Goddess Aphrodite
How To Create An Altar To Goddess Aphrodite

Aphrodite possesses an extroverted temperament and focuses on love and relationships. Her primary interests are mature, adult relationships, romance, sexuality, beauty and the arts. Though she rules marriages and the love within them, she is also the goddess of illicit affairs. As an alchemical goddess, she was never claimed (married) by a man.

One account of Aphrodite’s birth states that she rose up from the foam on the ocean as a naked and fully developed beautiful woman and rode on a scallop shell. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and war. Daughter of the sea, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love and pleasure.

Goddess Aphrodite Can Help You Cultivate Self Love

Self love is by far one of the most challenging things for most women to cultivate within themselves…  Aphrodite assists us with self appreciation, self dedication and self love, so having an altar set up in honor of her in your home is a Goddess Lifestyle MUST!

Call on Aphrodite to assist you in learning to fall madly in love with yourself, with pleasure and with beauty in all of it’s forms!

My altar to Aphrodite is set up in my bedroom on top of our dresser. I light a candle and do an invocation to Aphrodite when I’m feeling a little down on my physical appearance, when I’m feeling in a rut, or if I just want to stir up some desire.

I created my altar to Aphrodite on an ornate silver tray, it’s absolutely gorgeous and makes the altar super easy to move around my home, so that’s how I suggest you set yours up too.

How To Create An Altar To Goddess Aphrodite

Things You’ll Need:

  • A Beautiful Tray
  • A Statue of Aphrodite (or Venus)
  • Sea shells (I purchased two large bags of assorted premium shells in the Florida Keys)
  • Star Fish (and other fancy shells – for this altar, I like adding shells that are iridescent and very feminine)
  • A Scallop Shell
  • A Red Or Burgundy/Pink Votive Candle Holder
  • Love Ritual Oil
  • Rose Quartz Mala Beads
  • 3 Rose Quartz Gemstone Hearts
  • Dried Rose Buds (in red or pink)
  • Smudge


  1. Smudge all of your items, the space where the altar will be set up and YOU, to break up and cleanse any low vibes.
  2. Set the tray down in the location of your choosing and place a statue or an image of Aphrodite in the center of your altar. By placing her in the center, you make the goddess the focal point.
  3. Fill the tray in with the other items; shells, star fish, scallop shell, votive holder, mala beads, rose quartz hearts, and finally the dried rose buds.
  4. Anoint the candle with a few drops of the love oil of your choosing on the candle and light it up!

Here Are Quick Links To My Amazon Store For Some Of The Items I Used

  • Purchase the statue of Aphrodite here.
  • Purchase assorted shells here.
  • Purchase scallop shell here.
  • Purchase assorted star fish here.
  • Purchase rose quartz hearts here.
  • Purchase Aquamarine and Rose Quartz Mala beads here.
  • Purchase Rose Quartz Mala beads here.
  • Purchase love oils here.
  • Purchase rose buds here.

There is no one right way to create an altar, so I encourage you to get creative with the process! Magic is an art, create it in your vision.

May goddess Aphrodite bless you with self love, passion and beauty today and everyday. And so it is.

Live Magically,

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