Evening Ritual

How To Create A Goddess Lifestyle Evening Ritual

Imagine the difference a good night’s sleep would make in your life?

If you are getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night, make a powerful decision right now to put yourself first and create a self-care sleep ritual.

A goddess always makes every attempt to take exquisite care of her body, mind and spirit.

9 Goddess Lifestyle Evening Ritual Tips

Here are 9 tips to help you create an evening ritual fit for a goddess that will help ensure you get a good night’s rest. Use all of them or pick your favorites!

  1. Create a bedroom a sanctuary: The first step in this magical transformation is creating a bedroom sanctuary that’s comfortable, sexy and conducive for your rest. Does your bedroom make you feel sensual, calm and relaxed? If not, it’s time to take a look at possible reasons why. Remove any clutter… clutter has been shown to raise cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and that’s not a good thing, replace bright white bulbs with soft light bulbs to create an ambiance that’s relaxed, soothing and sensual. I love pink tinted light bulbs…every woman looks beautiful in pink light 🙂 You can take a look at the pink light bulbs I use here. Be sure to look and make sure that your shades block the majority of light out, there’s nothing worse than street lights or a super early sunrise to mess with your beauty sleep. Wear an eye mask if you need to. Because I am a light sleeper, I use earplugs every night to sleep. I hear my children but all the little noises are blocked out so that I can get into a deep, restful sleep. Here’s a link to take a look at the sleep set I use.
  2. Add soothing scents and music to your room: Wouldn’t the sound of the ocean, rain falling or nature make you feel wonderful? Playing nature inspired music helps you to get into a state of relaxation, making it easier for you to fall asleep. Don’t overlook utilizing aromatherapy too. I just love to diffuse pure essential oils like Lavender or Rose Absolute in my bedroom. If not essential oils, how about a beautifully scented candle? The flickering of the flame combined with the heavenly scent is a winning combo!
  3. Don’t be the Princess and the Pea: Nothing is worse that an uncomfortable bed! Upgrade your sheets (the higher the thread count the better), pillows and comforter if needed. Check in with your mattress, how long have you had it? It is recommended that you should change your mattress approximately every 7 years. Studies show that you attain deeper sleep and for longer periods of time by upgrading your bedding. Deeper sleep equals more energy during the day.
  4. Wash your bedding regularly: Fresh, clean sheets….ahhhh. You’ll be surprised at how your body will respond to new fresh and clean sheets. Give yourself the gift of high thread cotton sheets (sateen is my personal favorite), or perhaps you might prefer sexy silk or soft cozy flannel. Think delicious here…what material is delicious to you?
  5. Your bedroom is NOT your office: Remove electronics, they over-stimulating. Some examples are your computer, a phone, television, ect. Bedrooms are for making love, relaxing, resting and sleeping…that’s all!
  6. Soak in a warm, delicious bath: When was the last time you took a bath for pleasure? Try taking a bath with Epsom’s or sea salt before bed.  I do this at least twice a week, it works wonders on my tired, overworked body. Epsom’s salt relaxes your muscles and soothes tension. I use salt to remove negative energy too. As you soak in the tub and salt water, feel the negativity drain out of you and get released. It definitely adds some magic to your bath! How about a glass of red wine to accompany the bath? Go for it, you are a goddess after all!
  7. Create a Goddess Evening Ritual: It is very important to have a nighttime ritual. Choose your bedtime and go to bed consistently at that time. Your body will become used to the structure and will re-calibrate accordingly. Some women forget to wash and moisturize their face (VERY important!) and brush their teeth at night because they don’t have a consistent bed time and end up falling asleep on the couch watching the “boob tube”. To make a proper, realistic ritual you must think about your night backwards!
    Decide on your bedtime. Let’s use 11pm as an example.
    Decide how much time you need to take care of personal grooming and any other chores. Is it an hour, two hours? Let’s use two hours as an example.
    11pm minus two hours is 9pm. You must start your chores and personal grooming no later than 9pm. It’s that simple. Set a schedule and stick to it!
  8. Gratitude before sleep: The last thing you do before shutting your lights and going to sleep is to write an entry in your Gratitude Journal. Purchase yourself a beautiful book specifically for this purchase. Blank books for journaling are available everywhere these days… purchase one that fits your personality. Keep the Gratitude Journal on your nightstand (with a pen) and write three things you are grateful for every evening. A practice of gratitude encourages your mind to think about all that good in your life and doing it right before bed allows the positivity to float around your subconscious mind while you sleep. I created a video on how to create a gratitude practice, it’s a few years old but the information is still spot on. You can watch it on my YouTube channel here.
  9. Don’t get your body jacked up on stimulants after 3pm: Avoid caffeine, sugar and anything stimulating after 3pm every day. Have a warm cup of caffeine free herbal tea instead. For quick and easy selections I recommend Celestial Seasonings (Red Zinger flavor is my fave!) or Yogi brand tea. Caffeine, too much alcohol or sugar with mess with your sleep and leave you feeling like a “hot mess” the next day!

You deserve to enjoy the best night’s sleep possible. It doesn’t cost you anything to create an evening ritual fit for a goddess, and the rewards you will reap will be priceless. Be sure to create your space in a way that feels most comfortable, relaxing and authentic to you. Remember your bedroom should be your sanctuary and not a mobile office.

With so much love,

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