Make More Money And Spend Your Days Doing Something You Love!

I think making more money and spending your days doing something you love is a desire for most. Wouldn’t you agree?

My sweet husband Shannon is 46 years old and has never found work that has fulfilled him in any way, shape or form. He has always worked to pay bills – period. We discuss it often because I feel the exact opposite, I absolutely love my work, and so wish he would find a vocation that lights him up.

I imagine that he is not alone in the way he looks at work, as simply a way to pay bills. Over the years I’ve spoken to thousands of women who had soul sucking jobs that they’d love to leave. Some started a “business” or side hustle that didn’t go anywhere and instead of living their dream life, they ended up feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and burnt out. So as a woman who truly cares about helping and serving her community, I made it part of my mission to help women build solid and scalable businesses.

I Started Before I Was Ready

I remember exactly how I felt when I began building my business. I felt S-C-A-R-E-D and totally not ready. Just thinking about putting myself out there online triggered an array of buttons for me.

The perfectionist in me didn’t want to make any mistakes and look like a idiot… the practical part of me didn’t want to waste any time or money on something that would most likely fail… and on top of that, I had never worked in an office or online, so I had no idea how to do anything on the computer besides read and answer emails!

I can honestly say that I made a shit ton of mistakes along the way… I probably made an idiot out of myself a few times and struggled here and there to learn how to work the technology necessary to run an online company…  however my business did not fail.

As a matter of fact, because of the solid foundation I built my business upon and the relationships I created and nurtured with my community over the years, my online business generated income and carried me through a very tough time in my life when I wasn’t able to give it my full attention. That is the power of building a solid foundation in your business – the structure will continue to stand and you will generate cash flow even when you need to put your attention elsewhere.

I Went All In!

Once I made the decision to build a business back in 2010, I immediately invested in my learning. I hired a business coach and got going. No I didn’t have the money sitting in my bank account to invest but I did have a credit card and I used that to pay for the private coaching and then the first big group coaching program I invested in. I remember handing over my credit card to the gals in the back of the room and tears were falling out of my eyes. I was scared but I SO WANTED THIS BUSINESS and I wanted to Universe to know that I was willing to do what it takes to build my online business so I could make more money doing something I love. I vowed to pay back the $8k within a year – and I did. That took massive determination and grit but I did it – and so can you my friend.

Over the years I’ve invested in high end group programs, home study programs, membership groups and everything in between because I know that I’ll never get all the answers from free webinars and free checklists. And because I value learning and growth over comfort and certainty – I always go full in.

Any Decision Is Better Than No Decision

I laugh every time I think about – “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it”. I have thought that exact thought no less than 20 zillion times since I began building my business and company. As a perfectionistic Virgo, I overthink every decision left to my own devices.  Overthinking combined with not being sure about what to do next, or what service or product to spend money on would cause me to stop taking action until I figured it out… which cost me precious momentum. I have learned that any decision is better than no decision. There are no wrong decisions, only feedback.

I would rather stick pins in my eyes than ask a question live in a group setting – both in person or over a group coaching phone call.  Even when I invested thousands of dollars on a coaching program, I would not ask my questions… so I didn’t get an answer… and I didn’t move my business forward. Most recently I invested with a mentor who allowed you to submit questions before a live call, that was a total game changer for me and that’s why I now design all of my business coaching programs to have a way for the students to ask me their question by submitting them before the live call. It is so helpful so introverts and for those who struggle with public speaking like me. It also helps the students who can’t join my coaching call live to get the guidance they need to move their business forward!

Your Gifts Are Needed In The World

What I know for sure is that every woman is as unique as a snowflake. Each one of us has gifts, skills and talents that when activated and used, give rise to the world. You are no different my friend. So, if you have been holding a desire in your heart to build a business or start a side hustle – JUST DO IT!

Take it from a me, a woman in her late 30’s who built a thriving online business while raising children. Yes, it was challenging and frustrating at times, but it’s so worth it. I’m sitting at the computer in my office, in comfy yoga outfit with my glass of hibiscus tea typing. The windows and doors are open and I hear the palm trees rustling in the wind. I’ve made more money last night while I was sleeping than many people do all week at their 9-5 job. I say all this not to impress you but to impress upon you that all this is possible for you too! It begins with saying YES to your entrepreneurial desires and then taking inspired action despite fear.

Want Some Help With Your Business Or Side Hustle?

I believe that every woman who wants to build a business should have support and guidance. On top of working with women privately on their business and life, I’ve created a super affordable/high value group program for early stage entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches and creatives – it’s called Business Magic Weekly. I named the program Business Magic Weekly because I go live every week and answer YOUR business questions.

I’d love the opportunity to help you build a strong foundation in your business so you can generate cash flow doing something you LOVE while enjoying the process. So my friend, if you are ready to get going, I invite you to take a look at it and see if it’s right for you – click here to learn more about Business Magic Weekly.

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