Full Moon Release Ceremony

For centuries, our ancestors have worked with element of FIRE to facilitate transformation. They burned words on paper as a release for what no longer served and used smoke as a symbol of their thoughts and prayers rising to the Divine.

Whatever the circumstances, the purpose of a Release Ceremony is to shift consciousness. It’s about becoming still, acknowledging and giving voice to what you are choosing to release from your body, mind and spirit – and then letting it go…

When you let go, you experience freedom.

Letting go opens you to the power of inspiration, insight, wisdom, and love.

A full moon releasing ceremony is a ritual designed to assist you in purging the thoughts, people and habits in your life that no longer serve you – such as addictions to food, drugs, or sex, relinquishing suffering involved in hurtful relationships, discharging physical and emotional pains, releasing relationships that are toxic, etc.

Have you noticed that

• The same self sabotaging behaviors continue to stop you from reaching the important goals you’ve set for yourself?
• You can be out and about doing your thing and someone else’s bullshit makes your high vibe head south?
• You find yourself feeling angry and resentful about current life situations or towards certain people more than you’d like?
• You’ve been avoiding putting yourself out there and taking chances in life, business, or love because you feel you’re not ready?
• You constantly think about and/or beat yourself up over past mistakes or perceived fuck ups?
• You simply cannot quit a bad habit no matter how horrible you know it is for you?
• If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, you’re not alone my friend, I’ve been there too and I totally 100% have your back and your SOLUTION – and I’m making it available to you for $47!

Let Lisa Show You How To RELEASE All That No Longer Serves

My name is Lisa Marie Grantham and I’m going to be your guide for your Full Moon Release Ceremony. I’ve been a student of metaphysical studies for over 30 years and a teacher and facilitator of feminine empowerment to thousands of women worldwide.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that old resentments, hurt, grudges, regrets, or suffering takes up energetic space… and it’s blocking you from focusing on what you want AND your highest good.

… and because I want the very best for you, I’m going to share with you the quickest and most effective way to literally VAPORIZE the negativity, resentment, anger, regret, etc. from your life.

Light it UP Baby!

A burning ceremony is an inspirational practice that helps you to release the past, or anything that might be holding you back, especially when it’s timed right – like on the Full Moon!

When the moon is full, SHE is in her full power. It is energetically and magically the perfect time to RELEASE what no longer serves your highest good.

My friend, you will literally FEEL the negative thoughts and emotions leave your body doing this Release Ceremony leaving you feeling light, refreshed, renewed and empowered!

This is Lisa’s favorite ritual as she loves working with the element of fire and watching low vibe shit (literally) go up in smoke.

Let’s Do This!

Lisa’s eKit has everything you need to work with powerful full moon energy to release what no longer serves your highest good.

It includes checklists, step-by-step instructions, and videos to support you in having an epic result. And… you can use the ritual over and over every full moon forevermore if you so choose!

Your investment for this reusable and life empowering release ceremony is $47

Why Let Lisa Guide You?

“Working with Lisa is like having a short-cut to LIFE!”

~ Stacey Martino, Relationship Expert and Founder

“If you’re looking to open the doorway to a richer life, both spiritually and financially, stop dinking around and jump into the goddess pool of transformation with Lisa Marie Grantham!”

~ Linda Bard, Founder – Find Your Creative Voice

“Lisa has an amazing array of tools, strategies and knowledge and I am so much more at ease and confident with my own inner truth.”

~ Bonnie Copland, Founder – Step Into Brilliance

When you sign up for the Release Full Moon Ceremony you’re able to…

  • Watch the videos at your convenience and as many times as you’d like.
  • Wear your comfy clothing. No need to fuss or fancy up.
  • Drink tea (or wine) from your sacred chalice as you learn the process and work the magic of LETTING SHIT GO.
  • Activate your inner magician and tap into your personal power (perhaps for the first time in your life).
  • Send a clear message to the Universe that you are READY to release what no longer serves your highest good.
  • Be a part of a global sisterhood of women who are awakening and aligning with their powerful feminine essence and saying YES to themselves!!!

3 Powerful Bonuses Included In Your eKit

A Downloadable Copy Of Lisa’s Invocation To The Elements.

Calling in sacred space is a fundamental aspect of ritual, it serves as energetic protection. Lisa is giving you a copy of my super powerful invocation which includes the 4 Directions and 4 Archangels.

Lisa’s Sever The Tether™ Visualization Exercise.

Lisa was lead through this visualization years and years ago by a Spiritual Healer. She was going through something painful that she simply could NOT let go of. This visualization includes Archangel Michael and we assure you, it’s bad ass and totally works!

A Downloadable Copy Of My Truth Letter Exercise.

Inevitably you have experienced in the past or recently, a particular person that has hurt you, made fun or you, betrayed or diminished you. It could be a parent, in-law, aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling, friend, spouse, lover, boyfriend or co-worker. . . ANYONE. For one reason or another you chose to or had to keep quiet and eat or stuff down the abuse. Perhaps you had a situation or experience that brings up a feeling of shame or deep regret from within you. Lisa’s Truth Letter™ is perfect for releasing the negative feelings you have around this person or situation. Please print out a few copies and fill them out so you can burn them during the Full Moon Release Ritual and download the template to keep as my gift to you. Use this exercise – it’s super cleansing and powerful!

Once you sign up you’ll receive an email with all the details about the ritual– pre-ritual preparation, suggested supplies, link to private online classroom, etc.

Lisa always provide extra “goodies” like handouts, resources and checklists too – so don’t delay another minute.

Click the button below to access the private classroom for $47 NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not need any prior knowledge of moon phases to use this Release Ceremony eKit, a step by step instruction is included with your purchase.

No. A Release Ceremony makes space for new beginnings. It can be done at any time. You can do Release Ceremony at the close of each year, before intentions are set for the new year or on an as needed basis to clear out negative vibes from your life.

Absolutely not. A Releasing Ceremony is a spiritual practices. You bring your personal energy and intention to the ritual. We at The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® believe in love and light only – period.
You will need at the very least a fire safe bowl or vessel, a lighter, paper and pen.
As with all of the programs offered through The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® website, NO refunds are given. Once you purchase the program, it is yours. We ask that you take that into consideration before purchasing this or any program on our website.

Email us at [email protected] Team Grantham will be happy to answer your question within one business day (barring holidays).