Magic Magick And Prayer

Magic, Magick, And Prayer

What’s The Difference between magic, magick and prayer?

“Magick is the art of creating your own reality exactly as you wish to live it, in accordance with the Laws of the Universe, Nature, and in Sacred Partnership with the Divine.”

For a moment, I’d l like you to disregard all the fallacies, silly Hollywood stereotypes and pre-conceptions taught to you about “magick” and choose to have an open mind.

Contrary to popular belief, magick is not about the manipulation of others … it’s really about conscious manifestation of creating change within or around yourself.

Ultimately, magick is a path of return to who you are at your core, which is pure love, to integration and eventual unification with the Divine.

Magick is an inside job!

Magic, Magick and Prayer

Traditionally, the word “magic” refers to illusion or stage magic – POOF. A magic act is a theatrical production of illusions where stage magicians make you see something that doesn’t exist…they trick you. This type of magic is for entertainment purposes only and does not create real change, it’s an illusion.

Magick is the direction and application of energy using supernatural forces in order to create change for a specific, desired outcome. Magick with a “k” is what magickal people do. We use the elements; Earth, Air, Water, and Fire + other forces of Nature along with our will, good intentions + the Divine, to create and bring about a desired change.

Magick has been around since the dawn of time and I can tell you firsthand that it works! But here’s the deal… when using magick, your desired outcome can take days, weeks or months to manifest, because you are co-creating with the Divine and the Divine works on it’s own time schedule and in your best interest spiritually … the Universe knows what’s best for you!

Prayer is a form of communication with deity. If you ask for something in prayer, it’s really not the same as doing magick. Prayer is a sacred time for you to get closer to the Divine, to connect and integrate your spirit with Source.

In magick, you put forth effort by using your energy and will to achieve that which you desire. In this way, you’re working along with the Divine instead of simply asking for something from them.

How Magick Works

Just as there are Laws of Physics and Laws of the Universe, there are laws of magick. There are four magickal laws:

  1. The Universe has infinite energy and abundance. Everything is energy, and you can tap into this infinite source of energy and abundance at any time.
  2. Everything is connected. “As above, so below.” In other words, a movement in the heavens will cause a corresponding movement down on earth.
  3. There are an infinite number of possibilities. It’s true … but in order to achieve your desired goal, you must work towards it by taking aligned action!
  4. Magick is within you. It all starts with your subconscious mind. Every thought is a prayer and every word a spell. What are you asking the heavens for?

Types of Magick

There are many kinds of magick and they are all accessible to you. Here are some examples of magick:

  • Candle Magick
  • Color Magick
  • Elemental Magick
  • Herbal Magick
  • Crystal & Gem Magick
  • Food Magick (think – the movie Chocolat)
  • Healing Magick
  • Dream Magick
  • Angel Magick
  • Etc.

I hope my article helped explain the differences between magic, magick and prayer in a way that was easy and clear!

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