The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood

Why I Created A Magical, Virtual Community For Women?

Sooooo I’ve decided to open up my silk kimono for you a little in this article and tell you a bit about a personal struggle that shaped my life.
Talking so intimately and personally is hard for me, old habits of wanting to protect myself from judgment or ridicule still bubble up from time to time…

I don’t remember much about my childhood, probably because it felt so emotionally overwhelming,  however what I know for sure was that I was a magical little girl… the moon talked to me, animals were drawn to me, nature was my religion and love and kindness was my mantra. I wasn’t a big talker, but I was curious and loved to learn especially about science and nature. My favorite show was The Magic Garden which one of my magical mentor’s proudly proclaims was his “first coven”! It always makes me cackle when he says it… I guess it was my first coven too!

Did you watch The Magic Garden? Here’s a link to compilation video of The Magic Garden on YouTube which I watch from time to time to bring a smile to my soul:

Then everything took a shit dive…

I turned five and had to go to school… I can’t begin to describe the suffering I endured from others at school… I was picked on mercilessly and ostracized for being “different”. I never felt like I fit in ANYWHERE… probably because I didn’t!

It was a really difficult time in my life. I remember not wanting to go to school, and my mother, in her exasperation, pushing me out the front door, shutting it with a swift whoosh and locking it behind me… oh, that was devastating to say the least.
I believe a home should a sacred and SAFE place… so being locked out of my childhood home left me paralyzed with fear and like I was being thrown to the wolves.

 Over the years I became numb, rebellious and lived my life on autopilot… I shut down – I HAD TO IN ORDER TO SURVIVE!
Looking back I realize that my magic extinguished; I became bitchy and hard, I built thick, impervious walls to keep people OUT and then I felt lonely… oh so lonely. By divine chance one night when I was in my 20’s I prayed under the full moon and within a few weeks my wish came true.

I remember thinking “OMG, my magic has come back!”… but sadly it didn’t last for very long (a story I will save for another time)…
I bumped up against life for the next twenty years (that’s putting it lightly) until I was literally on my knees, broken emotionally and physically. I remember thinking “Why is MY life so hard? How can I turn this around? Please Great Spirit, God, Goddess  – Whomever! Please show me the way… I’ll do anything to stop feeling this way.”

And the answer came … a quiet whisper in the moonlight… the little voice said to me…Magic is the gateway to your PERSONAL POWER”.[Tweet “Magic is the gateway to your PERSONAL POWER. #lifemagick”] And in that moment…  the sun, moon and stars came into alignment because I’ve never looked back and I’ve been designing my life by divine design and honing my magic ever since!
Let me remind you that this was waaaay back in the late eighties and early nineties before the networking capabilities of the internet, so for many  years I was a “solitary practitioner” and worked my magic in private – alone. I studied and learned as much as I could about many traditions and practices delving deep into Buddhism, The Kabbalah, Feng Shui, Wicca, Native American Traditions, Women’s Spirituality, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Natural Healing, Divination, Astrology, etc. and I read many of the Sacred Texts including the Holy Bible, The Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita (which the entire student body in the Yoga Teacher Certification Course I completed affectionately referenced as “the Gita”).

Let me tell you about the magic of a virtual Sisterhood…

This is what I know for sure… when you learn, grow, and trust your innermost thoughts and personal struggles to a group of like-minded, kindred souls…  your spiritual work and magic is more potent, the intentions you set manifest more quickly, and you develop a network of soul sisters on whom you can rely when the going gets tough. More than friendships, the connections you’ll make with your Sisters are based on mutual interests and practices. They are soul connections, based on trust, unconditional love, and common goals and interests. When facilitated well, they offer knowledge, experience, and intimacy that can transform your life. I see it happening within the Sisterhood on a daily basis.

You might be wondering what can you do if you don’t have the resources like money to work privately with a mentor but really want to see a positive shift your life? How can you begin TODAY?
Well, let me tell you a secret about energy, more specifically… the flow of energy.
Think of it this way: All matter is energy.
And energy flows, it vibrates… it moves. If you get in the way of the flow, it stops. Yes – YOU can stop flow. In fact I will guarantee you have stopped the flow of energy many, many times in your life. Imagine this…  you’re standing squarely in the middle of your river of life like a massive boulder and then wondering why nothing’s moving effortlessly and smoothly. The water hits that boulder over and over and over stopping the flow… the ease… and the success you so richly deserve!
I say this without judgment because I’ve done it too – BIG TIME!
Everything you seek is energy.

    • Opportunity
    • Money
    • Time
    • Love
    • Success
    • Prosperity
    • All Things Juicy, Yummy and High Vibrational

It’s all energy, it has a high vibration… and it requires movement, space, and allowance. All of the good things you want begin with an divine opportunity and this is it – The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood is your opportunity – a gateway to creating the Goddess Life you so richly desire and deserve!
This spiritual sisterhood of women will help you deepen your magical practice by following the ancient Wheel of the Year and I’ll be personally coaching 1:1 during our private gatherings too!

Over the years hundreds of women in the Goddess Lifestyle Plan community have spoken with me and sadly admitted that they can’t afford private coaching with me… WELL, I listened, got really quiet and meditated on it, spoke with Source, prayed a ton and birthed The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood!

This is YOUR opportunity to gain access to my vast knowledge and coaching for pennies a day. If you’ve always felt like you never fit in, if you don’t have a network of girlfriends to talk to about your interests or your life is not everything you’ve ever dreamed it to be (for one reason or another) – this offering is for you!
Let me introduce you to your magic, your Inner Goddess, your Personal Power and your created family – YOUR SISTERS – we are all waiting to circle with you.​​ I can promise you that The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood has drawn the most beautiful, giving, kind hearted, loving, generous, spiritual, gifted and magical women you will ever meet!

Here is what some of the Sisters are saying about their Sisterhood experience:

“I have accomplished things I never thought were possible. I am happy again; the spark in me has been restored. I am loving the person I am right now and I refuse to let myself ever get back to the way I was. I am becoming a lot stronger and I know things can happen if you believe in yourself.  I could not have done this without you Lisa. Thank you for the Sisterhood! Thank you for helping me to find the courage within myself to change my life. Thank you for bringing us all together.” ~ Twyla S.


“Before I joined this group I longed to be part of a tribe or family of people who were connected not just on a mental level but on a spiritual level.  Magick has always called to me but I just put it aside for fear of what others thought.  When I finally took the plunge it has changed my life down to my very core, the fiber of my being.  I belong and I am part of a supportive, wonderful tribe of knowledgeable women who love and lift up each other.  It is something I had longed for but never found before joining this group.  Lisa shares fantastic information on the wheel of the year, festivals, crystals, alters, how to take care of your inner Goddess and let her shine and so, so many more things. I can speak my truth now, say who I am and connect with it without fear and find knowledge I had been seeking unconsciously. If you are looking at this group, your spirit lead you hear for a reason and you need to DO IT! Join and you will never, ever look back!” ~ Lisa P.


“I have followed Lisa’s work for over three years and this past April I was divinely compelled to join The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood. It has truly changed my life in so many ways. First of all Lisa is only one of a few mentors that I have worked with that cuts through the bull crap and gets to the purpose and solution. She makes me laugh, she makes me inquire about new magical topics we are learning. She holds me accountable for the good of my own growth and being. If you have questions she is always weaving in and out of the Sisterhood being supportive. I can share anything in our Sisterhood because she has made our circle such a safe place. I have Sisters that hold space and love for whatever comes up in my life and I love doing the same for them. Lisa is so generous with what she offers and teaches as well as sharing her truth. Lisa’s vulnerability during times moves my heart. This is by far the best decision I made for myself to grow, live exactly how I am meant to, have fun and be supported by a Sisterhood that is lead by Lisa with her heart and beautiful soul.” ~ Cindy H.

Who is in The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood Group?

There is a vast array of women in The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Sisterhood coming from all walks of life and from all around the globe. Each sister brings her own special magic into the group. There are Healers, Astrologists, EFT Practitioners, Coaches of all kinds, Herbalists, Reiki Healers, Entrepreneurial Moms and women who are simply interested in spirituality and living magically so that they can create an abundant life they love! If this is something that interests you, I’m over the moon THRILLED!!! I hope to see you on the other side behind the hot pink magical veil my Lovely!

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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