how to set your intention into a crystal and crystal jewelry

How to Set Your Intentions Into a Crystal and Crystal Jewelry

Did you know that your crystals and crystal jewelry would love to help support you and your intentions? Yup, your crystals are listening, so in this article I’m going to teach you how to quickly and effectively set your intentions into crystals and/or crystal jewelry in less than 3 minutes!
This process will work for crystals, gemstones, minerals, crystal and stone jewelry, raw or polished stones, etc. and I’ll be using the word “stone” to represent all of them.

How to Set Your Intentions into a Crystal and Crystal Jewelry

  1. Smudge your new stone or piece of jewelry. Think about how many hands and therefore people’s energy has touched that stone since the moment it was unearthed – Smudge that shit and get your stone ready for your intentions!
  2. Hold the stone in both of your hands. Call down and breathe in white light/divine light and visualize your intention for the stone. You can say your intention out loud too if you’d like.
  3. Your stone is now ready to support you and your powerful intention.

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How to Reprogram a Crystal and Crystal Jewelry

Once you’re ready to release your intention from the particular crystal or piece of crystal jewelry, you can clear and reprogram the stone by simply repeating the 3 step process above.

Stones used for healing are said to absorb or redirect the negativity you’re working to release. Regularly cleansing and recharging your stones is the only way to restore your crystal to its natural state. Cleansing and reprogramming your stones is a best practice and can reinvigorate your own sense of purpose and commitment to your intention.

I have a few different types  of smudge in my collection, however a simple smudge stick made of white sage works great for this purpose.

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I hope you enjoyed this article (and video) and that it serves you in living a more magical and divinely connected life! I believe that living magically should be simple and effective, not another thing to add to your to do list.

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