How Perfectionism Can Ruin A Perfectly Fine Day

I’ve noticed that many of my private coaching clients seem compelled to beat themselves up over every perceived mistake they make. Yet others tend to point the finger at everyone else or blame all sorts of external reasons for their missteps.
Either one of those responses are counterproductive in building healthy relationships with others AND a nourishing a healthy relationship with yourself.
A more empowered strategy would be to remind yourself of the fact the you’re human, and its simply impossible to have a life full of PERFECTION.
YOU are spiritual being having a human experience, so…

You’re Here To Learn, Grow & Heal

The most productive road to becoming an empowered, present day goddess is to:

  1. Acknowledge your screw up – it’s OKAY!
  2. Own your mistake – NO excuses!
  3. Make the necessary arrangements or modifications to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
  4. Apologize if need be.
  5. And move on with your day.

Time is the only nonrenewable resource, so don’t waste any of your precious time denying, hiding the truth, or beating yourself up over mistakes!
My mantra when I find myself overthinking something or beating myself up over the should-have, could-have’s is – Done is better than perfect.
Feel free to use it too if you resonate with it.

Books On Perfectionism

I absolutely love reading books on topics I’m working on in both my personal growth and business.  Here’s an article that highlights a handful of books about perfectionism.
Today, in invite you to practice allowing yourself to acknowledge your imperfections without judgement.
A present day goddess is at peace with all of WHO she is – beauty and warts.
Allow yourself to be open to a different perspective about demanding perfection from yourself. Your willingness to make a new empowered decision is what leads to true and lasting change.
Remember, you are PERFECTLY IMPERFECTAs you should be!

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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