Hello Gorgeous!

When your eyes open in the morning, do you immediately smile and think to yourself – I love my life?  

I do – Every. Single. Day.

But that wasn’t always the case… in fact, quite the opposite.

My Story

I want to share some backstory with you. Now, I write the next few paragraphs with absolutely zero blame or low vibe feelings. I have worked through the pain of my past and have healed. I truly believe in my heart that everyone who played a part in each scenario throughout my life did the very best they could given the life tools they had at the time. I also know that each and every experience I endured brought me to this place right now… and I could not be more thrilled with my life and WHO I AM in every way possible.

I was born to parents that did not understand my free-spirited nature nor did they have the ability to emotionally nurture me in the way I needed. I have been told that I was a very “needy and strong-willed” child. Apparently those traits were not a source of celebration for my parents…

Over time, not having my emotional needs met left me feeling very unsafe in the world and with very little self awareness or understanding of my how I fit in with my tribe. Not surprisingly, I had a really hard time fitting in with my peers, so my social experiences further rooted the belief that I was unsafe and alone in the world – a total misfit. Left to my own devices I grew up with a poor sense of self, so I spent my childhood, adolescence and many adult years looking outside myself for approval, guidance and answers. I had zero sense of self or trust in my own inner guidance.

Along the way I got married and I got divorced and then married again, I gave birth to three children. I did have periods of time here and there when I felt happy and content… but then in my late thirties, I experienced a of series of unfortunate events that changed the trajectory of my life.

When the final devastation unfolded, I was so damn tired, beaten down and in so much emotional pain, that I energetically had to “turtle up” in order to survive.

It was the first time in my life that my energy and focus wasn’t going OUT into the world – I turned inward.

The journey back home to ME took me almost ten years… I spent those years discovering who I was, what my divine purpose is, stepping through fear over and over again and questioning everything I believed to be true.

It was the scariest and toughest thing I have ever done, however it brought me many gifts too –  and that’s when I started really LIVING and LOVING my life!

It’s Okay To QUESTION What You Were Taught To Believe!

As women, mothers, business owners, daughters, and friends we are constantly giving, giving, giving… so much so, that our energy is depleted. We tend to be very focused on every one else’s happiness that we loose connection to our own heartfelt desires and authentic truth. Then depending on our upbringing and cultural beliefs, we add a layer of limiting beliefs and default behaviors that we think and do on auto-pilot.

This is a recipe for a LIFETIME of discontent and disempowerment if you don’t STOP, examine your thoughts, beliefs and doings and then consciously make and action on new, empowered decisions!

My passion and soul work is to help women just like you heal wounds from the past, tap into their powerful feminine essence and make (and take action on) powerful new decisions.  I teach my clients how to work with their feminine energy and the Universe to be refreshed and fulfilled every day, in EVERY aspect of their lives.

So lovely lady, my question for you is –  is your life as empowered, authentic and successful as it should be?

“Choosing to work with Lisa Marie Grantham has truly been one of the best investments I’ve made in my life.”

I began my coaching journey with Lisa with the intention of finding a way to contribute my gifts to the world and actually following through with my goals. I was expecting actions steps and accountability, and while that was part of our plan, what I actually received was far more personal and powerful. Lisa helped me to search my heart to find my truth, skyrocketing my self-worth so much that I’ll never doubt it again, and this opened limitless opportunities and joys for me that I couldn’t have imagined were possible.

Lisa coached by fully listening and teaching me skills I’ll be using for the rest of my life. I was amazed at how much we were able to accomplish in our time together. And it’s not only me who benefited from our work together. My family has been affected in countless positive ways. I believe any woman who chooses to work with Lisa will be happy she did, and while I understand each of Lisa’s client’s objectives and coaching journey will be unique, I know the possibility for growth and chance will be just as powerful as my own.

Jane Dutra Salemi

“Working with Lisa is like having a short-cut to LIFE!”

Lisa Marie Grantham possesses that rare and exquisite combination of Wisdom, Nurture, Fun and Magic!

She has empowered me with tools, strategies, guidance and instruction on every area of life from my health, to my business, my family, my spirituality, my ability to savor the moment and live full out! Working with Lisa is like having a short-cut to LIFE! She not only knows all the answers but she’s the expert of fun, enjoyment, nourishment and fulfillment!!! Not many people can truly say that!

The sacred community that Lisa brings together in The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood is a tribe of love, support, championing and empowerment that every woman needs!!!! I feel so lucky to work with Lisa and I adore her deeply!! Everything Lisa empowers me to create comes with her Joie De Vivre energy and the ease and grace of bringing that Magic back into your life!!

With Lisa, I can easily and joyfully create the life I truly love!

Stacey Martino

From Disempowered To POWERFUL CREATRIX!

My signature coaching program is designed to work through every aspect of your life and help you move your life in the direction of YOUR dreams and place you firmly on the path to reaching your full potential.

I have worked with hundreds of women around the world and each of them have shifted from going through the motions and struggles of day to day life to living and speaking their authentic truth and enjoying massive joy and success!

Goddess Lifestyle Alchemy™ Will Transform ALL Areas Of Your Life.

I take the perfect mix of woo and strategy to help you change old habits and see lasting changes quickly. After getting to know you, I will help you design a life that fulfills YOU.

Every woman is unique, but we all have 12 aspects of life that need attention in order to live the life of our dreams.

I believe that body, mind and spirit wellness is the starting point for ALL transformation. Your day to day living and sacred body vessel needs to be treated with care so that you can feel amazing, energetic, and nourished every day!

As women we tend to be people-pleasers or give into guilt which causes overwhelm, overload and fuzzy, wishy-washy thinking. By getting rid of those disempowered behaviors, you clear your mind to make way for personal peace and for making powerful decisions.

Create real intimacy and passion in your relationship, or accept failed relationships. By channeling your feminine energy, you can improve your relationship, or move on to find a mate, lover, and friend who appreciates the goddess you are!

Make the most of the time spent with your family, husband, children, parents and siblings. Mindful and respectful relationships will deepen your bond and provide unconditional love and support.

Create altars and sacred spaces throughout your home to connect you to divine power; Mama Earth, the Moon and the Universe!

Release yourself from toxic relationships and attract goddess sisters that lift you up instead of bog you down with drama.

Learn how to escape a soul-sucking job that you thought you wanted, and identify what you’re meant to do for a job that feels true to your talents…and create strategies to make it happen!

Personal development is a vital part of growth, maturity, success and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health. Constantly expand your horizons and open the world up where anything and everything is possible!

Make spiritual magic by connecting to the Divine, whatever deity looks like for you – God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, The Goddess, Nature, New Age Spirituality, etc. If your spirit is disconnected from Source, your existence feels mundane and far less magical.

Fun Joy Me Time

Make time for yourself to go out with the girls, go to yoga, meditate, travel—whatever brings you joy without ANY effort or drama.

Stop the stress and desperate feelings that being deep in debt causes. Identify wants versus needs, and make a plan to get out of debt and start saving to live your goddess lifestyle without living beyond your means.

Start rocking your individual goddess style, add funky colors to your hair—whatever reflects your authentic self!

Women Do NOT Compartmentalize

Women are emotional and holistic by nature, we are a sum of all of our parts. So, if one key life component is thrown out of kilter, the rest suffer. For example, if you’re overloaded with busy work, you aren’t meeting deadlines, earning your highest potential or finding ideal clients. And you’ll have less time to spend with your children, and feel guilty if you take any “me time” or spend time with friends…

It’s a snowball effect and everything just feels off!

There are so many facets to our lives, but the 12 key areas I highlighted above are central to living a completely lit up and juicy life – what I call a “Goddess Lifestyle”.

“Lisa has an amazing array of tools, strategies and knowledge and I am so much more at ease and confident with my own inner truth.”

I was doing a lot of inner work and yet I was feeling really stuck. I found Lisa’s work right when I needed it!

Lisa supplied me with the sacred space and support to explore those things I’d been holding myself back from. She has an amazing array of tools, strategies and knowledge but most importantly made her self very available to offer support and encouragement to let go of hiding the parts of myself I felt unsure of.

I am so much more at ease and confident with my own inner truth.

Bonnie Copeland

“If you’re looking to open the doorway to a richer life, both spiritually and financially, stop dinking around and jump into the goddess pool of transformation with Lisa Marie Grantham!”

The first thing that draws you in when you work with Lisa Marie is the goddess-like energy she exudes. It’s better than any expensive perfume, because she fills your soul with the awareness that you DESERVE to live a life of beauty and pleasure.

The second thing is her incredible passion. It comes through in her wicked sense of humor, her vision for creating magic and abundance in the lives of women, and an incredibly big heart that recognizes the importance of not only loving others, but loving yourself as well. If you’re looking to open the doorway to a richer life, both spiritually and financially, stop dinking around and jump into the goddess pool of transformation! You won’t frickin’ regret it!

Linda Bard

There Are NO Accidents…

If you’ve been led to this webpage, there’s a purpose for you being here… Here’s what I know about you already … you most likely will resonate with all or most of the following statements.

Are you:

  • Intuitive and Psychic in some way
  • Super-Sensitive or Empathic
  • Magical and Interested in the Esoteric
  • A Seeker – a Lifelong Student of Life
  • Unique and March To Your Own Tune
  • Attracted to Women’s Spirituality
  • Interested in Ritual and Sacred Practice
  • A Nature and Animal Lover
  • Upset by Judgement From Others
  • Able To Feel People’s Vibration or Mood
  • Attracted to the Moon, Sun and Stars
  • Ambitious and Want More in Life
  • Called by the Goddess
  • In need of Developing Stronger Boundaries
  • A Healer of some kind
  • Attracted to Beauty in all it’s forms
  • Fearful of Taking Risks and Stepping Out
  • A People-Pleaser and tend to put Your Needs Last
  • Disconnected From Your Divinity
  • So Ready For A CHANGE!

No matter if you said “yes” to a few or ALL of the bullets above, I’m here to tell you that an empowered Goddess Lifestyle is possible for you. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of women and successfully empowered them to create the life of their dreams!

The PAST  Is The PAST!

My friend, please don’t live by default or in punishment because you’ve lived life in conformity or made some bad choices in the past. I can help you let go of what no longer serves your highest good so it doesn’t dictate your future. This is your chance to change all that for good. Allow me to take your hand and show you how to create your very own empowered goddess lifestyle by design.

It’s the gift that keeps giving!

Your next right step is to schedule a complementary Discovery Call with me where we can talk about what your struggling with and I can determine if I can help.

Click the button below to get started!

“Lisa has given me a new sense of direction, confidence in myself and the ability to feel my Inner Goddess beauty and power.”

I cannot even begin to express what a blessing it was to work with Lisa, and what an amazing experience it was for me. Since my work with Lisa I feel my life is forever changed for the better. Working privately with Lisa has given me a new sense of direction, confidence in myself and the ability to feel my inner Goddess beauty and power.

She combines a deep inner wisdom, with spirituality, love, and guidance. Not only has she given me guidance within my career and my relationships, she has also given me the tools I needed to make the necessary changes. Lisa truly cares about what she does and cares about people …you can just feel it when you’re with her!

I left Lisa feeling a deep sense of peace that is hard to describe. I now feel grounded and assured that I am on the right path and that the answers I need are within my reach. As time goes by since our time together, her words come to mind in different instances, and I am self assured & tranquil. I feel empowered, and no longer afraid. She truly gave me a gift that I could never put a price on. Lisa is an amazing, inspiring, love-filled, beauty-filled Goddess, and our time together is something I will treasure forever.

I wish I could bottle up Lisa and take her wherever I go. I am truly in awe of her kindness, honesty, and just who she is. She is truly a gift! She is the one stop shopping relationship guru, career adviser, fitness expert, sensual Goddess wrapped up in one. I am so happy and so blessed to have had the good fortune of meeting her. Lisa has surely changed my life!

Linda Liotta

“Working privately with Lisa has given me the motivation and tools necessary to break through limiting fears and feelings.”

Working with Lisa Marie Grantham has enabled me to not only be able to open up to someone about my fears but has let me see what my fears truly are and where they’re coming from. Most importantly, Lisa has given me the motivation and tools necessary to break through these fears and feelings. Lisa made me realize it’s not about pleasing others and what the outside sees when they look in. It’s about the Goddess you see in yourself and the light you let shine.

In my case, my light wasn’t shining at all. After the first session with Lisa, I began breaking through my fears one by one and allowing my light shine bright. I am no longer scared to be me and move forward with my dreams and my desires. I am “Striving to be More” and am no longer seeking approval from anyone but myself.

Thank you Lisa for helping me jump the hurdles life sometimes puts in our way. From this day forward I will be the courageous woman I know that I am, I will let my Inner Goddess shine bright and I will succeed, thanks to you!

Carmen Castleberry