Fun Facts About Lisa Marie Grantham

Welcome to my magical corner of the internet and my “fun facts about Lisa Marie Grantham” blog post!

I crafted this blog post because I’m a curious person and love learning new things about people I’m intrigued by, so I thought it would be cool to share fun facts about me just in case you’re curious about who I am.

Here we go!

Fun Facts About Lisa Marie Grantham

  1. My astrology is: Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising.
  2. I completely identify as a Virgo – I think it’s the best sign of the Zodiac. Just kidding – but I do think Virgo is the perfect sign for me!
  3. I’m a Selenophile, which means that I am person who admires and is interested in the moon. The moon has been speaking to me since I was a child.
  4. I’m a proud, maverick mama to three fabulous children (a daughter and two sons).
  5. In December 2017 I became a grandmother (for the first time) to a precious little goddess named Lucy Antoinette! My grandson, Louie arrived in July 2020.
  6. I changed my hair color often. I’ve been highlighted every shade including purple and in July 2021 I stopped dying my hair and allowed my natural gray to begin growing in.
  7. I really despise sitting in the salon getting my hair or nails done. I have ants in my pants and cannot seem to enjoy the service no matter how many times I coach myself around it! lol
  8. Short fingernails ONLY for me. I can’t stand the way it feels to have my nails go past my fingertips.
  9. I wear ONLY Rayban aviator sunglasses. I have accumulated many different colored lenses over the last 20+ years.
  10. I’m a workaholic because I LOVE what I do, so I must be super mindful not to work myself into burnout (which still happens on rare occasion).
  11. I wear a slip dress (and sweater if I’m cold) 95% of the time at home. The slip dresses are technically my pajamas, but I sleep naked, so I’m thinking that they’re not pajamas.
  12. I coach my private clients in my pajamas (see #9 above) because I can.
  13. I’m very easily distracted by new and exciting ideas – I thought I suffered with shiny object syndrome, but I have discovered that it’s my Mars in Sagittarius that causes me to explore everything and anything I find interesting.
  14. I love nature, gardens, animals, and just about everything in the natural world – certain bugs not so much, see below…
  15. I despise all insects EXCEPT for praying mantis, certain crickets, butterflies, moths, caterpillars, dragonflies, honeybees, bumble bees, and ladybugs.
  16. I’ve had the unique pleasure to own blue flyer kangaroos, dwarf Nigerian goats, mini horses, llamas, chickens, peacocks, pheasants, parrots, ferrets, dogs, cats, a dromedary camel, monkeys, and other exotic creatures in the past – TRUTH!
  17. I’m an Intuitive, a Healer, and Magical person – always have been, always will be.
  18. I LOVE all things domestic (even laundry – I whiff the clothes as I fold them!). I think the term “Domestic Goddess” is FABULOUS and describe myself to others as a “Magical Martha Stewart”.
  19. I love and eat carbohydrates after many years of trying to banish them from my daily diet.
  20. I really hate to exercise, I’m convinced I was a slug in my last life.
  21. I love to laugh, be productive, and drink a cocktail on a daily basis!
  22. I love trying new things and having new experiences.
  23. I am an introvert but most people mistake me for an extrovert. I describe myself as a “gregarious introvert” – that is a term a biz friend of mine said once to me during a conversation we were having and I feel it’s spot on.
  24. I believe in MAGIC with every fiber of my being!
  25. I describe myself as a “Spiritual Eclectic” and believe that all paths lead to ONE. I love crystals, Yoga, essential oils, manifesting, Oracle Card, and I love Jesus too. I believe God/Goddess/Holy Divine created all of it – so how can it be bad or evil?
  26. I sang professionally from the time I was sixteen until age 22 when my daughter Chelsea Elena was born.
  27. I played classical piano until I turned 19 and then I refused to touch a piano again – ever.
  28. I took first place in New York in a piano competition at the age of sixteen, I played Beethoven’s Für Elise.
  29. Pink peonies are probably my favorite cut flower. It’s really hard for me to say that definitively because I keep thinking lilacs…
  30. I think cupcakes are the most ingenious dessert idea ever created!
  31. My favorite color is (all shades of) purple with (all shades of) pink being a close second … yes, predictable and totally girlie … and I don’t care.
  32. I tend to order seasonal specials on the menu and seasonal drink specials too (seasonal martini’s and old fashion’s are my current fav’s).
  33. I have a deep and lifelong connection to the Virgin Mary. I have my grandmother’s statue from Spain sitting on the desk in my office.
  34. One of my favorite things to do is go to listen to live bands play at bars. There’s some really talented musicians playing the bar circuit!
  35. I cry when I’m touched emotionally. Yes, some commercials, invocations, and most of my clients have made me cry on multiple occasions!
  36. I spent years competing in Latin Ballroom in the ProAm Division. I don’t compete anymore.
  37. I am a formally trained Interior Designer and had my own business designing spaces for a few years in my thirties called LMR Designs.
  38. I LOVE to travel the world, travel was an important ingredient of my Goddess Life Recipe for a few years!
  39. I read Oracle Cards and I’m learning Tarot. At the moment I prefer Oracle Cards, I feel they are more direct with the message as opposed to Tarot, which is more of an interpretation.
  40. I’m attracted to beauty in all its forms… and sparkle … the more sparkle, the better!
  41. I’ve helped thousands of women discover the creative, wise, blissful, magical, sacred goddess inside of them.
  42. I became an Amazon International Best Selling Author for the first time at age 44 and I’ve since written ten more books – all Anthology’s.
  43. I’m totally obsessed with the subjects of Theology and Women’s Spirituality and have been for as long as I can remember.
  44. Wolf is my power animal and my animal totems are Bear and Raven. Recently, during a Shamanic Journey, I was running in the jungle along side a black panther with a raven flying above my head. I am eagerly awaiting their messages and medicine.
  45. I had a mini pig named Oscar as a pet until he ate through my bedroom floor, rug and sub-floor included, then Oscar had to go to a new home…
  46. I own a Magic 8 Ball that I used as a divination tool to settle silly disputes between my sons (it worked every time!). I suggest you try it, my boys never argued over the Magic 8 Ball decisions.
  47. In 2017 I moved from Long Island, NY to SW Florida near the beach. The funny part is that I grew up on and island (Long Island), surrounded by beaches and never wanted to go. I hated the sand, the water, and the heat… and then a few years ago moving to the a tropical location near the beach started calling to me. Crazy but true!
  48. I have the ability to see those who have passed over and it took me a long-ass time to accept and own that. Still kinda freaks me out. I’ve shut it down for the most part, but occasionally it still happens.
  49. I wake up every morning curious and excited for what might come my way … really!
  50. I will drop the F-bomb or other expletives when I talk and teach. I truly feel that curse words are sentence enhancers and using curse words strategically hammer home a point like no other words can!
  51. In 2019, my husband Shannon and I purchased a palm tree farm on a island off the coast of SW Florida. Our farm is named, Bokee Farm and words can not describe how blessed I feel to live here.
  52. We do preservation breeding of the Neapolitan Mastiff at Bokee Farm. We are dedicated to improving the breed through responsible breeding and educating people about this incredible and ancient guardian breed of dog. The Neapolitan Mastiff is also a magical breed of dog, if you’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, Hagrid’s dog, Fang is a Neapolitan Mastiff.
  53. Since purchasing our tropical farm, I have been busy planting a food forest growing as much food and medicinal plants as possible. Some of what we grow at Bokee Farm –  papaya, bananas, chaya, starfruit, miracle fruit, peanut butter fruit, passionfruit, elderberry, ruby red grapefruit, lemons, limes, tangerines, moringa, and sweet potatoes.
  54. We adopt animals all the time in order to give them a beautiful life. We have adopted parrots, cats and kittens, and a 23 year old Sulcata tortoise that currently weighs about 80-100 pounds!
  55. I am currently learning about regenerative agriculture, biodynamic gardening, and other ways to grow healthy food that gives back to Mama Earth instead of deplete her.
  56. In October 2022, I was given a bee hive and have been learning about beekeeping. Since the hive was already populated with a queen and colony, this has been a hands on experience since day one!
  57. I desire to live to be 100 plus years old that is how much I LOVE LIFE!
  58. My newest obsession is growing orchids. I have held a vision for what I desire Bokee Farm to look and feel like, and it doesn’t waiver… I’m working towards a “Garden Of Eden” vibe.
  59. In September 2022, Bokee Farm and our island was devastated by Hurricane Ian. We have been working on restoring our beloved land – replanting, fixing, rebuilding things, etc. The SW Florida barrier islands were all devastated by Ian, so the recovery is going to take some time…

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better (quirks and all) by reading this blog post. I imagine it highlighted our common hobbies, likes, beliefs, and ways of being. Do we have common interests and experiences? The same personal astrology? I’d love to know, so be sure to tell me in the comments below.