How To Deal With Toxic People

Truth Talk – my life used to FILLED with toxic people.

Drama, Aggravation and Guilt – Oh My!

Can you relate? I would rarely experience a day when someone’s dismissive tone, nasty comment, lack of consideration or plain old bullshit didn’t set me off!

At the time I was never one to nip the drama in the bud, so eventually I would reach my fill line… and in my usual “avoid the confrontation at all costs manner” – I would pack up my marbles and leave.

I have severed friendships, relationships with family members, jobs and marriages over the course of my life…

And the kicker was that I used to believe that it was so EMPOWERED of me to walk away and leave bullshit behind, but the harsh truth is that was I was not empowered… I was weak and cowardly AND operating from a completely wounded place. Holy Crap, I had a whole lot of inner work to do!

The women sitting here today can confidently say that the aggravating people in your life are put there to help you grow and become a more powerful version of YOU.

Your Triggers Are A Gift!

The more you heal your triggers, the more powerful you become – period.

I think of triggers as BIG RED BUTTONS that rest on different places of your energetic body; like the middle of your chest (heart space) or solar plexus (personal power space) – every time someone in your life (intimate relationship or not) aggravates you, the aggravation or agitation you feel is simply a reaction to the tapping on one (or some) of your BIG RED BUTTONS and triggering an emotional response in you.

Ultimately when you avoid healing your triggers, those BIG RED BUTTONS sit right on the surface, making it super simple for others to notice, tap away and mess with your Zen.

My triggers were so raw and exposed that most days felt like TAP TAP TAP …. Some nice moments… TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP…

Then I would flip my shit, pack up my marbles and leave.

Finally I became present to the fact that I take ME everywhere I go, so perhaps it was worth investing in my personal healing and begin a new way of BE-ing. The cure with dealing with toxic people is not to run away in most cases, the cure is healing your emotional triggers.

Looking back it was the best investment I have ever made.

Here’s What I Know For Sure:

  • Most people in your life are not toxic, they unconscious and completely involved in their own thoughts and ego. Don’t breathe it in and make it personal.
  • Your past does not have to dictate your future. Your triggers (aka your BIG RED BUTTONS) are created from past experiences; you’ve had experiences that made you feel insignificant, hurt, angry, fearful, frightened, overwhelmed, out of control, unlovable, disrespected, etc. AND you can heal and release the damage and experience a new way of BE-ing.
  • You can dump the people in your life, however YOU will take YOU everywhere you go. So please take the time now to work on your triggers. It will make you healthier and more powerful than you can imagine.
  • Allow your triggers to teach you where you need to do some deep healing and then do the work.

As I look back on my journey I’m so proud of myself for facing my personal fires and then having the courage to walk thru them one by one. If I hadn’t made the investment in myself to heal my inner wounds, you and I would not be together today… the younger and deeply wounded Lisa would have never had the strength and endurance to create The Goddess Lifestyle Plan™
If you find yourself getting annoyed or set off by the people you encounter in your day-to-day life, it’s time to take a deep look inside of YOU.

The only person you have the power to transform is YOU magical one. The answers you seek lie within YOU.

Healing Is Powerful Magic!

Imagine what your life would feel like to rarely get your panties in a bunch… Imagine not feeling triggered by other people’s moods, comments or judgements… Imagine blessing the jerks and having other people’s crazy roll off your back like a duck in water… That’s the power of healing your emotional triggers and I’m the mentor to help you accomplish that!

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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