Belief About Your Sexuality
Is A Limiting Belief About Your Sexuality Blocking You From Manifesting Your Goddess Life?

There is one thing that has become painfully obvious to me over the years… it’s that every girl has had something stolen from her or squashed within her during her life.

Do you know what that “thing” is?

It’s her erotic creature … her sexuality.
The thieves come to us in the form of parents, society, religious dogma, intimate partners and from the media. Sometimes it’s grand larceny… a devastating act that happens all at once, and sometimes it’s a little piece at a time … chipping away from our feminine essence until there’s nothing left but an extinguished soul full of shame and guilt.
The scenarios are all different, but the underlying message is the same. Good girls don’t do that… wear that…  behave like that, etc.
And down deep inside we all want to be good girls, don’t we?
Our desire to be good girls puts us in a self-imposed prison that holds us hostage until we become liberated.
Sadly most women never have the courage or the resources to break free.

A Former Limiting Belief About Myself Was Born Like This…

I was ten years old and I had long, beautiful, thick, healthy, dark brown hair that flowed down my back to my tooshie. I had a friend named Kim that lived around the corner and on that fateful day, I skipped around the corner to her house and rang the bell.
Kim’s mom Judy answered the door and I asked for Kim. Judy told me that Kim wasn’t home, so I turned on my heels and began walking down the backstairs to head back home.
Kim’s mom called out to me, “Lisa” … so I turned and looked at her. What she said to me next impacted my life for the next 25 years. She said, “You know Lisa, you’re very short and that long hair makes you look dumpy, you really should cut it.”
At first the words didn’t sink in, but as I walked home I felt myself becoming self-conscious of my “dumpy” body. Over the next few days my discomfort and insecurity grew and I began hating my long hair and insisted on having it all cut off!
I remember thinking to myself… if I got rid of all this hair, I wouldn’t look so dumpy and unattractive… this was the first offense to my sexuality and feminine beauty that I can recall to date with my conscious mind.
In an instant a limiting belief  was planted in my head by an unkind woman, took root and affected my behavior until I was 35 years old!
All those years I simply could NOT allow my hair grow past my shoulders! I want you to know that it wasn’t a conscious thought… I had NO IDEA why until I began doing my Inner Goddess work.
And that’s exactly how we develop glass ceilings that hold us captive from what we truly desire – toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs floating in our subconscious mind.

Now I invite you to think about your life … what was said or done to you that squashed your feminine fire and your erotic creature? There are so many comments that get planted into a girl’s head as she grows up that will suppress her feminine nature.
Here are some common examples:

  • You’re not going out of the house dressed like that!
  • Keep your knees together
  • Good girls don’t do those kinds of things!
  • Only sluts pole dance!
  • Whores enjoy sex!
  • Cover yourself up, you look like a tramp!

Your sexuality and feminine nature is the POWER CENTER of your creativity… it ALL begins there … and if your sexuality is suppressed, it will block you from manifesting the goddess life you dream of!

The inner work I have done allowed me to see how things that happened to me and were said to me while growing up have guided my entire life.
Because you make all your decisions based on how you feel in that particular moment…  and if you are not self-confident, self-assured, living your authentic truth, following your bliss and are at peace with your innate sexuality and feminine nature – your life will always feel mediocre at best.Clearing deep-rooted energetic blocks, identifying limiting beliefs and balancing your sacred energies is the key that unlocks a life of pleasure, success and infinite possibility, and I so want that for you my lovely friend.
I’d like to share this profound YouTube video with you by Sheila Kelley to prove to you the importance of getting to the root of your blocks and clearing them out. The video is long, but so worth it.[bctt tweet=”This video from @thesheilakelley made me cry for the little girl in me and you”]

When I watched this video for the first time, I wept … for the little girl in me, the little girl in you and all the little girls around the world that have lived during the last few centuries when women’s natural and innate sexuality became oppressed. Sexual oppression manifests in many ways, it could look like any or all of the following:

  • Poor self-esteem and body image.
  • Difficulty being free and open during sex.
  • Addiction to food or other substances used to numb your reality.
  • Dysfunctional relationships.
  • Discontent and self-doubt.
  • And much, much more.

Video link:

 Your Goddess Lifestyle Plan Assignment

Your assignment is to make time to think and journal about your erotic creature and feminine essence. Schedule some quiet time for yourself, light a candle, prepare a cup of your favorite tea or pour a glass of wine. Grab your journal and a comfy pen and think about the times in your life that your sexuality was attacked… the times when your feminine essence was squashed. Then think about the limiting beliefs you’ve developed because of those experiences. Dear one, it might bring up painful memories but trust me when I tell you that those emotions are best purged… better out than in.
I have done this process and I continue to think introspectively about it… today I am so very comfortable with my sexuality and feminine essence. However, from time to time I am triggered by a comment, a look or the bubbling up of old beliefs… but I’m prepared, armed with the understanding of where it comes from. The dark corners of my soul that still need some healing. This is one of the key aspects I work on with my private clients… helping them to understand their erotic creature and embrace their feminine essence in all of HER glory. My wish for you is that this assignment blesses you with deep healing and empowers you to allow your erotic creature and sexuality to have her time in the spotlight. And so it is.


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