How To Honor Work/Life Balance + Boundaries Without Being A Bitch

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This question comes from Jami:

Q. Hi Lisa, my question is about boundaries. How do I honor my work/life balance without being a complete bitch?

A. Jami, that is a great question! I’ve answered your question in this video:

It’s my experience that you can’t honor your work/life balance and not come off as bitchy to some (maybe even most) people!
No one, including me, likes boundaries.

You must decided if your work/life balance is more important to you than being perceived by others as nice… women who speak their mind, stand up for what they believe in and enforce boundaries are considered bitches – and it’s a belief that is firmly cemented into today’s culture the collective mindset of society.

Another Video On Work/Life Balance

Because this is such a common struggle for heart centered entrepreneurs, I recorded another video on the topic. 💜

You Can’t Ride Two Horses With One Ass Sugar Bean

Being nice and taking good care of yourself are mutually exclusive in my opinion. There’s only one number one spot … are YOU claiming the number one spot or are you going to allow other people’s agenda’s to have it? Generally speaking and from my experience, women who speak their mind and enforce their boundaries are considered bitches. And my response to that is – Rock On Bitches!

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

A Present Day Goddess Rarely Flips Her Shit!

I say rarely because we are human, so from time to time it will happen… however having the ability to respond instead of react to situations is an asset. You do not need to yell and scream in order to get your point across, enforce your boundaries and teach those around you what is acceptable behavior and what is not by firmly speaking your mind.

Practice speaking your mind without any charge in your words – just be matter of fact about it like I describe in the video. The more you practice speaking your mind in a matter of fact, unapologetic manner and without charge, the more it will become part of how your operate in the world.

I hope this helps and I answered your question Jami!


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