how to rise up and push through adversity

How To Rise Up And Push Through Adversity

As I write this article, the entire world is experiencing adversity with the COVID -19 pandemic. What we are all going through right now is unprecedented, and the severity of this virus on top of all the uncertainty is scary AF.

And because I have a global community, I have a my fingers on the pulse beat of what’s going on not only here in the US, but all over the world.

I decided it would be helpful to make a video and write this article on how to RISE UP and PUSH through adversity.

You Cannot Escape Adversity

The sucky truth is that everyone experiences adversity during their life, it’s part of the human experience.

In life we all come across humbling circumstances, such as the one we are currently experiencing. I believe that each of us have been brought to our knees by life’s lessons and events, in one way or another – whether it’s from losing a job, a loved one, feeling like you’ve failed yet again in love or business, or perhaps a non favorable health diagnosis or a belly flop with your finances.

Interesting Timing For This Pandemic

I took pause when I realized that we are going through this at the time of year when we celebrate Ostara and Easter. Ostara is all about rebirth, renewal and new beginnings and Easter is about the very same things – rebirth, renewal and new beginnings.

The story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection symbolizes for us all that no matter the level of excruciating pain you experience, there is a chance to rise again.

There is hope my friend. You get what you focus on in life, so I came up with a few suggestions on how to rise up whenever you are faced with struggle and misfortune. This post references the pandemic we are currently experiencing, but the tips I’m sharing can help you any time you are experiencing adversity in your life.

How To Rise Up And Push Through Adversity

Get In Action

Absolutely no problem gets solved at the level it was created, so stop staring at the problem. Pivot your thoughts from the problem to potential solutions. Listen, the problem/struggle has arrived, so the empowered thing to do is immediately start thinking about how to mitigate that problem/struggle. Make phone calls, search for answers on the internet, ask Siri or Alexa to do a web search for you – just get going and MOVE THE ENERGY!

Turn Off The TV

Please stop watching or listening to the news all day. I also recommend not sitting of the sofa watching Netflix all day, every day either. Full disclosure, I love Netflix but I only turn on the television when my work day is done, at around 6 or 7 pm. Intentionally fill your head with high vibe stuff – listen to a podcast, read a book, organize your home (closets, drawers, pantry, etc.), garden, paint, listen to music, dance, etc. Using your creativity, gardening, cooking or organizing raises your vibration and allows you to receive divine guidance.

Take Responsibility For What Is Yours

What’s done is done. For example, this virus is out there in the world – spreading. There is nothing any of us can do to change the fact that the Corona virus exists. However, we can all take personal responsibility and do what we are advised to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Stay home and practice social distancing and if your essential personnel, follow the guidelines you were given to you by the government and your employer. Now… sometimes the adversity is a result of something you have been doing – you are the cause of the misfortune you’re experiencing, if that’s the case, own your part and course correct. Make the necessary changes to ensure that you don’t bring the same misery upon yourself in the future.

Focus On What You Want To Create

Instead of putting all your attention on what you are currently experiencing, take time every day to focus on what you want to create. If you put time and effort into those desires now, once the self isolation passes (and it will pass) you will already be on your way to materializing those desires instead of getting sucked back into the “I’ve got no time” excuse. Do some preparation or research, skill up on something you’ve been wanting to learn but previously didn’t have the time to do. Build the behind the scenes momentum, set up foundational pieces that need to be in place for you and your dreams to grow. This will help ensure that when we are clear to get back to life, you are ready and poised to GO!

Look To The Future

What is your soul asking for? I know what you’re going through right now feels scary and maybe even hopeless, but I promise… what ever you are going through, it is happening FOR YOU. I don’t know why but I do know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Take some time to quiet your mind and take notice what direction your soul asking you to go. What do you want to be/do/have/become? It might be a new career or perhaps you’ve always wanted to start an online business. It’s the perfect time for you to pause and evaluate where you’re at and pivot if you discover that you’re unhappy with things the way they were or are currently.

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Be Kind

When life feels sucky it’s natural to be less patient and self absorbed. Try to remember to be kind. It costs nothing and it one of the biggest gifts you can bring to this world.

Hand It All Over To Your Higher Power

There is nothing you can’t overcome my friend. You are NOT in this alone, we are #inthistogether and the Divine has your back – always. Ultimately, any and all worry will steal your joy and peace today… and the present moment is all we have guaranteed. Give all your worry and fear over to your higher power – whether it’s God, Goddess, Jesus, Allah, Nature, Divine Intelligence – it’s all good. Make a powerful decision to hand your worry and fear over to your higher power and allow yourself feel supported.

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Thanks for visiting and reading. May you and yours be healthy and blessed.

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