Woman Entrepreneur – Do You Own A Business, Job, Or Expensive Hobby?

Are you a spiritual woman entrepreneur that struggles with asking for the sale? What about charging sufficient money for your services and/or products?

You are not alone my friend…

A Common Struggle for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs

I have found that most spiritual women entrepreneurs will undercharge, barter services, or give away the thing for FREE… anything to avoid having a conversation about money or charging for their “divine gifts”.

If that describes you and you say you want a thriving, profitable business – you’re out of alignment, sweet soul.

Your thoughts, words, and actions are NOT congruent.

As Within, So Without

The Universe is run by what I often refer to as Divine Intelligence. There are laws that govern the Universe. Magical Mystics such as myself, often work with those Universal Laws, as well as the Elements, and the Cosmos in order to achieve the results we desire.

What I can tell you for sure is that the Universe responds to vibration. So, if you say you want something and your actions and beliefs are no aligned with what you say you want – you are sending out a chaotic vibration. The Universe speaks a primordial language and does not respond to a chaotic vibration – so when your vibe is chaotic, nothing happens.

Congruence is a magical word, so please check in and see if you are in alignment and actually wanting a successful business.

Business, Job or Expensive Hobby?

If you’ve been putting tons of time and effort into growing a business and you’re struggling to make money with the business, I invite you to take a few minutes to ask yourself if you really actually WANT a business?

If you find that you’re not sure or you realize that you’d rather have what you do or sell be more of a hobby, no further thought about business essentials matter.

You don’t have to give much thought or work on packaging services, creating products or marketing, because the purpose of a hobby is to bring you joy and not put food on your table or pay your bills.

You’ll get a ton of joy and satisfaction out of making the item or providing the service and that will be your compensation – you’re not trying to make a living out of it. You’ll sell a few things or deliver a few services and give your friends, family and community lots of great gifts.

Totally Cool!

But… if you soul is calling you in an entrepreneurial direction, and you know down deep inside you’re meant to do something with it… and you’d like to create your own economy doing something you love and you’re gifted at, then you need to make some powerful decisions.

And clearly identifying if you actually want to own a business is step #1.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this, “No wind is favorable to a sailor without a destination” – you MUST know where you want to go, so you can charter a course to that destination.

What’s the Difference Between A Business, A Job And An Expensive Hobby?

BUSINESS: In a business, you provide a product and/or a service AND you get paid for it. You get paid enough to pay your bills and more. In my opinion, the only business to spend time on is one that is lucrative, helps others in some way, lights your soul on fire, and fills you with passion and purpose. This passion driven business of yours should always be leveraged correctly so that you avoid burn out and have as much time as you desire to enjoy partaking in the hobbies and things that you are passionate about!

JOB: Most people I know and work with own a job (including me for the first three years). I owned a business on paper, but I worked my ass off just to make a few bucks. At the time I did not have a leveraged business model and traded time for dollars. I remember feeling like I worked all the time, I felt guilty when I took time off, and I was questioning if success would ever happen for me. Exhaustion, frustration and burn out are the result of owning a J-O-B.

EXPENSIVE HOBBY: A hobby could be a product or service you’re super-passionate about. You call this hobby a business, however you rarely charge for your creation, product or service, and when you do, its a barter arrangement, you undercharge, or you give it away. Because of this, you cannot pay your bills or put food on the table from the money you generate from this “business”- but it’s expensive because you keep investing in programs trying to learn how to make money doing what you love. Inevitably you quit this “business”, but something inside of you keeps calling you back…

What I Have Found

I have coached and spoken with thousands of women over the years about business, and what I have found is that most woman entrepreneurs desperately want a leveraged business, but end up with a job or expensive hobby.

If your desire is to own a business, then you need to run your business AS A BUSINESS.

The goal of a business is to make money.

So, if you want a business, you must get clear about what you want to create, get clear about who your customer or ideal client is, craft some irresistible messaging, make powerful decisions that will move your business forward, and get the help and advice you need to accomplish your goals.

How To Start Making Money With Your Online Business

READ AND LEARN: There are so many great books about online business on Amazon. If you’re not a reader, download an audio book. I listen to books while I fold laundry, cook or walk outdoors. Here are some of the books written by my personal mentors over the years that I highly recommend:

1. JOIN SISTERMIND: SisterMind is my intimate business mastermind. Whether you’re in the dreaming stage or building stage of business, SisterMind walks you though every stage of business with a step-by-step plan so you can build your dream with confidence and a sprinkle of magic!

2. GET VISIBLE AND CREATE: Do NOT be a best kept human secret. I have some very talented peers who struggle with visibility. I do too, so I totally get it! I’m much more comfortable typing away feverishly behind my computer, BUT if people don’t know about you, they can’t invest in your fabulous products or service … so you won’t make money. Figure out who your ideal client/customer is, create awesome packages and products, then build your social media reach around that consumer and niche. I mentor women entrepreneurs on how to systematically create a thriving, leveraged online business from the foundation – up. I’ve done it for myself, for my clients, and I want to show you how too!

3. BE PASSIONATE AND STRATEGIC: Being a woman entrepreneur and growing a thriving online business can be frustrating and feel like a lot of WORK. However, if you’re super-passionate about your offerings and your strategic in your planning, you’re gonna be a huge success, so keep going!

4. WORK WITH A MENTOR: Working privately with the right mentor will save you time and money as a woman entrepreneur. I wish I would have done this instead of joining group program after group program. If you’re not sure what your next right step is, I’d love to help you get clarity – schedule a complementary Impact + Profit Acceleration Call  with me.

Your Time Is NOW!

There has never been a better time in all of history for women entrepreneurs (specifically) to make money online! If you’re ready to finally jump off the entrepreneur’s carousel and actualize your business dreams into reality, I’d invite you to join SisterMind or hop on a complementary call and see if I’m the right mentor to help you. Click here to schedule a complementary Impact + Profit Acceleration Call with me.

As DDT says, it’s your time and your ready for the next step!

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Whether you’re in the dreaming stage or building stage of business, SisterMind walks you though every stage of business
with a step-by-step plan so you can build your dream with confidence, community, accountability, and a sprinkle of magic!

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