Early Spring Journaling Prompts For Clarity

The Wheel Of The Year is ever turning, and in early spring we are very close to the Spring Equinox, which arrives every year on or around the 20th of March (the exact date depends upon the Astrology).

Energetically, the Spring Equinox is the time of year when nature wakes up from her winter slumber and begins to grow again, so tapping into nature and her wisdom, it’s time for us to begin to wake up from our winter rest and plant our 2020 seeds of intention and desire.

Now you might be feeling SO ready to get planting those seeds you’ve been incubating over the winter OR you might still be in the mystery.

I want you to know that where ever you are in your process of re-emergence, it’s absolutely perfect.

There’s no right or wrong feelings, actions or decisions. Things come to us in the time they are meant to and things happen in the way they are meant to.

The truth is that some of our ideas/decisions/actions will work beautifully and some will flop… and if we choose, they will act as learning experiences for our growth and evolution.

Some of our feelings still ring true and some of them no longer ring true, so we become ready to transform them into a new feeling.

I’ve always been deeply connected to nature, but for most of my life, I didn’t know that I could actively work with the elemental forces of creation to intentionally create my life.

There is infinite wisdom to be learned from the elements themselves, Universal Law and the divine intelligence that exists all around us – all the time.

I call it magical living and magical thinking.

If by chance you’re not sure what you want to be/have/do/create in 2020, perhaps these journaling prompts can help.

Early Spring Journaling Prompts For Clarity

1. What inner wisdom did I gather on my journey inward this winter?

2. What desires or goals did not work out as I planned last year and do I want to invest in working towards them again this year?

3. What lessons or wisdom did I gain by the experience of not reaching last year’s goal(s)?

4. What desire(s) continue to come up and niggle at my heart and soul?

5. Am I really just not sure or is it fear of some kind that is blocking my clarity around my dreams, goals and desires for the upcoming growing season?

6. If there were no limits, what would I love to be/do/have/create and harvest in this new year?

I encourage you to journal without expectation or limitations, really allow yourself to be open.

Goddess Lifestyle Plan® Best Practice: When I have gone round and round trying to figure something out and still come up short, I ask Source to send me answers and guidance before I fall asleep. It’s essential to remain open but no attachment to an answer coming immediately. Send your request out to the Universe and then let it go…

Just allow yourself to BE where you are in the process.

This is your life, not a race.

Winks & Shimmies,

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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