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Manifesting With The Elements Creative Workshop

Manifesting can be a frustrating process when you don’t have a deep understanding about how key players aka the Elements function in the energetic realm. That’s why this workshop is so dang effective – I introduce you to each of the 5 elements and then explain how they all work together to materialize your desires!

Let me teach you how to manifest POWERFULLY utilizing the Elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit!

Full Moon Release Ceremony

For centuries, our ancestors have worked with element of FIRE to facilitate transformation. They burned words on paper as a release for what no longer served and used smoke as a symbol of their thoughts and prayers rising to the Divine.

Whatever the circumstances, the purpose of a Release Ceremony is to shift consciousness. It’s about becoming still, acknowledging and giving voice to what you are choosing to release from your body, mind and spirit – and then letting it go…

Abundance Alchemy – Manifest Your Bountiful, Beautiful Life!

If you’re reading this, you may be feeling a little flat… like maybe you’ve lost your mojo because most (if not all) of the juicy desires you’ve been trying to call in fizzled out before they materialized. Well, I’m here to assure you that the magic and mojo is still inside of you, it’s just laying a little low because you’ve gotten yourself into a habit of focusing on the wrong shit.

I totally understand your frustration and I have your solution! You’ll be able to use the knowledge and techniques that you learn in this program over and over again to totally turn your habits, beliefs and abundance energy around for the better!

Radical Shifts – Transform Your Negative Beliefs So You Can Create Positive Change on the Planet!

If you’re tired of seeing others skyrocket to the top with confidence while you scrap and claw your way through each day riddled with doubt, keep reading…

Taking your business to the next level is hard work. It’s no secret that you have to learn loads of different skills– how to clearly communicate, marketing, video and tech stuff, oh my!–and face heaps of challenges.

But if you truly want to become–and feel–wildly successful, you also have to face something else: every belief you have about who you are, what you’re capable of and what you’re truly here to do.

Lisas Book
Your Goddess Year Workbook

Your Goddess Year Workbook

Since birthing The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® in 2010, I have taught my students and private clients exactly how to design a juicy Goddess Lifestyle. I tell it like it is, so truth be told, a magical and divinely driven life doesn’t simply happen, there’s work involved. First, you will need to do the necessary releasing exercises.

Once the releasing is complete, you will need to make the time to do some visioning, strategic planning, anchoring – and then take aligned action. I’m here to walk you step- by-step through my personal process. And just so you know, I use my own workbooks too – all of them!