House Blessing

Bring Positive Energy & Magic Into Your Home

A house blessing is an ancient, magical tradition that invites positive energy and magic into your home.
I was doing some web surfing on the subject of “house blessings” and came across an article written by Jayme Barrett {feng shui expert and author of “Feng Shui Your Life”} entitled how to perform a simple house blessing. Below I’m thrilled to share Jayme’s lovely article and house blessing prayer supplemented with a few of my personal magical recommendations!
Your home is an extension of your body and spirit… so as you give to your home, you give to yourself.
It is essential to realize that your living space reflects and affects your inner life, thoughts and your personal vibration… and those “things” create your life experience. So, if you bless your home and bestow it with an abundance of love and positive thought, it becomes a gracious container in which you can manifest more beauty, divine grace and abundance into your life!
What energies would you call in and activate your space with during a House Blessing?
Well, some examples would be:

  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Prosperity
  • Abundance
  • Healing

Think about it… can you ever REALLY have too much good into your life? I think NOT! What I know for sure is that you simply cannot overdose on good vibes![bctt tweet=”Check out this simple House #Blessing that brings in positive energy and #magic into your home!”] It’s especially powerful to do a house blessing after cleaning rooms and performing a Sacred House Cleaning Ritual. So I recommend strongly that you FIRST do a sacred cleaning and clear out any negative or stuck energy before you energize or activate the space.
Blessing your house is simply activating it with prayers and positive intentions. You can do a house blessing before you officially move into a new space or when you want to bless a space you already inhabit in a new, purposeful way. For example, you may do a house blessing when a new spouse moves in or a baby comes into your life. You can also do one after you clear clutter, organize and want to invite fresh energy into your home.

Timing & Directional Suggestions Regarding These Rituals:

  1. The time of day is one of the many considerations I take into account, as well as the direction I face. The sun rises in the east, and many cultures pray in the morning facing the east, so I face East. If you’re not sure which way is East in your home, download a free compass app for your phone – easy –peasy, it will come in handy for other magical workings too!
  2. Symbolically and magically the early morning hours is a time of new beginnings. Morning is also the time when the light greets us via the Sun, so I always try and perform a House Blessing Ritual early in the morning.
  3. Twilight or dusk is a time for letting go, a time to shift from your busy day into a more restful state. It’s magically a time of completion, ending the cycle of the day and all that the day held for you and your beloveds. So I always do a Sacred House Cleaning Ritual (a deep cleaning and de-cluttering) the day before I perform a House Blessing Ritual. Be sure to time your day and end the Sacred Cleaning Ritual by dusk.

You can perform a house blessing by yourself or with family and friends. The more positive intentions you activate, the better. If you invite positive, like-minded friends and family to participate, you might ask them to bring a special prayer, poem, or ritual to share; further magnifying the positive energy. Below are five steps to perform a group house blessing ritual… and by the way, this ritual can be done solo too! This ritual is best done in the morning, at the start of a new day as I mentioned above. Some beautiful additions to your House Blessing Ritual could be: Gemstones such as rose quartz or amethyst and pink and/or white flowers. The more visually beautiful and symbolic, the better so lay it on thick Sister – and be sure to use your intuition to guide you!

Here Are The 5 Simple House Blessing Steps:

  1. Set a sacred feeling by playing music that connects you to Source energy, burn your favorite incense or diffuse your favorite essential oils. Then ask everyone to stand in a circle.
  2. Welcome and thank your friends and family for being a part of this special and sacred occasion.
  3. Light a pink or white candle (pink corresponds and signifies the energy of love and kindness and white corresponds to purity, divinity and peace – white is also an all purpose color for magical workings) and pass it to each person moving in a clockwise direction from you, who then will share a blessing, affirmation or positive intention for you, your beloveds and your new home.
  4. At this point you can begin to walk into different areas or rooms in the home stating (out loud) your specific intentions and affirmations for each room as a way of consecrating it for an intended purpose.
  5. When the house blessing comes to an end, place the candle in the center of your home to burn it until it burns down or goes out naturally. Open all East windows and doors to invite the life-giving energy of the rising sun into your home. Leave them open for as long as you feel is necessary!

Magic Is An ART – There Are Infinite Ways To Create Magic!

The most important thing is that it feels “right” to you. Your intention and feeling (emotions) is what fuels your personal magic. There are many house blessing prayers floating around on the internet, so feel free to research one that feels right for you and your family. Below is a prayer that I use and suggest to my clients. Feel free to edit it to make it more your own.

“Great Spirit (God, Goddess, Divine, Universal Energy, Supreme One, etc), in lighting this candle we (I) summon love, harmony, peace, and prosperity into this home. May we be blessed with good health, happiness, success, laughter and abundance. May this home be a sacred dwelling for my beloveds, our children (if applicable) and me. May those who visit feel peace, light heartedness and love. We (I) decree that this home is now shielded from harm, illness, negativity or misfortune. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing divine light, love and energy into our hearts, rooms, and endeavors. With tremendous gratitude, we thank you for your blessings. In full faith, with harm to none, and the greatest good for all. So it is!”

Renewing The Blessing:

The ritual above is designed to set up your new home as a safe and loving place for you and your family. It is a good idea to have a time of year – either the anniversary of your move, or sometime in the spring – when you rededicate and renew your protections and blessings. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal so I suggest repeating this House Blessing every spring. Concentrate on having the home continue as a place of safety, joy, and abundance for you and your family.
I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions for a House Blessing! Wishing you much happiness, health, love, prosperity and abundance! And so it is…

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