Mother’s Day Magic (even if you’re not a mama)

Today in the US and in many parts of the world it’s Mother’s Day. As you probably already know, I’m the mama of three amazing people; Chelsea 24, Noah 15 and Nate 12 … and am blessed to still have my Mom with me on this earthly plane, so I have a lot to celebrate on Mother’s Day.
But not everybody embraces and enjoys Mother’s Day. Some women consider it to be a (fabricated) Hallmark holiday, some women don’t have children or some women just feel pressure because their personal situation with their own mom might be complicated…
Maybe you never knew your mother, or she’s transitioned to the spirit realm, or she was (or still is) abusive and cold… maybe you have more than one mother or you’ve had a falling out with your mother and/or children/child and still have yet to mend fences… these complicated and very common situations can mess with your Zen, Happiness and your Personal Power and make you totally DESPISE Mother’s Day.
But negativity is not allowed in my world… SO I’d like to create a re-frame for Mother’s Day… I propose that we be thankful for the Divine Feminine – your heavenly mother.
Even if you LOVE Mother’s Day like I do ( I celebrate EVERYTHING) … let’s collectively layer the good feelings and send gratitude to our Divine Mother today!
YOU can make this ritual as fancy or as simple as you’d like. Magic is a personal practice and art… it has to feel right to you; in your body and in your soul.  So here’s the deal, if it feels good for to create a whole ritual around the following affirmation – light some candles and/or incense, ground and center, etc. OR if a big fuss is not what you’re into today – just allow the affirmation to vibrate in your heart chakra the entire day.



I am unconditionally loved, accepted and supported by my heavenly mother.

I remember the Goddess with love today and everyday.

So it is.


My heartfelt wish is that the affirmation brings you peace, happiness and belonging today and every day…  so it is.

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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