Moon Timings

Moon Timings

For Successful Prayer, Spells & Manifestation

I’m a moon lover, how about you?

There’s just something about her that draws me in. I can literally get lost for 15 minutes just staring at her up in the night sky, especially when she’s full!

Did you know that here’s a name for us “Moon Lovers” – a person who is fond of the moon is called a Selenophile.

The energy of the moon changes depending on the phase she is in. I’m sure you’re aware that the tides go in and out because of the moon’s pull, and statistics have consistently shown that on the full moon … hospitals and police departments have their hands full more than usual.

So, working with the moon’s energy can really super-charge your manifestations; hopes, dreams, desires, spells, and prayers. I’ve highlighted how you can work with the various moon timings, enabling you to harness her powerful energy, and help you create a most magical and empowered goddess life!

New Moon – New Beginnings & Initiation

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the moon is completely in line with the sun and the earth. What we  see from earth is a dark sky with no visible moon! For centuries the new moon has symbolized re-birth, initiation and beginnings.

New moon is a great time for “seed magic” –  metaphorically speaking , it’s planting a seed (your desire) in the ground to grow. New moon a great time to begin a new project, start a new adventure, start a new job or start trying to conceive a baby.

Keywords for new moon are intention and beginnings.

New Moon Spell Ideas: New beginnings of any kind, fertility, self-improvement, and personal empowerment.

Waxing Moon – Growth & Potential

This is the time when the moon is growing larger towards full moon. Its a great time for manifestation (the desire you asked for at new moon) and attraction. Think building; gaining money, developing love, or receiving love, etc.

Waxing Moon Spell Ideas: Attraction spells that gain and/or grow things like love, money, your hair, etc.

Full Moon – GO For It!

Full moon consists of three day window, the day before and the day after the actual full moon. Sometimes the moon comes into full in the middle of the night or day, so it can be difficult to pray or cast at that time… so, having a three day energetic window makes life a lot easier!

I’ve been taught that the full moon is when she is the most powerful … so you should “GO FOR YOUR DESIRES!”

Full Moon Spell Ideas: Any and all attraction, gain, grow, and increase things, divination, dreams, love, etc. Positivity is essential!

Waning Moon – Take It Away…

Waning moon is when the moon is reducing in size … this is a great time to release, reduce, or repel. What do you want to get rid of? A bad habit, an addiction, an illness (tumor, hemorrhoids, etc),  a negative person, negative thoughts, STRESS … perhaps you want to release some extra weight. Waning moon is the time to ask for it!

Waning Moon Spells Ideas: Spells that banish, cleanse, release, reverse. This is the perfect time to get rid of things.

Dark Moon – Lay Low & Take A Break

Dark Moon consists of the three days preceding New Moon. This is the time of the month when the goddess is thought to have descended to the underworld… she is in mourning and therefore her energy is at it’s weakest.  This is a great time to work on challenges, shadow work, binding, or banishing. It’s also a time for inner reflection, meditation, and forgiveness.

Resource: I just downloaded a great (free) APP to my iPhone that tells me the EXACT phase of the moon and other info like horoscope, etc. It’s called “Time Passages” and you can purchase it in your app store.

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