you make BIG leaps forward without compromising your integrity or feeling out of alignment with your purpose?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

Why Choose This Intensive with Lisa Marie Grantham?

There’s nothing I love more than helping purpose-driven women like yourself create MORE in their lives… more money, more freedom, more time, and more impact… by helping them take their passions and turn them into profitable, impactful, soul-filled, and income producing online businesses!

With my vast experience, I understand the challenges faced by solopreneurs. My insights are tailored for the holistic-minded/spiritual/magical woman in business.

Not ready to dive into a long-term coaching package? No problem. My Business Breakthrough Intensive is crafted to give you maximum results in minimum time.

Get premier business advice without the hefty investment. This is the perfect solution for those looking to dip their toes before diving in.

Beyond just coaching powerful women into their greatness, I also love supporting them by giving the specific resources and connections they need to grow QUICKLY and EASILY… all while also incorporating the mystical wisdom of nature, the seasons, the elemental forces of creation, and practical magic.

This is the very essence of my renowned transformational alchemy, revered as The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, and celebrated within the sacred container of my Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind community.

Discover Clarity, Confidence, and Concrete Steps in Just 90 Minutes!

This 90-minute Business Breakthrough Intensive will be a catalyst for you to move to the next level… whether that’s making more money, increasing your reach on social media, clarifying your business and marketing strategies, or launching your next offering!

Perhaps you have a crisis, a burning question (or more), or you’re simply sick and tired of the same recurring hangups in your business. Maybe you’re ready to make strides and big shifts around ONE SPECIFIC issue in your business. The point is, you’re ready to tackle some serious stuff RIGHT NOW and need the guidance, tools and support to make it happen fast!

Break through barriers, uncover hidden potential, and set your business on a trajectory of success. With Lisa Marie Grantham by your side, your 90 minutes will reshape your business future!

“I had been struggling with a business decision and needed someone to run things by. I chose to work with Lisa because I love her ability to get to the heart of a matter, objectively assess something and truly listen.

With her support and wise counsel (not to mention her fabulous goddess energy) I was able to make a decision with full confidence and great relief. I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching skills. You’ll be in good hands!”
Ginger Burr
Image Consultant. Stylist

When you sign up, you get my complete focus, support, and attention for a FULL 90-minutes. During our time together, we can…

Get you answers on all your burning questions around how I built and run my business, what tools I use, business structures, strategy, and anything else that’s on your mind!

♦ Craft a solid online marketing strategy and plan that helps you reach your ideal customer FAST (or, maybe we just get you clarity on who you want to serve and how to reach them in a non-icky way that feels really exciting to YOU).

 Determine how to price and position your products, services or programs so that you can make REAL MONEY doing what you love every single day.

 Outline a new product, program or service, create a launch strategy plan and learn all the must-have tools and resources for launching your very first baby into the world.

 Tweak your copy and content to make it more compelling so that it speaks directly your ideal clients and customers, bringing in more of the kind of people you LOVE.

 Figure out what the heck you want to build an online business around and how you can get started TODAY without wasting time or money on trial and error.

Whatever you need support with, I have experience around. That includes everything from branding, marketing strategy, building a strong social media following, defining your unique niche, content creation, creating online programs, building powerful partnerships, leveraging your time… and so much more!


Because I truly care about creating a massive shift for you in our 90 minutes together, I will be direct and to the point. Consider it a loving shove in the right direction.

I want you to experience the same level of joy, passion and fulfillment in your life as I do in mine and I’m ready to give you the tools and mindset shifts necessary to make it happen NOW.

If you’re ready, get started by purchasing your 90-minute Business Breakthrough Intensive session with me now for only $497!

“Lisa’s intuitive guidance and support during the development of my business has been invaluable. I can always depend on her to not sugar-coat things by telling me what I want to hear, but rather what I NEED to hear to get the results I want.

In addition to being a wealth of knowledge with all things business, one of the things I appreciate most about Lisa, who is on her own spiritual path, is her encouragement for me to remain true to my vision and not be afraid to use spirituality as part of my brand.”
Martini S.

Once I’ve received your payment, you’ll receive information on how to access your pre-work that must be completed BEFORE our time together. This gives me a better sense of where you’re at, what you want to create, and where you need the most support right now. I am 100% committed to helping you create a fulfilling, profitable, and heart + soul-aligned business that you LOVE!

You WILL leave our time together clear, motivated, excited, and with a CLEAR ACTION PLAN for creating a business you LOVE or moving to the next level with more EASE.​

“After years of being in business for myself, I hired Lisa as a last resort, because I had all of the parts but they weren’t screwed together in a way that flowed enough to get the train moving forward. Lisa has, in essence, painstakingly and patiently helped me to figure out what pieces were missing, where to hook things together, what to let go of, and how to start the engine up for real.

Lisa Grantham is the real deal. Everything she writes and says is truth. She walks every single step of her talk.
I can proudly say that working with her has been the real magick that has propelled me into my prosperity and success as a business owner. She is a role model for coaches, actually. Lisa is a fearless, kind, loving, strong powerhouse of a coach who will tell you like it is and make it feel like a hug.”
Oceana LeBlanc