Make A Wish Spell

The proper time to cast this spell is on a new, waxing (growing) or full moon. You can learn more about the moon phases here.

You will need a cup or bowl of water, a small piece of paper, and a pen or pencil. Place the bowl so that the moon’s reflection is caught in the water. If it’s cloudy out or you cannot see the moon, visualize her glowing, big and bright in the night sky.

Focus on a heartfelt desire(s) you have and write your wish(es) on the paper.

Then drop the paper into the water. Say out loud (I always chant 3x getting louder each time to raise energy) the following:

By the power of the moon brightly shining gray;
Increased by the Reiki symbol *Choku Rai.
I ask for my heartfelt desire(s) to manifest and stay…
In perfect love and perfect trust, with harm to none;
So let it be done.

Visualize your wish being accepted by the Universe … because it’s a heartfelt desire, your emotional connection to it is strong.
Take a moment to gently close your eyes, ground and center and embody the feeling of what having your heartfelt desire coming true would FEEL like in your body. Mmmmmmm, now savor how yummy that feels for a few moments. Be sure to keep your vibration high and in that feel good place!

Allow the bowl to sit overnight so the writing dissolves and the paper soften.

In the morning, pour the water onto the ground and bury the paper. Say the following to yourself or out loud as you pour the water into the ground:

Moonlight charged this wishing spell;
Keep this secret that I tell…
I offer it unto Mother Earth.
To guard my wish and protect its worth…
And so it is.

*Choku Rai – The Reiki Power Symbol. Energy Strength. You can see what the Choku Rai symbol looks like here.

I came across this spell years ago online and didn’t take note of who to credit, so if you know who authored this spell, please contact us here to let us know?

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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