Capricorn New Moon

In this article you will discover more about how to work with Sagittarius New Moon energy by Lisa Michaels, founder of Natural Rhythms and author of the upcoming book entitled, LunaSol. Click here to take a look at LunaSol.

“This highly potent very grounded new moon calls for you to create step-by-step a plan for the year ahead. Planning sets the forces of creation in motion.” ~ Lisa Michaels

You can always adjust your plan to allow for changes you see along the way, but planning will give you a firm creation foundation. The more you take responsibility for creating and designing your life and business the more effective you will be at aligning the forces of creation with your desired results. The energy of Capricorn can help you create better structures and form in any area of your life and business. The most powerful action you can take during this new moon window is to create a grounded plan for the year and do a personal activation ceremony to anchor your plan!

Enlist the help of Capricorn to assist you in designing and administrating systems. Develop procedures. Handle business and financial affairs effectively. Apply discipline to your physical world. Create goals and step-by-step procedures to accomplish them. Make serious commitments for success. Take care of your body. Provide support for your family and children.

This archetype considers the impact of its actions on the next seven generations. Allow Capricorn to help you design sustainable economic and Earth honoring systems for your life, business, and community. A good way to work with this energy is to ask yourself what steps you can take now to create a better world. Write down any insights you receive.

Personal Action Suggestions for Capricorn New Moon:

  • Create and anchor your personal blueprint for the year ahead.
  • Listen to your body wisdom by placing your awareness into your body (your personal earth). Ask it what it needs in order to be more vibrant for the upcoming growing cycle. Write down what your body says and make plans to set into motion the requests.
  • Make notes on any items that need to be accomplished in order for your home, car, and garden to function effectively.
  • Create financial goals and a month-by-month strategy. Review your investment and savings plan.
  • Go for a walk outside and talk to the Earth. Ask how you can be more honoring of the environment and of the earthly things in your life.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Responsibly tend to all areas of your life.
  • Honor the cycle of growth and the full, ripe, organic time for something to happen.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Capricorn New Moon:

  • Create a solid business plan and strategy for the year ahead.
  • Write out business goals in a step-by-step, month-by-month plan.
  • Review your business systems to increase their effectiveness and modify if needed.
  • Put your business financial goals in writing for expenses, income, business growth, and product development.
  • Plan your work for the first quarter of the year or longer and then work your plan.
  • Fertilize the soil of your business with your awareness, time, and attention.
  • Ask yourself where you need to take more responsibility for creating the business or work life you desire. Write down any insights you receive and design a clear path for achieving your desired outcome.

Rhythmically Create A Year Of Magical Manifestations With Nature

You can find articles for each new moon, full moon, and Wheel Of The Year points here on The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® blog. Each article focuses on one foundational rhythmic power point so you can utilize it to boost the leadership of your creation capacity working with the present energies.

By aligning with these energetic windows, you’ll receive potent additional life and business support and guidance.

Understanding the rhythmic power points of the year will assist you in aligning your manifestations with the natural world to increase your results.

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