Moon Water – What It Is & Why I Think You Should Make Some!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Moon Water!

Before we get into methodology, I’d like to share a little backstory…

La Luna has called to me since I was a little girl, keeping me up all night, by shining so brightly into my bedroom window the week she was full – month after month.

Being a lifelong devotee of the divine feminine, I’m deeply attracted to the moon and drinking moon water makes me feel energized, closer to divinity, and more magical!

As a matter of fact (I’m going to make a bold statement now) – Moon Water tastes different than regular water to me… softer…special.

At one point I thought that maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, so I asked my teenage sons try the Moon Water and compare it to our filtered water.

They said it tasted different too!

Like I mentioned earlier, Moon Water is made on full moon or during the full moon window (the night before, the night of, and the night after).

Moon Water has many energetic and magical purposes and uses….  it can be used like blessing water… it can be used to enhance your spells and rituals… it can be added to your bath water for relaxation, clarity, to promote love or prepare for lunar rituals … it can be used to anoint money to increase wealth, to anoint yourself to increase psychic awareness… among many other purposes. You can even make tea with it or water your plants with it!

I think of Moon Water as holy water and it’s potency and power is largely dependent on your intent while preparing it and often what zodiac sign the moon is in.

Here’s My Simple Step-By-Step For Making Moon Water:

  1. You need a clear container: a bowl, jar or glass – avoid plastic. I usually use a large glass jar with a built in spigot. I purchased it Bed, Bath & Beyond. A large mason jar works well too. Fill it with water of your choice: spring, filtered, distilled, or tap water.
  2. You can bless the water with sage, then close your eyes and charge the water with an intention, for example – What you desire?
  3. Take the container filled with water outside to the clearest area you can find, unobstructed by overhanging trees and other things. Make sure this area will be undisturbed. It’s even better if this area is special to you, like a sacred space. Set the container down and let the moon do her thing, which is infuse the water with lunar energy.
  4. You can surround the bowl with crystals, gemstones, jewelry, statues, flowers, incense, etc. to charge them under the moon too!

What I’ve Found

I’ve found that most women go through periods of time when they feel as if they’ve lost their vitality and direction in life. The mundane and daily struggles have a way of extinguishing our inner sparkle if we’re not mindful. I know how that feels first hand… and I know how to get yourself out of that funk.

You need to plug into the Universal Power Grid. Begin following nature and her cycles – make moon water, begin a daily sacred practice, begin doing self care rituals, learn more about the subjects that interest YOU, and/or  join a community of like-minded women who are designing their dream life!

Live Magically,

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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