Goddess Lifestyle Practices For Peace, Grace And Flow

When boiled down to its purest essence, living a goddess lifestyle is enjoying a day-to-day life experience that is filled with peace, grace and flow.

One of my personal empowerment practices it to continually check in and evaluate each of the 12 key areas of my life to determine where I’m at happiness and flow wise, and to identify what I need more of, less of, and what I need to completely banish from my life; be it bad habits, self sabotaging behaviors, people, etc.

Nothing can mess with a woman’s personal power and magic more than being out of alignment or in a downward spiral in a particular key area of her life. Women are intuitive, emotional creatures, so we can feel it big-time when things are out of whack!

Along my journey to the empowered woman you see today, I’ve picked up a few useful daily practices that I’d like to share with you.

Connect With Source

I begin each day by talking to the Divine. Most people pray or speak to Source on an as needed basis, which is lovely, but doesn’t really cultivate a strong relationship. Daily connection is what builds a strong connection. A prayer practice doesn’t need to be a whole time consuming thing, unless you desire it to be – it’s up to you. Most mornings I simply ground and center, light a candle on my altar, and ask the Divine to “show me” and use me for good in the world. This simple prayer practice starts my day off in a high vibration and with peace knowing that I’m not alone and that the Universe has my back!

Feel Your Decisions

Growing up you were taught to think things over which takes you immediately out of your heart space and into your headspace. I’ve trained myself to move between my head and heart space by thinking and feeling into decisions. Women who think too much have an over abundance of AIR, one of the cardinal elements that corresponds to the mental realm – thoughts, etc., so the antidote to having too much AIR is to ground and center. Go outside in nature and put your hands or feet in dirt, sand, grass – whichever is most convenient for you.

Mind Your Business

There’s an old saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. You must keep your nose out of other people’s drama in order to enjoy peace, grace and flow. Trust me I know how much all the people in your life need you, but your need to “fix” or “help” is a co-dependent behavior – SAVE YOURSELF and let others figure their own crap out (this applies to your children too… they need coping and decision making skills – stop getting in the way of their empowerment by fixing and doing everything for them).

Three Is The Magic Number

I make no secret that the number 3 is my second favorite number (13 is my absolute favorite number). Put no more than 3 tasks (besides your daily to do’s like exercise, etc.) on your to do list per day. Don’t fill your day up with time consuming, non-important tasks – spread those out over time. Prioritize the most important, must do, life and business enhancing tasks every day (3 of them) and add them to your to do list for that day. If possible get them done and out of the way early on in the day, so that you feel accomplished and proud of yourself.

NOTE: Be sure to not add more to do’s to your list once you’ve accomplished the 3 you chose for that particular day – relax a bit instead. Steady wins the race and truth be told, to do lists never end… so pace yourself!

Let Work Be Work And Play Be Play

STOP MULTI-TASKING! And what I mean by that is, stop looking at your phone when you’re with your family, friends or at a work thingy. In full transparency, I’m still working on this one…
Enforcing strong boundaries around work and play is essential for your peace of mind and for cultivating strong relationships. Even if you work long hours, your undivided attention and presence will make the people that matter most to you feel completely loved and important if you simply stay present when you spend time together.

Call In Natural Magic

Plants (herbs), essential oils and crystals carry a very high vibration and can support your well-being. Your health is your wealth; so working intimately with nature is something that should be part of your daily life. This is a topic I go very deeply into in my monthly coaching program The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™. Drink some herbal tea blends, work with tinctures and essential oils to cultivate natural health, carry or wear crystals and gemstones and peace out!

Try Different Approaches

There are many, many holistic modalities available for cultivating body, mind and spirit health – yoga, massage, acupuncture, EFT, reflexology, aromatherapy, flower essences, Reiki, etc. to name a few. Try different modalities and combinations of modalities until you find your personal recipe for spiritual bliss. A goddess checks things out. Make some phone calls, do some research on the web – YOU are worth investing in!

As you can see cultivating peace, grace and flow is something that’s quite easy to do. You simply need to take your favorite suggestion in this article and implement it. Once you’ve got that one suggestion happening on autopilot into your life, move on to your next favorite suggestion and begin implementing it. Over time, you’ll be doing all the suggestions.
Yup, like magic!

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