How To Invoke The 4 Elements Into Your Home

I have been attracted to nature since I was a child… and as I got older, I realized that my attraction to nature was part of WHO I was.

I am an Earth-Spirited and Moon-Guided woman, and because I follow earth based spirituality, I am most at home in and surrounded by the natural world. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and need my creature comforts like indoor plumbing and air conditioning. My brand is named The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, so there is only so much “nature” I’ll do! 🤣

Bring Balance And Peace Into Your Home With The 4 Elements

I’m a Virgo, an Earth sign, so my home needs to be organized and a sacred sanctuary that provides me with peace, groundedness and balance. In order to achieve all that and more, I invoke the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth to help support me in creating a home that feels yummy to my soul and spirit.

I’m also formally trained in Interior Design, so I’m constantly looking for creative and visually appealing ways to bring magic into my home without cluttering up the rooms. I have a few altars sprinkled in my home and outside on my property, but they are all very discrete and look like beautiful curated vignettes. I bet you have a few altars set up too and you might not even realize it!

You can read more about what I consider to be an altar and why I think you need one (or twenty) here.

Invoking the 4 elements into your home is super SIMPLE, I bet you have everything you need to get started – shall we dive in?

Representations Of The Four Elements

AIR: Incense, Smudge, Wind Chimes, Bells, Feathers, The Color Yellow

FIRE: Candles, Fireplace, Fire Pit, The Color Red

WATER: Fountains, Waterfalls, Moving Water, Fish Tank, Shells, Mirrors, The Color Blue

EARTH: Crystals, Rocks, Ceramic or Terracotta Pots And Plants, Salt Lamps, The Color Green

During the video, I mentioned being on the hunt for a fountain that chimes as the water moves around it, you can see the one I have my eye on here. A water feature that rings like this would attract positive energy and luck into your home if placed by the front entry.

The Benefits Of Invoking The Four Elements Into Your Home

Invoking the four elements into your home will:

  • Promote peace.
  • Help achieve elemental balance.
  • Create a high vibration.
  • Invite magic into your day to day life.
  • Make your home feel and look beautiful.

In Closing

I hope this article and video inspired some ideas on how to invoke the 4 elements into your home. It’s really as simple as placing a feather, a stone, a shell and a candle in your space!

I believe that living a magical, sacred life can and should be easy and do-able (no matter how busy you are). The truth is that the 4 elements are located all around in nature and invoking them into your home is a practical way to bring magic, peace and balance to your day-to-day life!

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