Chic Entertaining Idea

Chic Entertaining Idea

Flower, Fruit Or Herb Ice Cubes

Nothing screams FABULOUS & CHIC like snazzy ice cubes!
Freezing edible flowers, small fruit, or herbs in ice cubes makes for a gorgeous addition to summer drinks, cocktails or a big, refreshing glass of  water and it’s super-easy to do.
Just take a look at the bowl of bedazzling pansy flower ice cubes in the photo… my friend made them for a lunch gathering I attended at her house the other day! SO CHIC! SO MARTHA!

  1. Distilled water that has been boiled and then cooled creates a crystal clear ice cube which showcases the beautiful botanical you placed inside.
  2. Silicone ice cube trays work best – they come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors!
  3. These ice cubes would look great floating in a glass of infused vodka or spirits.


To suspend flowers in the cubes, work in layers: Fill an ice tray (one that makes large cubes so the ice will last longer) a quarter of the way with water, add flowers facing down, and freeze. Add more water to fill halfway, and freeze. Fill to the top, and freeze again.


Use only edible flowers, such as orchids, nasturtiums, pansies, calendula petals, rose petals, lavender buds or snapdragons, that you or someone you know have grown to ensure they haven’t been treated with chemicals or pesticides. By the way, as far as I know, Miracle Grow is a chemical fertilizer. I would NOT use it for anything I’d eat. I’d use organic fertilizers or compost instead. Gotta watch out for your sacred body vessel!


Think blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwis, lemons, or limes.


The sky is the limit here Goddess. Rosemary, mint (there are a bazillion mint flavors out there; pineapple mint, chocolate mint, etc.), basil (how about basil and strawberry in the same cube – YUM!), lemon verbena, lemon balm, thyme, etc.

NOTE: You can also freeze a large ice ring with a variety of blossoms for floating inside a punch bowl. Use a ring-shaped cake tin and fill it with flowers and water. Follow the same procedure as above (filling halfway, then freezing), but you can add additional blossoms to the second layer so that the blossoms are throughout the large ice ring 😉
silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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