Elevate Your Potential: Moving Beyond Perfectionism in Business

“Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.” — Anne Wilson Schaef

Perfectionism is a behavior that can show up in your personal life as well as your business, as perfectionism gives zero f*cks about what area of your life it affects. In this article I am putting an elemental twist on perfectionism by speaking into the connection between perfectionism in business and the element of Air.

In every individual, there lies an elemental cosmic fingerprint, that depending on what archetypes are present in your astrological natal chart, influence your behavior, decisions, and beliefs. My own elemental makeup, intricately woven with the element of AIR, has taught me invaluable lessons about the nature of perfectionism and its profound effects it can have on business growth. My hope is that this blog post helps you to recognize where perfectionism is affecting your business growth and how to transform it.

Understanding the Element of Air

Air represents the vast expanse of the mind and the universe of thoughts that continuously whirl within. It is the element of thoughts and ideas, creativity, and the very beliefs we harbor. Drawing parallels with astrological insights, I’ve come to realize that the universe, with its celestial dance, offers a unique roadmap to our innate nature. This knowledge isn’t merely woo woo bullshit; it’s a guiding compass. In my coaching journey, I’ve made it a mission to utilize this celestial magical language for my clients, enabling them to embrace their strengths and navigate challenges in ways traditional business coaching overlooks.

The Shackles of Perfectionism

Perfectionism, while often seen as an admirable trait, is a double-edged sword. It nudges us to constantly evaluate ourselves, be it our achievements or appearance, often leaving us paralyzed in a vortex of overthinking. This incessant need for perfection, the quest for an impeccable brand name, the right launch moment, or the flawless strategy, will stifle creativity, joy, and the sheer exhilaration of entrepreneurial passion.

Imagine having a spark, a brilliant idea, only to have it dimmed by the looming clouds of perfectionism. This destructive behavior held my business dreams from soaring far and wide, limiting the impact I yearned to make in my work. But every experience, every hurdle, is a stepping stone to growth.

Stepping Into Action: Rising Above Perfectionism

To break free from the chains of perfectionism, I adopted a strategy – a dive into the depths, a challenge to face my fears head-on. Here’s a blueprint that hopefully will illuminate your path too:

  1. Vision and Clarity (The element of Air): Start by crystallizing your goal. Define what you wish to achieve.
  2. Intuitive Alignment (The element of Water): Trust your intuition. Make decisions that align with your values and resonate with your envisioned goal.
  3. Plan and Ground (The element of Earth): Integrate your tasks into your calendar. Strategize, organize and prepare.
  4. Proclaim and Ignite (The elements of Air + Fire): Announce your intent, be it to your team, followers, or the world. Let this proclamation be your beacon, your driving force.
  5. Forge Ahead (The element of Fire): Embrace inspired action. Dive into your tasks with gusto!

Interestingly, my perfectionist streak is also my motivation. Making a public commitment ensures I stay accountable to my word, channeling perfectionism for my greater good.

Empowerment Awaits: Unlock Your Business Magic

You hold immense power my friend. If you find yourself on the cusp of business growth, seeking clarity, or needing a structured plan, I’m here to guide you. Together, we can navigate the intricate dance of business strategy, moving beyond hurdles, and truly embracing your potential. Click here to schedule a zero pressure, complementary Business Impact and Profit Acceleration Call with me.

Remember, in the pursuit of perfection, we often miss the beauty of the journey itself. Embrace every lesson, every challenge, and let’s make magic happen. Your journey to business greatness awaits. Let’s embark on it, together.

To your success,

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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