Must Have Stones

Gemstones, Minerals and Crystals – Lisa’s 10 Must Have Stones!

Over the years my team has received quite a few inquiries asking for my recommendations on MUST HAVE crystals and gemstones.

And to be totally honest, I avoided writing this post for two reasons:

  1. There are endless choices in the stone world –  knew choosing just 10 was going to be tough.
  2. Stones are a personal choice. I believe each person should intuitively choose their own stones based on their needs and attraction to them.

But hey, I’m here to help, so here are the stones I can’t live without, my workhorse pieces that I use over and over in my magical/energetic work and sacred practice.

1. Clear Quartz – Stone of Cleansing, Clarity and Amplification: This stone gets the number one position on my list because of it’s versatility – it directs and amplifies energy. I usually use Crystal Quartz in conjunction with other stones to strengthen and amplify the other stone’s energies in a set or a crystal grid and I use Crystal Quartz to make Moon Water as it amps up the lunar energy. Used alone, it brings pure white light energy from the Divine to assist in any situation. This stone is connected to all your chakras.

2. Amethyst – Stone of Divine Connection, Purification and Protection: Purple is my favorite color, so I’m attracted to amethyst in a big, huge way. This stone varies in color from shades of pale lavender to deep purple. Amethyst is connected to your third eye chakra and helps with spiritual development. It is also known for being protective, enhancing psychic abilities, and can aid in curbing overindulgence’s.

3. Rose Quartz – Stone of Love, Emotional Healing and Compassion: This pale, baby pink stone is the quintessential stone of love; it’s connected to your heart chakra. It is to said to help to heal your heart (literally), your emotions, and allows you to open more to giving and receiving compassion and empathy.

4. Shungite – Stone of Purification and Protection: First let me point out that black stones are mainly used as protection stones. In Roman times Shungite was used to purify water… Yup, this stone can remove toxins and impurities from drinking water! Shungite is the only stone that contains fullerenes, which contain antioxidants. As a protection stone, Shungite removes anything dark, negative or evil; vibrations, energies, etc. I own a shungite merkaba and use it in rooms where anyone is having nightmares or scary dreams, or in spaces where the energy feels heavy and thick. I also wear a natural Shungite bracelet every day to protect me and purify my energy field. Shungite connects to your root chakra. Be aware that real Shungite is hard to find, many retailers will sell Black Obsidian and call it Shungite, so do your due diligence when purchasing Shungite.

5. Blue Lace Agate – Stone of Communication, Clarity and Confidence: My question is, who among us doesn’t need more clarity, confidence and assistance with speaking their truth in a positive and high vibrational manner? This light blue and white banded throat chakra stone brings with it a cooling energy that calms you and assists you with communication, healing any kind of physical pain, and support during mediation.

6. Natural Citrine – Stone of Abundance and Prosperity: Citrine attracts abundance; fabulous people, resources, customers, material prosperity and all things awesome! It’s an empowering stone that activates your solar plexus chakra, which is your space of personal power. To me, Citrine represents the Sun and masculine solar energy, which we need in order to balance out our feminine lunar energy. Citrine helps to give you the strength to persevere despite challenges. Be aware that many Citrine stones commercially available are actually heat treated Amethyst. If the Citrine you’re looking at is dark orange in color, it’s most likely heated amethyst. Natural Citrine is more of a pale yellow to champagne color.

7. Carnelian – Stone of Courage, Strength and Fire Magic: If you need to get going or to complete a task, this is your stone! It’s color can vary from pale orange to a deep, fiery red – orange, and creates a boost of power, creativity, energy, vitality and sexuality. Carnelian connects to your bottom three chakras; root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

8. Labradorite – Stone of New Moon Magic, Protection and Intention Setting: Labradorite is the gemstone of magic. It awakens in those who wear or work with it the awareness of one’s innate magical powers. Needless to say that I wear Labradorite and work with it all the time and at every New Moon. With it’s magnificent luminosity, Labradorite helps light the path, illuminating the night sky and helping you see your way through challenges. Labradorite connects to all of your chakras but in my opinion, especially your third eye and crown chakra.

9. Lapis Lazuli – The Stone of Royalty, Power and Presence: This royal blue gemstone is the quintessential Queen and Priestess stone. It’s been noted in history books that Cleopatra quarantined all the Lapis in Egypt for her personal use… rumor has it that her palace walls were inlaid with it, her blue eye makeup was created from it, and all of her jewelry included it! Lapis Lazuli is a third-eye chakra stone, calling upon your innate royalty and enhances your intuition.  See my article on how to use Lapis Lazuli for Third Eye Meditation here.

10. Green Aventurine – Stone of Prosperity, Attraction and Good Luck: Green Aventurine is on every prosperity and abundance altar in my home. Green Aventurine is part of the quartz family and helps to activate gratitude which is a high-vibrational state where life magic begins to happen. This is a must have stone for manifesting abundance and all good things. Green Aventurine connects to your heart chakra.

Some Bonus Information For You (because that’s how I roll)!

I know I said that this would be my 10 must have stones, however, there is two more MUST HAVES…

Selenite – Stone of Spiritual Activation, Enlightenment and Higher Self: Selenite is one of my favorite magical tools. I collect it in all different shapes and sizes and place chunks of it everywhere in my home. Selenite raises your personal vibration and helps you to connect to your higher self. I place a Selenite Wand on each of my Tarot and Oracle Decks to keep them cleared and I open and close ritual circle with a large Selenite Wand. Selenite is gypsum, so don’t soak it in salt water to cleanse it, it will dissolve!

Moonstone – The Goddess Stone – Stone of Mystery, Self Discovery and Manifestation: Moonstone is the stone of mystery and if you love magic, moon phases, and all things Goddess – this IS your stone. Moonstone has a beautiful chatoyance and has been used for centuries to connect with the energy and power of the Moon. I use Moonstone at the New and Full Moon to set intentions and do manifestation work. Moonstone is connected to your third eye and crown chakras.


  1. My favorite book for learning about stones is, The Book Of Stones (Who They Are and What They Teach) by Robert Simmons and Natasha Ahsian. This book contains a ton of information including the metaphysical energies of the stones. It’s a must have book for your library in my opinion.
  2. Another must have book for your mystical library is, Crystal Grids (And How They Work) by Hibiscus Moon.
  3. My favorite, trusted source for purchasing beautiful, high quality crystals and stones is Zen with Gems

So how do you think I did with my list of must have stones? Would you swap any of my suggestions for another crystal or stone? Tell me in the comments below .👇🏼

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