Welcome To Manifesting With The Elements

A Creative Workshop For Manifesting Bad Assery!

I’m BEYOND excited to show you how to manifest powerfully utilizing the 4 Elements. ~ Lisa Marie xo

Materials List

This workshop will allow you to make artworks using your choice of materials as you learn about each of the 4 Elements (Air, Fire, Water, & Earth). Your art can be as simple as working on an artist pad or piece of paper with crayons or as intricate as using oils on a canvas – it’s up to you!

The point is to activate your creativity while learning how each of the elements route power so that you have the key knowledge to manifest like a GODDESS!

  • ​Pencil and paper or artist pad
  • ​Watercolor or Colored pencils
  • ​Acrylic mediums of your choice in gloss, matte or semi-gloss
  • Acrylic paints and brushes, acrylic inks
  • Assorted crayons
  • Sharpie markers or other permanent markers
  • Any glues, adhesives or tapes, especially those that appeal to your design sense
  • Scissors or something to cut with
  • Photographs, personal letters, ephemera, magazines, anything you’d like to play with including stamps, stickers or stencils
  • Fabrics and fabric glues, needle and thread
  • And any other creative items you feel drawn to work with

Element Correspondences Handouts

Correspondences are an esoteric table that lists purported magical, supernatural, occult, medicinal or similar advice in connection with the subjects being indexed. A table of correspondences can be as simple as a list of colors and their associated magical properties. For magickal practitioners, Tables of Correspondence remain relevant today. They allow us to quickly look up what items contain energy that corresponds to the intent of our spell/energetic working. Because there are many different traditions and many different ways of looking at energy, you may find that correspondence tables vary. In the end, do what feels good to YOU.

​BONUS: I’ve included a handout on Spirit (the 5th element), as I believe Spirit is our co-creation partner in life.

Click here to Download!

Art Template

You can take a look at the template Lisa created for the workshop by clicking here

Workshop Recording

Sacred Space Suggestions:

  • Watch when your schedule allows.
  • I will call in sacred space before we begin teaching but feel free to set your space up by lighting a candle.
  • Have your favorite smudge or incense ready to fire up if you enjoy that practice.
  • Wear your favorite comfy yoga pants. Come in your most comfy and open energy, no need to fuss in any way.
  • Drink tea (or wine) from your favorite vessel.
  • Steep in the magic and energy of global sisterhood of women saying YES to themselves.

I did a beta test of this workshop for winter 2017 woman unleashed online event and it was a HUGE HIT! Here’s a sampling of artwork from the students:

​Surprise Bonus ​Guided Meditation!

Guided Meditation – Cultivating Creativity

Here’s a surprise bonus guided meditation from Lisa that will help you relax and open yourself up to your creativity.

Download Link: https://lisamarierosati.audioacrobat.com/download/lisamarierosati-20180627092819-1474.mp3

Listen with Player: http://www.audioacrobat.com/email/EZvhJ2MRY

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