Early Spring Magic

Early Spring Flower Magic

Their Magic Is Literally All Around YOU!


I absolutely LOVE flowers and creating gardens… I remember back to when I was in my twenties, I’d wake up before work and go out to my garden and plant, water or weed. This ritual continued until I was in my mid-thirties when I opened my life coaching practice instead of being a stay at home mama and Interior Design student.

These days I’m super busy helping women find the magic in their life and create a lucrative biz doing what they love… that gardening is something I do when I need to reconnect with Mother Earth…to me there’s nothing more grounding than putting my hands in the dirt and playing in a visually beautiful and oh so fragrant spot!

So, here’s the skinny on flower magic… for hundreds of years, the plants (flowers, shrubs, trees and herbs) that grow in gardens, forests and meadows have been used for magical purposes. Now that spring is officially upon us, In invite you to keep an eye out for some of the following flowers and think about how you could incorporate them into your life – for beauty, their scent or to simply add a little dash of magic into your day!

Magical Correspondences For Early Spring Flowers

  • Crocus: This flowering bulb attracts love or is associated with newly blooming love. The crocus is also known to enhance visions and bring about intuitive dreams. Its magical uses are for love and visions.
  • Daffodil & Narcissus:  Daffodils/Narcissus are typically found in shades of white, cream, yellow, salmon, shades of pink and pale orange. This flowering bulb is associated with love and fertility… place fresh daffodils in your home or on your altar to attract abundance. It is said that if you place a vase of daffodils in your bedroom, they will increase fertility. It is also said that if you wear a plucked daffodil close to your heart, you’ll attract love and luck. Its magical uses are for love, fertility and luck.
  • Dandelion: The leaf of the dandelion is used for healing, purification, and ritual cleansing. It’s funny to me that most gardeners consider dandelions to be a nuisance – a weed that ruins a perfect green lawn! To bring positive change about, plant dandelions in the northwest corner of your property. The bright yellow flowers can be used in divination, or placed in a sachet to draw good energy your way. Dandelion tea makes for a great liver detox too! Its magical uses are for divination, wishes and calling spirits.
  • Hyacinth: Hyacinth has probably my most favorite scent of all the spring flowers. Hyacinth was named for Hyakinthos, a Greek hero who was beloved by Apollo – so hyacinth is sometimes considered the patron plant of homosexual men. Use it in sachets to ease the pain of childbirth. The dried flowers are often used in love mixtures. Hyacinth is also known to promote peaceful sleep… and guards against nightmares. Carry hyacinth in an amulet to help heal a broken heart or to ease grief when a loved one dies. Its magical uses are for love, protection and happiness.
  • Jonquil: Jonquil oil is a frequent addition to perfumes. As a gift, jonquil flowers are widely regarded as a symbol that romantic affection is returned, and jonquil bouquets are often given for special occasions like anniversaries, on weddings or after dates. The jonquil flower has a meaning that connotes friendship, domestic happiness, and angelic characteristics. Jonquil flowers are also often incorporated into wedding bouquets as a hopeful sign of a future birth. Its magical uses are for esteem, chivalry, and holding somebody in high regard.
  • Lily: The Easter lily is associated with all kinds of spring connections. Its magical uses are for fertility, rebirth, renewal, purity and abundance.
  • Pansy: Worn or carried, the pansy draws love…it is also potent for love divination. It is said that if you plant pansies in a heart shape and they thrive, so will your love! Its magical uses are for love, rain, magic, love and divination.
  • Tulip: The tulip is worn to safeguard against poverty and bad luck. The word “tulip” means turban and the flower is often worn in the turban in the Middle Eastern countries for protection. The tulip appears in many different colors and varieties, but is typically connected to prosperity. You can use the different colored variations in color magic — use a dark strain such as Queen of the Night for full moon rituals, or bright red ones for love magic. Its magical uses are for prosperity, love and protection.
  • Violet: In Roman myth, the first violet sprung from the spilled blood of the god Attis, who killed himself for Cybele, the mother goddess. However, today the violet is associated with tranquility and peace. When violet flowers are carried, they offer protection from evil and bring changes in luck and fortune. Mixed with lavender, they are a powerful love stimulant and can also arouse lust! Carry the petals with you to bring about luck and enhance nighttime magic. Its magical uses are protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace and healing.

Important: Some plants are toxic to your feathered friends and fur babies. Here’s a great resource for you to get in the know: Toxic & Non-Toxic Plants.

I can go on and on with more magical correspondences for spring flowers … but alas… I must turn my attention towards important business tasks. The book I use and recommend is Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

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