Goddess, Are You Shining Your Divine Light?

Are You Shining Your Divine Light? Read on to explore the journey from fear to empowerment by uncovering the truth of your hidden potential.

My friend, what if you’re the universe’s best-kept secret, waiting to unveil your splendor? This is a call to the depths of your soul, asking you to pause and resonate with this inquiry.

Picture yourself seated amidst an audience at the IIN Conference in Miami, the year 2010. A voice cuts through the murmur, it’s the founder of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Joshua Rosenthal’s question echoing in the hall, “Are You The Best Kept Human Secret?” It’s as if time stands still for you to confront this profound question.

During that time of self inquiry, I realized that C*R*A*P, I was indeed a best kept human secret!

I too have stood where you stand, in the shadows of my own making. When I faced this question, it was as if I was looking into a mirror, reflecting back an unspoken truth. Yes, I was that best-kept secret, paralyzed by my own hesitations.

But why, when I harbored dreams of a flourishing, mission-driven business, when my heart overflowed with wisdom to share, did I not bask in the limelight I deserved?

Fear was the gatekeeper to my potential—fear in its many guises.

Fear Comes In Many Forms

Here are some of the fears I personally struggled with in the past:

Fear of…

Being seen – truly seen (being vulnerable feels uncomfortable).

Judgement – from my friends, community, family, and world (those internet trolls are SO MEAN with their hurtful comments from behind their computers!).

Failure – well if I don’t totally try with everything I got, when I fail, I can pacify myself with the fact that I wasn’t really all in (you’ve got to love the ego always trying to protect you).

Success – yes, fear of success is a thing! I thought to myself, if I make enough money, I’ll ditch this butt head I’m married to (this was before I met Shannon 💜) and then everything I know will shift (the unknown is scary and starting over feels like too much work).

Can you relate to any of those common fears?

These fears are not unique to my journey—they are also yours, ours. And they ask of us, “Will you remain in the shadows or choose to step into your own luminous power?”

My 4 Steps To Overcoming My Fears Around Success & Visibility

The path to your magnificence is through the mastery of these fears. Here is how I transformed my journey:

  1. I acknowledged each of my fears without judgement.
  2. I took time to identify and understand the experiences/reasons my particular fears were present in the first place.
  3. I chose to make empowering decisions.
  4. I acted with inspiration, despite the presence of fear.

Mindset Is Key!

The cornerstone of triumph in your entrepreneurial quest is the mindset of resilience and self-mastery. To discover your potential, ask yourself these reflective questions:

  • What are my specific gifts or talents?
  • Do I share them openly and fully with the world? Yes or No?
  • If not, why not? What’s holding me back?

Believe in the truth that your divine talents and honed skills are the crucible from which you can forge an exceptional, thriving online presence. No more wading in the shallows of possibility—dive into the depths of your full potential. It’s time for you to shine your divine light,

I believe that you were given divine gifts and you have developed skills that can assist you in creating a unique and profitable online business. Stop being a toe dipper and showing up to your business and mission at 20% or 60% or 80% – instead show up at 100% and make this world a better place and your bank account healthier in the process!

You, my dear, are capable beyond measure. With the right mentorship, strategies, and mystical tools, you can transform not just your life and livelihood, but also impart your unique imprint on the world.

Let us journey together. Allow me the honor to support you in awakening your business aspirations and weaving the magic you’re meant to share. Book a complimentary Business Impact and Profit Acceleration Consultation with me. Let’s kindle the spark of possibility and fan the flames of your success story.

To infinite possibilities,

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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