How to Balance the Sacral Chakra with Crystals

This blog post will provide an overview of the sacral chakra and how crystals can be used to support its health and well-being.

We’ll start by discussing the basics of the sacral chakra, its associated colors, elements, and mantras. We’ll then move on to exploring the various crystals that can be used to balance the sacral chakra, including their unique properties and how to use them.

Finally, we’ll discuss some simple tips for incorporating crystals into your sacral chakra practice, correspondences, and powerful affirmations you can use to further support your healing and balancing sacral chakra work.

By the end of the post, you should have a better understanding of the sacral chakra and how crystals can be used to promote its health and balance.

What Is The Sacral Chakra?

The sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana, is located in the lower abdomen and is associated with the element of water. It is associated with the color orange and is linked to creativity, pleasure, and abundance. It helps us to be open to new experiences and have a healthy attitude towards relationships, sex, and money. It is the energy center of creativity, emotions, and sexuality. The sacral chakra is associated with the color orange and the mantra “Vam.” To help open and activate this chakra, focus on the mantra, visualize the orange color, and practice breathing and grounding exercises.

Additionally, connecting with your emotions, engaging in creative activities, and spending time in nature can all help to heal and balance this chakra.

When the sacral chakra is balanced, we can more easily express our emotions, be creative, and experience joy and pleasure in our lives. Practicing yoga poses that focus on the lower abdomen, such as Half Moon and Boat poses, can help to balance the sacral chakra. Meditation and visualization techniques, such as focusing on the color orange, can also be helpful in aligning this energy center.

The Second Chakra is centered in the sexual organs and lower back region of the body. It’s energy focuses on your individual ability to manage the power of sexuality, money influence, boundaries or control over other people, competition and self-defense; they clearly all relate to survival. Most arousal energy is dominated by sexuality, but there’s so much more to it than that. There’s creativity, power, passion, purpose, pleasure, prosperity, desire, etc.

Passionate, juicy energy is housed in our Creativity Centre, the Second Chakra. The energy is 1:1, umbilical cord, relational; one’s own place, your sweetest abode and your ability to enjoy the experience of life.

Balanced: When your second chakra is balanced, you enjoy life, feel optimistic and happy and enjoy sexual and sensual experiences.

Unbalanced: Symptoms of an unbalanced Second Chakra are, greediness, addiction (which is a form of giving away your power), tension, rigidity, compulsive behavior, frustration or disinterest, repressed feelings, lack of boundaries, self-deprivation, depression, sexual repression.

How To Work With Crystals And Your Sacral Chakra

Crystals are believed to have a powerful healing energy and can be incredibly helpful for balancing the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, pleasure, and emotions, and can be easily unbalanced due to stress or other life circumstances. By using crystals, you can bring stability and balance to the sacral chakra, allowing you to experience more joy and connection in your life. The type of crystal you choose will depend on the specific issue that needs to be addressed, so consider what it is that you’d like to work on and then find the right crystal to help you.

Carnelian, citrine, and moonstone are all crystals that have a special connection to the sacral chakra.

Carnelian is said to help with creativity, courage, and passion.

Citrine is believed to help with personal empowerment, clarity of thought, and taking action.

Moonstone is thought to help with calming the mind, balancing emotions, and increasing intuition.

However, my personal favorite stone to work with for my sacral chakra is Orange Calcite. Orange Calcite is a gentle stone that is known to bring joy and creativity into your life, and can be used to aid in emotional healing and releasing old patterns. It can also help you to open up to new possibilities and to take risks with confidence.

5 Suggestions On How To Work With Your Chosen Crystals On Your Sacral Chakra

  1. Meditate with your chosen crystals, such as those mentioned above, can help to bring the sacral chakra into balance and harmony.
  2. Visualizing a bright orange light surrounding the area of the sacral chakra while meditating can also help to bring balance and harmony.
  3. Incorporating yoga poses, such as the cobra pose and the goddess pose, into your daily practice can also help to open up and activate the sacral chakra.
  4. You can use the stones I mentioned above by placing them on the lower abdomen or holding them in your hands while focusing on the area. You can also use visualization techniques to help open up the sacral chakra and allow energy to flow.
  5. I also recommend carrying whichever stone you choose with you, meditating with it, or placing it in the area of your home that corresponds to the sacral chakra (I placed my Orange Calcite sphere on my nightstand in my bedroom when I was actively working with it).

Affirmations For The Second Chakra

  • Pleasure is a sacred part of my life.
  • I trust the process of  life.
  • I embrace my sensuality and sexuality.
  • I honor my sacred body vessel and treat it with respect.
  • The universe is full of sweetness and beauty.
  • I am a creature of light, open to the magic of the universe.
  • I am grateful for the joy of being me.
  • I go with the flow with grace and  ease.
  • I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me.
  • Goodness, divinity, beauty and joy resonate within my soul.
  • My life is graceful and pleasurable.
  • I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take.
  • I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.
  • Healing occurs each time I rest, relax and luxuriate in an experience.
  • Rest and play are a regular part of my healthy life.
  • Creating (fill in the blank) nourishes my spirit and brings me joy.
  • My desires and appetites are balanced and harmonious.
  • I am joyful. I am spontaneous. I am creative.
  • My body responds to thoughts of pure love and goodness.
  • Nobody needs to fix or heal me. I reclaim my personal power to look after myself.
  • As I love and respect myself, healing happens naturally.

In Conclusion

Living a life guided by passion and desire empowers even the most mundane of experiences and transforms them into something juicy and special. With a balanced sacral chakra, you’ll take delight in the pleasure of the senses as an integrated aspect of total life!

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Mystical Blessings,

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