My Love Affair With Purple

I’ve been in love with purple my entire life. It has ALWAYS been my most favorite color.
It’s royal and elegant, mysterious and powerful. It represents royalty, mysticism and the supernatural. Purple is a bold, active color.
I love all shades of purple.
I have a strong connection to the Queen archetype, so I believe that has a lot to do with it. I’ve always been attracted to regal colors such as purple and jewels (bling), as a matter of fact, I honestly feel – the more bling the better!
Purple is the hue of emperors and kings … and in more recent years, the rock star Prince. But just how did this mixture of primary colors red and blue develop its royal reputation?
The word itself gives us a clue… “Purple” comes from the Latin and Greek words for the purple dye that was manufactured in ancient times using a mucus secreted by a sea snail.
(Okay, I admit, that’s kind of gross…)
The process of making the dye was extremely time consuming and expensive, and the color became a status symbol, attainable only by kings, nobles and high priests. Purple was so precious that Roman Emperor Nero made it punishable by death for anyone but himself to wear it!
Now centuries later, the color purple is accessible to everyone, but it remains steeped in regal symbolism.
My hair is purple quite often, I wear purple clothing, a few of my bedrooms have been painted various shades of lavender, I have amethyst clusters and geodes all around my home … purple is EVERYWHERE in my life!

Correspondences For Purple

Zodiac: Virgo, Sagittarius
Full Moons: January, June
Celebration: Lughnasadh
Element: Water
Planet: Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune
Goddesses: Eos, Fortuna, Justina, Maeve
Direction: Southeast
Days: Thursday, Wednesday
Chakra: Crown
Number: 7 and 8
Tools: Wand, Cauldron
Gemstone: Amethyst
Tarot: Wheel
Herbs & Plants: Aspen Trees, Lilies, Lavender, Ferns
Healing: Mental Issues, Severe Illnesses, Addictions
Other: Accomplishment, Astral Realm, Divination, Enlightenment, Justice, Manifestation
Source: Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Correspondences

Using the Color Purple in Magic

You can utilize the color purple in a spells or ritual by using purple candles, a purple altar cloth, purple decorations, flowers or stones. Purple cloth bags can be used to house amulets and purple stones can be charged as amulets. Wearing purple clothing can be worn to bring the color purple into your life. Purple curtains, rugs, accessories, paint and other home decor (like throw pillows) can bring its energies into your home.
The color purple is useful for anything relating to mysticism, psychic abilities and power. It is also helpful during meditation and divination. Purple can be used in spells relating to attaining wisdom, knowledge, power or authority. It is also useful in spells aimed at breaking streaks of bad luck or to influence people in positions of power or leadership.
So there you have it, all about the color purple. I just thought I should mention that, The Color Purple is one of my favorite movies of all time too – now how funny is that?
I actually don’t think it has anything to do with my love of purple, it’s simply a damn good movie!

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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