Energize Your Heart & Soul Business

Are you an Energy Worker, Coach, Healer, Creative, Magical Goddess, Intuitive, or other Heart-Centered, Holistic-Minded Entrepreneur looking for the Secrets to Running an Energized, Highly Profitable, Sacred Online Biz?


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Working your booty off, but still not able to quit your day job or make ends meet.
  • Sick of under-valuing and under-charging, then over-delivering and burning yourself the f*ck out!!
  • Passionate about what you do, but you’re not feeling truly nurtured, energetically-balanced or supported by your work. Honestly, you feel depleted.
  • You’re spinning your wheels trying everything under the sun, wasting time, money, and energy and getting nowhere…
  • You lack the confidence to put yourself out there, even though you intuitively know your offerings will help your ideal clients and/or customers!
  • Overwhelmed about how to use tech + social media, and are not sure how to effectively articulate the value of your offerings.
  • Marketing feels fake, pushy or icky, so you find yourself feeling resistance (in some cases, DEEP RESISTANCE) to putting yourself and your offerings out there.
  • You know you’re NOT reaching your FULL POTENTIAL and you know you are here to make a difference.

Don’t reinvent the wheel my friend! I’ll be teaching you my very own step-by-step system, making it super-simple for you to reach more ideal clients and build a sacred biz that’s wildly successful – and one that  you’ll LOVE!

I’m Lisa Marie Grantham and I’ll be your Magical Business and Mindset Mentor as we take this journey to awaken your inner gifts, build your confidence, and grow a successful online business in my exclusive Heart-Centered Marketing Program + Mastermind – Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind!

My Why Behind Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind…

I created this program because my community and students kept asking for it. They wanted to know how I grew various successful businesses – both brick and mortar and online.

I’m part Woo and part Strategy.

Therefore, I completely understand our unique holistic, magical, healy-feely niche inside and out…and I’ve proven I know how to market to our niche in a way that’s allowed me to become wildly successful in it. I’ve listened closely to what you wanted/needed, and I created a Heart-Centered Marketing Mastermind Program just for us.

The secrets and strategies you’ll be learning in this program are pure GOLD. It can mean the difference between building a thriving, profitable heart-centered sacred biz or a struggling one.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you can clearly see what I’ve accomplished. If you’re new to my world, you can do a quick internet search and see how much impact I have simply doing what I love to do.  You’ve watched me grow successful businesses while raising children. I WALK MY TALK. I’ve worked the best coaches in the industry and all that knowledge will be given to you. If this excites you…keep reading.

I own my power as a Goddesspreneur and I want to help you do the same. Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind – my Heart and Soul-Centered Business Marketing Mastermind is for heart-centered entrepreneurs looking for the perfect combo of strategy, accountability, and supportive community.  This program is like no other; intentionally designed to bring your heart and soul business to a whole new level! I’ll be teaching you all I know about marketing the crap out of your biz in an honest, non-sleezy way that feels good to  your SOUL while growing your dream, so it supports you beautifully and completely!

Your unique brand of healing, magic, or support is needed in the world. I’m here to help you RADIATE it out and MAGNETIZE  success simpy by being true to WHO YOU ARE…

my mission

Investing in coaching on how to start, grow, and market your biz can cost a pretty penny…believe me, I know!

For a way smaller investment than what you’d pay for private coaching or doing trial and error spending on business growth, I’ll teach you my tried and true strategies and systems that WORK, saving you loads of time and money.

Once you infuse my proven strategies with your sacred biz, everything will transform & you’ll be so glad you made the investment!

I’m am an introvert and I’ve grown my social media following EXPONENTIALLY! I know how to rock social media and one of the things I’m going to teach you is that it’s NOT just about the numbers…its about building strong relationships with your community that will translate into SUCCESS and REVENUE.

“Lisa Marie Grantham… I love you to the moon and back. Yes indeed you empowered not just a part of me but ALL of me to cultivate my truth and hearts desires. I can claim it boldly with joy and purpose to illuminate the healing in our world! Love you Soul Sister!”

~ Cindy Hively

“I feel so blessed & so grateful for Lisa and The SisterMind. I have found inner strength, self-love and self-confidence with the tools, wisdom & guidance gained by Lisa’s teachings in the Sisterhood. In a few short months I’ve accomplished things that I never thought were possible!”

~ Greta Ann Co-Wallis

“The most significant improvements in my life have occurred because I have been able to work with Lisa and the SisterMind are a strong feeling of belonging and acceptance, a community that keeps me accountable to improve my life, and wise advice to teach me how to handle any situation like a GODDESS!”

~ Carrie A Watson

“Thank you BEAUTIFUL LISA! You have brought so much joy to my life. I am so grateful for The SisterMind and the magic you so openly and lovingly share!”

~ Twyla Stroder

Wouldn’t It Be Fabulous To:

🤍 Know your perfectly aligned community is growing while you sleep?

🤍 Achieve time and money freedom through sacred systems and strategy?

🤍 Attract your ideal customers and clients with ease and grace; people who greatly value what you do, selling your services/products effortlessly

🤍 No longer trade your precious hours for dollars? Your time is your only non-renewable resource!

🤍 Have an instant network of siSTAR friends, colleagues, and peers to mastermind with (Priceless!)

🤍 Joyfully and passionately create packages/offerings/services that sell effortlessly and on auto-pilot!

It would be FABULOUS, right?! Well, say hello to…

Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind™

Whether you’re in the dreaming stage or building stage of business, Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind walks you though every stage of business with a step-by-step plan so you can build your dream with confidence and a sprinkle of magic!

Get instant access now for:

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

“With Lisa’s guidance and the SisterMind I feel aligned with my Truth and can connect more easily to the things my heart desires…this is the magic!”

~ Sofia Dabalsa

“Lisa and my sisters have helped me to remember the Goddess that lives within me, the healer that I am as a woman, and the light to turn on when I find myself in the darkness.”

~ Veronica Scott

Here’s What We Cover

This program is a proven system!

First, this exact system is what worked for me after I tossed out all time and money wasters.

Second, I have tested and re-tested the methodology with Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind biz owners just like you, who used it successfully within our holistic and Woo market; proving it works by even doubling or tripling their business! Plus their marketing confidence soared through the roof!

During our time together, I’m going to give you the exact system and strategies I’ve used successfully over and over again so you can transform your heart and soul-centered biz into a prosperity manifestation machine that supports you beautifully!

  • Set up your business correctly and with a strong foundation, so you can grow and leverage easily and with grace.
  • Learn how to LIVE RHYTHMICALLY, guided by the sun, the moon, and the seasons, the healing properties of natural elements, plus BALANCE your inner masculine and feminine energies – SO IMPORTANT for your sanity and wellness!
  • Define your marketing message, purpose, and ideal clients.
  • Packaging and pricing for your offerings and way to repurpose all that you create into value for your ideal clients!
  •  Time management, systems and sacred self care.
  • Heart-Centered social media marketing that is POWERFUL and FEELS GREAT!
  • Build your confidence and know how around business and design an intentional life that you love!
  • Email marketing, creating sacred systems, increasing your list size, my proven strategies for building your list, and bringing in new leads.
  •  My tried and true must-haves and must-knows for a thriving yet blissful business.
  • My personal product launch process, sacred biz tips, and advice (learned the hard way!)
  • And so much more!

What makes Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind totally different from ANY OTHER PROGRAM out there, is that we work with the Astrological Archetypes and Gaia’s Rhythms to create and grow your business! Each month brings has its unique energies and when you align yourself and your creations with those energies, you tap into the MAGIC of the Universe.

Totally GODDESS!

Here’s What’s Included In Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind:

1 Masterclass or Round-table Discussion

with Lisa Marie per month on a business related topic (delivered on the 3rd Thursday of every month on Zoom at 3pm EST.

1 Robust Workbook

You will receive one juicy workbook per month to help you gain clarity around business or your laptop lifestyle.

1 Sacred Ritual

Rituals are vital to your well-being. You will receive one sacred ritual (for business or life) per month to help you stay connected to the magic within you and around you.

4 Deep Dive Group Intensives

3-4 hours in duration delivered quarterly on a Saturday at 11am EST which will include hot seats for those who are in need of support. All Intensives will be recorded.

Weekly Mindset Bites

Weekly mindset with Lisa Marie (short videos posted in our FB group) to keep your vibe high and your mindset empowered so that you move forward powerfully!

Private Coaching Session with Lisa Marie

Book a private coaching session with Lisa Marie every year on or after your annual renewal date. Private coaching will move you forward with clarity and confidence!

Access to Mystical Rhythms Wisdom Circle

Mystical Rhythms is where Lisa Marie will share new and full moon info, seasonal magic and musings as she is guided. Live web chats with Lisa Marie are Monday at 1pm EST. SO MUCH FUN!

Access to Program Learning Library

Your ever growing online program portal is accessible through the Goddess Lifestyle Plan® Member Library filled with classes, workshops, workbooks, and other goodies valued at over $5k.

Get instant access to EVERYTHING now for:

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

Finally, a comprehensive, proven program that teaches you exactly how to grow a successful online business without feeling overwhelmed or it costing you an arm and leg!

“My life has changed vividly since I met Lisa Marie Grantham and joined her Sisterhood. Her laser advice, juicy wisdom, and working knowledge of how to live magically has catapulted me into an exciting authentic life, where I now embrace my beautiful feminine power and serve myself, clients and loved ones in a more focused and dynamic way!”

~ Kellie R. Stone

“Lisa has helped me through some very rough personal situations with grace and compassion. And then there’s the magic. OMGoddess I love, love, love infusing magic into my life and business. From timing what I do by the cycles of the moon and the sun to working with Goddess energies to using herbs and essential oils—this is a whole new way to run a business and it rocks! Come join us in the Sisterhood—we’re nicest group of magical women you’ll ever meet.”

~ Holly Keefer

Why Me? Why Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind?

Hi, I’m Lisa Marie Grantham. I’m best known as the founder of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®. I’ve been helping women design an intentional life and business they are WILDLY OBSESSED with since 2010!

In fact, this year alone I’ve helped women just like you get these really great results:

  • Take their gross income from $24k per month to $40k per month in less than 6 weeks PLUS kept it consistent through 2020 and 2021!
  • Design and execute an exit plan from an emotionally abusive marriage that was quite literally draining the life out of her!
  • Fulfill a lifelong dream of living in Italy NOW instead of waiting until everything falls into place (which rarely if ever happens).

I believe that if you can DREAM it, you can CREATE it!

But it wasn’t always this way.

I was raised on Long Island, New York, in a Roman Catholic household by parents who didn’t really get my free-spirited nature. I was a magical child who loved animals, nature, the moon, and metaphysical bookstores, so I didn’t really fit in with any peer group. I grew up feeling very much alone both at home and at school.

Over the years, many limiting beliefs took occupancy in my mind. For example, I believed that I wasn’t good enough, and that I would never be enough. I honestly used to believe that my only hopes of supporting myself was to get married, which I did over and over a few times…

In my late 30’s I experienced a dark night of the soul that sent me on a journey to discovering WHO I WAS. Since then, I have moved on to start and grow multiple 6-figure businesses that are rooted in my soul!

I am an Priestess and intuitive entrepreneur, and I’m crazy passionate about helping as many women as possible grow a business they love! A pay it forward or Bodhisattva type of thing… I am a balanced mix of woo and strategy, which makes me effective and practical in all that I create and do.

I was an expert columnist for Aspire Magazine For Women from 2013-2018, and I’m an Amazon International Best-Selling Author of ten anthology books.

I created this program as a container of transformation and growth for women who have been actively working on their healing + empowerment and are ready to take themselves, their life, their relationships and their business/business dream to the next level. Allow me to explain a little around why the Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind is the solution you are seeking…

All of life is cyclical. 

Day and Night. Ebb and Flow. Wax and Wane. Summer to Winter.

Everything in creation has a rhythmic pattern that breathes in and out reliably, cyclically. Naturally. In today’s world, it’s super easy to become disconnected and override nature’s rhythmic cues… resulting in burnout, fatigue, stress, illness, fuzzy thinking and discontentment. Why? Because most of us have been taught and conditioned to live disconnected.

Women are cyclical beings, so we THRIVE when we are connected to our divinity and to the natural rhythms of Mama Earth and the Cosmos.

Once you tap into nature’s rhythms, you’ll experience the wisdom of Divine Intelligence. Implementing that wisdom along with action steps suggested by each of the Zodiac archetypes will literally transform you and every aspect of your life!

Hand over my heart, I believe that it’s never too late and you’re never too old to go after your dreams, reinvent yourself, and create as much success in your life, relationships, and business as you desire.

You simply need to say YES to Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind and follow the guidance I provide for you.

 This Program Is For You, If You

Are interested in growing a business using holistic modalities, crystals, astrology, or metaphysical/esoteric/holistic health principles.

Deeply desire to start and/or grow a successful online business or side hustle.

Want to bring more magic and fun into your business!

Are ready to awaken and explore your gifts, talents, and honor your life purpose.

Want to focus on the needle-movers and move your business dream forward!

Don’t mind cursing. I do drop f-bombs and other expletives occasionally.

Are ready for something different than the cookie cutter marketing that’s taught everywhere these days. It’s boring and it doesn’t work for Goddesspreneuers!

Get instant access to EVERYTHING now for:

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

Here is what I believe:

• I believe business should feel good. And be fun.
• I believe being kind, intuitive, and magical is our superpower.
• I believe that hustle AND rest can be our sacred flow.
• I believe we can grow and become as successful as we chose… and do it our way.
• I believe in helping you to create your own beautiful and sacred rhythm with life, money, and business.
• I believe in being very intentional in what we consume, who we surround ourselves with and what we energetically surround ourselves in.

TRUTHBOMB: Nothing can keep you from what you are here for.

Your dreams are meant for you – but YOU have to start. YOU have to choose them first.

It’s time to step into the most successful and wildly abundant version of YOU.

So if you’re sitting here now, waiting for the right time. Let this be your permission slip to go for it and make your dreams a reality.

And, I’ll be here to help you inside of SisterMind.

Are you game?

Total Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind Value: $9300

Get instant access to EVERYTHING now for:

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not need any prior knowledge of any kind to join and participate in this Business Mastermind. We have women who join the program who are still in the dreaming stages of figuring out what type of business they desire to grow all the way up to businesses that generate $20-$40k consistently every month. There are trainings in the Student Portal that work you step-by-step through the process of figuring it all out!

As a global, multicultural organization, we are committed to supporting and celebrating our diverse customer base and team. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive space for all.

With that said, if you do not identify as cisgender male, and you will not be offended by me saying things like “hey ladies” or “hey guys” when addressing the students during events (I’m born and raised in NY, we say shit like that, it’s in our culture) – you are welcome to join the Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind.

I do increase the pricing regularly, however yours will stay at the price you join at so long as you keep your subsctiption active.

You are not locked into a contract, however I believe that enrolling in my Mastermind is a commitment. The members share their deepest truths and experiences – so in order to cultivate a culture of safety and openness, I ask you to take consider the commitment seriously before joining. With that said, if you find that my Mastermind is truly not for you, you can cancel at anytime, but keep in mind that you’ll need to give us 48 hours before your payment renewal processes to cancel your membership. Cancellation is super easy, just send an email to: [email protected] and my team will take care of the rest.

You can get your questions answered at any time in the group by your peers, and you can join the bi-weekly Laser Coaching and Mastermind calls, classes, trainings or lunar gatherings each month for an opportunity to speak directly with me! I do my best to support each member in the Facebook group with eCoaching when the support is needed.

All of the recordings are available for you to watch at your convenience plus you can submit your questions beforehand for me to answer during the Coaching and Mastermind Calls. Joining live does, however, give you the opportunity to engage! I like to think of the Mastermind program as a buffet, take what you want, consume what you want or need in that moment. You get out of this experience what you choose to put in, so please participate and consume to your hearts content!

Once you receive your welcome email containing your login information, you will be given a link to access our Facebook Group and the access to the program and library of materials located in our virtual student portal.

Even though our Facebook Groups offer the community, daily prompts and new and full moon circle portion of this program, you can access the rest of the program materials without it! All of the recorded classes, PDFs, and a library of materials will be located in our online student portal.

We do however strongly encourage you to join our Facebook groups so that you don’t miss out on the community aspect of the program along with the opportunities to ask and get your questions answered by me and the members working on their life and businesses alongside of you.

All gatherings, classes, and workshops are done on Zoom and are livestreamed into our Facebook groups for easy access to replays. Zoom is a free app that you can download to your computer or device by clicking here.

Every class, workshop, and gathering is recorded, so if you can’t make them live you can watch the reply at your own convenience.

Upon purchasing the program, you will receive an email that will include information on how to get instant access to the student portal and Facebook groups which contain all the things.

You are billed automatically every 30 days.  If you registered on the first day of the month you’re payment will be on or around the first of each month.  If you registered initially on the 2nd of the month then your payment will be on or around the 2nd of each month and so forth. If you joined annually, your payment will be taken every 365 days. We strongly suggest you mark your calendar for renewal dates as soon as you join SisterMind.

Because of the digital nature of all programs offered through The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® website, NO refunds are given. Once you purchase the program, it is yours until you cancel. We ask that you take that into consideration before purchasing this or any program on the website. If you choose the full pay option and decide within 14 days that the program is not a good fit for you (this has never happened before in any of our programs), I am happy to exchange your SisterMind purchase for a 2 Hour Private Coaching Intensive with me as the value is equal.

YES! Absolutely. This is an online program, so you can access everything you need with an internet connection.

You will need an internet/wi/fi or mobile connection to access the recordings and classroom and you will need to download a free application called Zoom to your device to join us live.

Sorry, no. We like all of our affiliates to be current members of the program so they can share it authentically from personal experience.

I’m sorry that you are having trouble registering for my Business Mastermind. Our platform is best used on browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Also, if you are on a mobile device you will want to make sure you have a strong connection to the internet when making the purchase. You can email us at [email protected] and my customer care team will do their best to assist you!

Of course! Send an email to [email protected]  and someone from my team will respond to you within 48 hours. It might even be me!

“The Goddess Lifestyle Business Mastermind gives me a sense of belonging. I don’t feel judged here, I feel supported unconditionally. I love the energy of love that is in every post. Learning about so many amazing magical things as well as deep diving into learning more about myself. I love the Feminine energy as well. Being raised with 3 brothers and a mom who “checked out” most of the time, I wasn’t around Feminine energy much so it’s been amazing to feel into my own feminine energy. There are sooooo many things that I love about the sisterhood!”

~ Jennifer Cross

Get instant access to EVERYTHING now for:

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

Due to the digital nature of this program, there are no refunds. However you can cancel your membership to this program at any time by following our simple cancellation process.
If you choose the full pay option and decide within 14 days that the program is not a good fit for you (this has never happened before in any of my programs), I am happy to exchange your SisterMind purchase for a 2 Hour Private Coaching Intensive as the value is equal.
Please, visit our Policies Page to learn more. SisterMind is a subscription and you will be billed monthly or annually depending on your payment terms. For any questions please email: [email protected]