How And WHY To Authentically Share In Your Business When It Feels Scary

I have a very public career and lifestyle brand where I share pretty much everything that happens in my life; the great, the not so great, and at times… the ugly.

My glorious Goddess Lifestyle Plan® community knows my three children and two grandchildren by name, the beautiful life I share with my husband Shannon, the shenanigans of my animals, and day to day life.

They’ve also been by my side through some trying and sad times like tragically losing my three dogs in less than one year’s time and when my husband of ten years left me while I was away on a business trip back in 2017.

Most people looking from the outside – in might think that me sharing so openly and authentically is easy… but on the contrary, it’s not.

Sharing at such an intimate level was a learned behavior… one I had to work at and continue to work on as my brand grows.

In the beginning of my career I found it difficult to allow my private life to be known to anyone but private mentoring clients with whom I had a 1:1 relationship.

Vulnerability Feels Scary

In 2011 when I decided to re-brand and come out of the broom closet with a magical brand empowering women – that no matter what they’ve been told, been through, thought, been conditioned to believe, that a goddess lifestyle is not only possible, but probable when you couple the right strategy with lifestyle design… and MAGIC of course ✨✨✨

Holy crap I was scared to death because I knew it would mean that I had to become more visible. The truth was that I was super comfortable working from behind my computer, but coming out into the world via video – that was a HUGE challenge for me!

I was that child that didn’t fit in (can you imagine that?), so in order to survive my school years, I learned at a relatively young age to keep to myself and dim my light to fly under the radar. This was my go to behavior for most of my youth and teenage years – so dimming my light was ingrained into who I was BE-ing.

Undoing that behavior has proven to be an ongoing and arduous process. The more visible my brand became, the more vulnerable I felt, and the more triggered I became.

The Magic Of Authenticity

I realized that in order to serve the women I’m meant to serve, I had to develop a comfort level around being visible. I had to come out from behind the safety of my computer, make videos and open myself up to potential criticism and/or judgment. This authenticity required me to be truthful when things were sucking out… I had to let go of my perfectionism (beyond challenging for this Virgo), remove my protective armor and be vulnerable.

I had to let it all go and just trust that it would be okay and that my community – my peeps, would find me and welcome me showing up shining my light of authenticity.

To say that took courage is an understatement, primarily because my experiences growing up proved otherwise.

I had a ton of fear to tame.

The Inner Work Is HARD But So Worth It!

What I learned during the process of taking those courageous steps and walking though my personal fire of vulnerability is that it gives  women like you the permission to do the same – to show up in authentically.

I hold up a mirror for your blooming and becoming – not a mirror of projections and fears, but a mirror of integrity, courage, and authenticity.

I’m comfortable with you because I’m truly at peace and comfortable with who I am.

I can allow you to see my truth because I’m deeply aware of my flaws, shadows, limits, and capacities.

I see all of my beauty and all of the warts… and I love both of them equally for they both serve me in powerful ways.

So… I’m visible for you.

I show up in my truth to support you showing up in your truth. We are all part of a miraculous, magical web of Goddessprenuers.

So my my friend, I invite you to be seen – really seen.

What would that look like?

Who would you be if you weren’t shrinking, apologizing or dimming your light?

What clothing would you wear?

How would you style your hair?

Would you start a new career or birth your soul work?

What gifts could you share with the world if you stepped out from the shadow and claimed your light – out loud and proud – with courage?

I invite you to trust the process of surrendering and allowing and go for it. I promise you that once you get beyond the discomfort, the fear, the hesitation, and the decades of experiences that might tell you otherwise, being seen in your truth heals…. and the best part is that it heals the world as it heals your soul. 💜

If you’ve been allowing fear to be in the driver’s seat of your life, I’d love the opportunity to help. Schedule a complementary chat with me so I can learn what’s going on and determine if I can help.

What I know for sure is that the fear dragon can be tamed and no matter what you’ve been told, been through, thought, taught, or been conditioned to believe – a goddess lifestyle is not only possible, but probable when you couple the right mindset with lifestyle design… and MAGIC ✨✨✨

Winks & Shimmies,

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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