Leo New Moon

Element: Fire

In this blog post you will find helpful information on how to work with Leo New Moon from Lisa Michaels, founder of Natural Rhythms and author of the book, LunaSol. Click here to take a look at LunaSol.

“The new moon in Leo asks you to step fully into your radiance and the center stage of your life. It calls for you to pay attention to where you can liberally apply more self-love and creativity to enliven your life. Leo wants you to have a good time being all you can be and fully expressing your essence.” ~ Lisa Michaels

This new moon says, “Seed what you need to activate your ‘star’ self. Take the time to internally tune-in to any area where you need more self-confidence and set your new moon intentions for those areas.” Since this is a Fire new moon, dance to activate your intentions, then act confidently as if they were already your reality.
The most powerful action you can take during this time is to fire up your self-confidence and self-love. So tune into what both of them need in order to ignite your creations further. Pay attention to where you need to move your life and business forward with the Fire power of action.

Take Action To Energize Your Creations!

Do what needs to be done in order to energize your creations.

Let Fire illuminate the areas of your life that need more growth and expansion. Use this dynamic fuel to propel your business and finances forward. Stoke your desires with creativity and passion.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Leo New Moon:

  • Increase your radiance by getting in motion to energize your body.
  • Schedule time to fluff your physical appearance in the most regal way you can afford. ❖ Think through new ways to apply your creativity to each of your intentions.
  • Notice where you need to increase your self-confidence.
  • Take the actions you need to take to bring more self-love into your life.
  • Tune in to any life areas where you could step more fully onto center stage.
  • Pretend you’re a director and your life is the play. Notice how you would adjust the script or actions of the lead player to allow a more complete expression of the character.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Leo New Moon:

  • Focus on ways to take your presentation style to the next level.
  • Connect to ways you can be more visible in your business or career.
  • Think through how you can bring more radiance and visibility to your overall business.
  • Notice how you can step more fully into your radiant leadership abilities.
  • Connect to your career or business, and consider where you need to develop more courage to follow your heart.
  • Determine how you might enliven your stage presence or public persona.
  • Apply methods to improve your business or career publicity.

Rhythmically Create A Year Of Magical Manifestations With Nature As Your Guide

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By aligning with these energetic windows, you’ll receive potent additional life and business support and guidance.

Understanding the rhythmic power points of the year will assist you in aligning your manifestations with the natural world to increase your results.

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